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Camp (P4G)

From Amicitia Wiki
Camp (P4G)
Location data.cpk
Size 1.06 GB

Camp is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden, containing both files and subdirectories. The files are pretty diverse, consisting of mostly UI graphics in TMX for three different menus (bookshelf, album and skill managing). The directories include, respectively, a collection of party member bustups, a BIN with the side portraits of the party members (no combat version), and finally a 0.99 GB folder with 255 TMX depicting Persona.


File Name Description
book_shelf.spr Data and TMX associated to the bookshelf menu in the protagonist's room.
P4G_ALBUM.spr Data and TMX associated to the album menu in the protagonist's room.
skladd.arc Two BMD with messages associated to managing Persona skills in menu, as well as the descriptions of Rise's Persona's abilities. A TMX with the magenta box you get for S. Link Skills is also included, as well as data associated to it.
skladdex.arc Single BMD file which is a duplicate of one of the files from skladd.arc, the one to manage skills in menu. A TMX for Bonus Skills is included, which is comprised of the magenta box and white text that reads "思い出したいスキルを選んでください" or "Select the skill you want to regain" in data_e.cpk


Directory Name Description
bustup 16 TMX depicting the party members in their winter and summer uniforms.
party Single BIN with side-view portraits of the party members (used when exploring the TV world, while not in combat).
persona 255 TMX of the Persona you can find in the game, including your party members' and Adachi's.
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