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Battle (P5R)
Location dataR.cpk (P5R)
Size 1,14 GB


Please expand this page. The reason given is:
This page is a work in progress. Feel free to add to or correct it as necessary.

The battle folder inside dataR.cpk contains data and assets used by the combat system in Persona 5 Royal. Presumably, the contents of this folder isn't that different from the original game.

Below is a list of directories and a summary of their purpose.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
casino Contains DDS images used in the roulette minigame during the Shadow Sae battle.
command Contains GMD files with the battle UI elements that exist in 3D space.
commandplg Contains PLG vector files with additional battle UI elements.
cutin Contains images for tear-away eye closeups during battle.
effect Contains non-skill related particle effects in BED and EPL format
encount Contains more EPL and BED particle effects.
event Contains BF and BCD files for dialogue and AI outside of direct combat (like the roulette minigame in the Shadow Sae fight) /BCD/goodbye (All-Out Attack splash screens)
face Contains DAT files with facial expression data. Not currently readable with existing tools.
gui Contains various UI elements, including All-Out Attack cut-ins (Joker's All-Out Attack cutin)
result Contains GUI elements used in the victory screen after battles.
resultplg Contains PLG vector images used in the victory screen after battles.
script BF files for enemy and ally AI.
skill Contains BED particle effects for every skill in the game (excluding passive skills).
table Contains data tables in TBL format that control battle stats, skills, items, names, and much more. PERSONA.TBL (Persona data), UNIT.TBL (enemy data), SKILL.TBL (skill data)
talk Contains BF files used during Shadow negotiation.
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