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Format AWB
Size 404 MB
Contains ADX
Location data.cpk/sound/bgm

The bgm.awb is an AWB file found in Persona Q2's data.cpk. It contains all the main, non-DLC background music tracks in ADX format.

TRACK LIST[edit | edit source]

Filename Track Info Developer Notes
battle00.adx Invitation to Freedom
battle01.adx Remember, We Got Your Back
battle02.adx Wait and See
battle03.adx Pull the Trigger
battle04.adx FOE Battle Theme
battle05.adx Boss Theme
battle06.adx Final Boss #01
battle07.adx Final Boss #02
battle08.adx Special Boss Theme - Preparation/Reserve
battle09.adx PQ1 Elizabeth Battle Theme
battle17.adx PQ1 Boss Theme - Laser Beam Original Version
battle18.adx Final Boss - End Point
e000_010_BGM.adx Proverb Scene This is the event theme that plays when Philemon flies past the theater screen.
e000_080_BGM.adx Landing in the Cinematic World for the First Time - P5 Cast
e100_010_BGM.adx When [They] Ran Away from the Cinematic World, It Was a Theater in a Cinema
e100_060_BGM.adx Hikari and Nagi Appear
e100_095_BGM.adx Pushing Their Hands Into the Screen Assumedly the P4 cast version.
e100_460_BGM.adx Life Will Change Inst ver. -inside the cinema-
e920_900_BGM.adx Game Over - Dungeons 1~4
e920_910_BGM.adx Game Over - Final Dungeon
event00.adx Like a dream come true - PSQ2 ver
event01.adx JOY - PSQ2 ver
event02.adx New Beginning - PSQ2 ver
event03.adx Memories of You -PSQ2 version
event04.adx A Corner of Memories -PSQ2 version
event05.adx Swear to My Bones - PSQ2 ver
event06.adx Time - PSQ2 ver
event07.adx Marie's Poem Theme
event10.adx Cheerful BGM #01
event11.adx Cheerful BGM #02
event12.adx Tension
event13.adx Boss Confrontation Theme
event14.adx Final Boss Confrontation Theme
event15.adx Disquieting Atmosphere Theme #01
event16.adx Disquieting Atmosphere Theme #02
event17.adx Mystery
event18.adx Reasoning
event19.adx Sad Event Theme
event20.adx Slightly Touching Theme
event21.adx Emotional Theme
event22.adx Firm Event Theme
event23.adx Generic Calm Event Theme
event24.adx Comical
event25.adx Break it Down - PSQ2 ver
event26.adx Ending Theme, Instrumental Version
event32.adx Musical Event Use - Teacher Segment
event33.adx Musical Event Use - Friend Segment
event34.adx Musical Event Use - Relative Segment
event35.adx Musical Event Use - Parent Segment
event36.adx Mementos PQ2ver
event37.adx e500_030_BGM_loop
event38.adx Tension #02
field00.adx First Dungeon
field02.adx Second Dungeon
field04.adx Third Dungeon - Exterior
field05.adx Third Dungeon - Interior
field06.adx Fourth Dungeon - Intro
field07.adx Fourth Dungeon - Latter Half
field08.adx Final Dungeon
field13.adx First Dungeon - Exploration Quest
field14.adx First Dungeon - Contain/Subdue Theme
field15.adx Second Dungeon - Exploration Quest
field16.adx Second Dungeon - Contain/Subdue Quest
field17.adx Third Dungeon - Exploration Quest
field18.adx Third Dungeon - Contain/Subdue Theme
field19.adx Fourth Dungeon - Exploration Quest
field20.adx Fourth Dungeon - Contain/Subdue Quest
special00.adx (Last Surprise - Battle BGM DLC)
special01.adx (Life Will Change - Battle BGM DLC)
special02.adx (WIll Power - Battle BGM DLC)
special03.adx (Reach Out To The Truth - Battle BGM DLC)
special04.adx (Time To Make History - Battle BGM DLC)
special05.adx (Light the Fire Up in the Night)
special06.adx (Mass Destruction - Battle BGM DLC)
special07.adx (Wiping All Out - Battle BGM DLC)
special08.adx (Light the Fire Up in the Night)
system00.adx Title Theme
system01.adx Results/Level Up
system03.adx Ending Theme
town00.adx Cinematic Tale (Solo)
town02.adx Hero and Heroine
town03.adx Popcorn
town04.adx Popcorn
town05.adx Velvet Room
town06.adx Paulownia Mall -inside the cinema-
town07.adx Paulownia Mall -inside the cinema- Instrumental
town13.adx Cinematic Tale (Duo) Shihoko Hirata has more pronounced vocals in this arrange.
town15.adx Cinematic Tale Yumi Kawamura has more pronounced vocals in this arrange.

Tools[edit | edit source]

VGMToolbox[edit | edit source]

You can batch extract AWB files using VGMToolbox.
Under VGMToolbox > Misc.Tools > Extraction Tools > Common Archives, choose CRI ACB/AWB Archive Extractor. Then, drag and drop ACB/AWB files. The contents will be dumped to a folder.

ren.bat[edit | edit source]

After extracting the AWB, the files may appear to be in BIN format even though they're really ADX files. To rectify this, make a new text file named "ren.bat." Open it in Notepad, and enter the following: ren *.bin *.adx Save and then run the BAT file by double-clicking it. Every BIN file will instantly be renamed to ADX.