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DDS Image Format
Ren Amamiya's (P5 MC) Beta Portrait
Purpose Image File
Developer Microsoft
Games Persona 5
Persona 4 Dancing All Night
Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night
Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

The DirectDraw Surface container file format (uses the filename extension DDS), is a Microsoft format for storing data compressed with the proprietary S3 Texture Compression algorithm (Like JPEG's), which can be decompressed in hardware by GPUs. This makes the format useful for storing graphical textures and cubic environment maps as a data file, both compressed and uncompressed. DDS files are usually contained in special BIN file's. Keep in mind this file type uses Lossy Compression which means you'll lose quality every time you save it. Persona 5 saves them in multiple images to hide the Lossy Compression.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Paint.NET[edit | edit source]

Paint.NET fully supports DDS editing and saving.

DDS2Tool[edit | edit source]

DDS2Tool can extract and combine DDS file's to save time. It was made by Ryan ShrineFox

Windows Texture Viewer[edit | edit source]

Nvidia's texture viewer for Windows users accessible | here.

RenderDoc[edit | edit source]

RenderDoc can also be used as an image viewer for DDS when set as the primary application for DDS files.