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Dance/field (P4D)
Formats GMD
Size 3.31mb

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (P4D) keeps its enemy npc models in the dance/enemy directory of its data.cpk.
Animations are kept within the GMD file.

Persona Models[edit]

Filename enemy Image
em001.GMD Cowardly Maya U6zO4uW.png
em002.GMD Protective Lexy MPaCFYJ.png
em003.GMD Bribed Fuzz p9PMMu6.png
em004.GMD Daring Gigas xt8pn62.png
em005.GMD Jotun of Power MbBfuWW.png
em006.GMD Lying Hablerie MZa8vaL.png
em007.GMD Minotaur YqhWSJx.png
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