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Persona 3 Portable/umd0.cpk/data/bustup

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Bustup (P3P)

File Prefix Character
b1_x_x.bin M!MC
b1_1xx_x.bin Ikutsuki silhouette
b1_2xx_x.bin Ikutsuki silhouette
b2_x_x.bin Yukari
b3_x_x.bin Aigis
b4_x_x.bin Mitsuru
b5_x_x.bin Junpei
b6_x_x.bin Fuuka
b7_x_x.bin Akihiko
b8_x_x.bin Ken
b9_x_x.bin Shinjiro
b10_x_x.bin Koromaru
b11_x_x.bin Ikutsuki
b12_x_x.bin Pharos
b13_x_x.bin Ryoji
b14_x_x.bin Takeharu Kirijo
b15_x_x.bin Igor
b16_x_x.bin Elizabeth
b17_x_x.bin Takaya
b18_x_x.bin Jin
b19_x_x.bin Chidori
b20_x_x.bin Natsuki
b21_x_x.bin Eiichiro
b22_x_x.bin Kenji
b23_x_x.bin Keisuke
b24_x_x.bin Hidetoshi
b25_x_x.bin Chihiro
b26_x_x.bin Mamoru
b27_x_x.bin Bunkichi
b28_x_x.bin Michiko
b29_x_x.bin Rio
b30_x_x.bin Kazushi
b31_x_x.bin Yuko
b32_x_x.bin Maiko
b33_x_x.bin Maya
b34_x_x.bin Bebe
b35_x_x.bin Punk
b36_x_x.bin Old Lady
b37_x_x.bin Tanaka
b38_x_x.bin Nozomi
b39_x_x.bin Mutatsu
b40_x_x.bin Punk
b41_x_x.bin Saori
b42_x_x.bin Akinari
b43_x_x.bin Mr. Edogawa
b44_x_x.bin Ms. Toriumi
b45_x_x.bin Mr. Ono
b46_x_x.bin Ms. Miyahara
b47_x_x.bin Mr. Takenozuka
b48_x_x.bin Mr. Ekoda
b49_x_x.bin Ms. Ounishi
b50_x_x.bin Mrs. Terauchi
b51_x_x.bin Principal
b52_x_x.bin Officer Kurosawa
b53_x_x.bin Pharmacist
b54_x_x.bin Antique store owner
b55_x_x.bin Theodore
b56_x_x.bin Man with a radio
b57_x_x.bin Natsuki's Friend (Maki)
b58_x_x.bin Chidori's Doctor
b59_x_x.bin Ms. Kanou
b60_x_x.bin Maiko's Dad
b61_x_x.bin Maiko's Mom
b62_x_x.bin Well-Dressed Man
b63_x_x.bin Middle-Aged Man
b64_x_x.bin Ms. Kamiki
b65_x_x.bin Kiyoshi Sakuma
b66_x_x.bin Mewlie's Owner
b67_x_x.bin Mewlie
b68_x_x.bin Yellow Shirt Boy
b69_x_x.bin Yukiko Amagi
b70_x_x.bin Pretty Lady
b71_x_x.bin Noriko Kashiwagi
b72_x_x.bin Girl in Green
b73_x_x.bin Girl in Orange
b74_x_x.bin Tough Chick
b75_x_x.bin Margaret
b76_x_x.bin Believer
b77_x_x.bin Young Man
b78_x_x.bin Vincent Brooks
b99_x_x.bin F!MC
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