BTL.CVM (Persona 3)

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Format CVM
Size 893 MB (P3FES)

The BTL.CVM is a file found in the PS2 versions of Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Persona 3's BTL.CVM is divided up into the following 4 folders: "BATTLE", "MODEL", "SKILL", and "SND_BENC".


Five folders can be found in the BATTLE directory, along with the following TBL files:


The CUTIN folder contains the Cutin EPL files that appear when a playable character (or boss) delivers a critical hit. Some are already in TMX format while others for fusion spells are in CPK files containing CIN files (same thing as BIN?). Need to verify if CPK files are actually CPK format.


A variety of BED files can be found in this folder plus a leftover batch and txt file from development.


The BIN files BP_TUTORIAL.BIN, (containing BMD), BS_INIT.BIN and BTLPNL.BIN are stored here. BS_INIT.BIN has the Rush button icon and enemy/player advantage graphics. Unlike Persona 4. BTLPNL.BIN doesn't contain the main battle HUD, that's in SND_BENC/PANEL. Instead, there's leftover beta graphics here (and some stuff from Nocturne).


This folder contains an assortment of BIN files and one BMD file relating to the results screen for both The Journey and The Answer.


A few BIN files related to Shuffle Time graphics and an SPR can be found here.


Note: The following data is found in the DATA.CVM for Persona 4.


Persona RMD files (presumably for the velvet room/compendium) can be found here.
For a full list of Personas in Persona 3, see Personas (P3).


Party member RMD files for walking around on the map outside of battle can be found here. Aside from the main character and his various costumes, the rest are for rare instances where someone is following you.


All of the NPC RMD files are stored here. Essentially, any costume of any character.
For a complete list of NPCs, see NPC (P3).


In-dungeon/battle PAC files containing the main party RMDs are stored here. This includes every costume for every party member (denoted by _CX) and every set of animations for a particular type of weapon they can equip (denoted by _WPX). For instance, BC001_WP2_C3.PAC is Minato, Weapon 2, Costume 3.
In total, there are 531 PAC files in this directory, all of which are enemies (denoted by EM) other than party members (denoted by BC).
For a full list of PAC files, see PACK (P3).


In-battle Persona RMD files are stored here.
For a full list of Personas in Persona 3, see Personas (P3).


Out-of-battle Shadow RMD files can be found here. Different bodyparts like arms are separated into different models.


All of the weapon models in Persona 3 are stored here in RMD format.
For a full list of weapons, see Weapons (P3).


This directory contains 488 BED/SE files each.


This directory contains BVP navigator dialog text.

There is also a BIN file, BTLEFF.BIN, containing many BED files, appears identical to those in the EFFECT directory.


This folder has 22 PAK archives used for boss models with their own unique ACX voice clips.


The following BIN files: AGS_BP_ALL.BIN, AGS2_BP_ALL.BIN, and BP_ALL.BIN can be found here. They contain the rest of the graphics within SPR files, such as the attack menu, player icons, healthbars etc. There are also some BMD files inside. The difference between AGS_BP_ALL.BIN, AGS2_BP_ALL.BIN needs to be clarified, but it's different from BP_ALL.BIN (used for the Journey) in that it features Aigis instead of the protagonist, and Metis instead of Shinji.