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14 December 2021

12 December 2021

  • curprev 00:1400:14, 12 December 2021Oceanstuck talk contribs 1,503 bytes +1,503 Created page with "The '''face''' folder inside camp contains character bustups in CTPK format. {| class="wikitable" !File Name||Character |- |Chara_CampTop_001_8888.ctpk |P4 Protagonist |- |Chara_CampTop_002_8888.ctpk |P3 Protagonist |- |Chara_CampTop_003_8888.ctpk |Yosuke Hanamura |- |Chara_CampTop_004_8888.ctpk |Chie Satonaka |- |Chara_CampTop_005_8888.ctpk |Yukiko Amagi |- |Chara_CampTop_006_8888.ctpk |Rise Kujikawa |- |Chara_CampTop_007_8888.ctpk |Kanj..." Tag: Visual edit
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