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Persona Q2/data.cpk/battle

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The battle folder inside data.cpk contains data and assets used by the combat system in Persona Q2.

Below is a list of directories and a summary of their purpose.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
ai Contains BF scripts for enemy AI.
combination Contains BF scripts for unison skills.
effect Contains EPL, BED and BAM files for attack animations.
env Contains various .DAT files.
event Contains BF scripts for battle events.
message Contains TBL, MBM and BMD scripts for battle messages.
model Contains BAM models for characters, special skill elements, enemies, battlefields, etc.
pack Contains PAC files with BED animations, All-Out Attack sprites and multiple TBL files.
panel Contains mostly unused battle UI elements.
plg Contains vector images used for battle UI.
result Contains scripts, models and sprites for battle results.
skill Contains BED, BCCAM and ACB files used for skill animations, SFX and cameras.
support Contains various BMD scripts with battle support dialogue.
table Contains several TBL files used in the battle system. BF script that plays when you lose a battle.
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