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Dance/field (P4D)
Formats GFS, GMD, GAP
Size 64mb

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (P4D) keeps its Persona models in the dance/persona directory of its data.cpk.
Animations are kept in the corresponding GAP file.
The GFS files within this folder contain only camera position data.

Persona Models[edit]

Filename Character Persona Image
ps001_001.GMD Yu Izanagi with Guitar B2USQZp.png
ps001_002.GMD Yu Izanagi No Okami with Guitar DeOc6YF.png
ps002_001.GMD Yosuke Jiraya with Guitar xEiHvAM.png
ps003_001.GMD Chie Tomoe with Trumpet Sr4fMjj.png
ps004_001.GMD Yukiko Konohana Sakuya with Saxophone 3b8eRVs.png
ps005_001.GMD Rise Himiko with Harp tijpGkE.png
ps006_001.GMD Kanji Take-Mikazuchi with Drums 0oY3jaE.png
ps007_001.GMD Naoto Sukuna-Hikona with Violin Y7HM1SP.png
ps008_001.GMD Teddy Kinto-Douji with DJ Booth qmHeR1M.png
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