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AWB Format
Purpose Sound Archive
Developer CRI Middleware
Games Persona 4 Golden, Persona Q, Persona 5

AWB is an archive format used in Persona 4 Golden, Persona Q, and Persona 5. It was developed by CRI Middleware and is the successor of AFS. Sometimes AWB may contain sound filetypes such as ADX or HCA.



If an AWB file is accompanied by an ACB file, then AcbEditor.exe can be used to dump the contained AT9 or ADX files. Simply drag the ACB onto the EXE. To repack, drag the resulting folder onto the EXE. You can get it here.


You can batch extract AWB files using VGMToolbox.
Under VGMToolbox > Misc.Tools > Extraction Tools > Common Archives, choose CRI ACB/AWB Archive Extractor. Then, drag and drop ACB/AWB files. The contents will be dumped to a folder.