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Dance\player\accessory (P4D)

From Amicitia Wiki


Filename Character Costume Image
acc000_05.GFS Character Name Gag Glasses File:Acc000 05.png
acc000_06.GFS Character Name Igor Glasses File:Acc000 06.png
acc000_07.GFS Character Name Read Headphones File:Acc000 07.png
acc000_08.GFS Character Name Blue Headphones File:Acc000 08.png
acc000_09.GFS Character Name Yellow Headphones File:Acc000 09.png
acc000_10.GFS Character Name Pink Headphones File:Acc000 10.png
acc000_11.GFS Character Name DENON AH-MM200 File:Acc000 11.png
acc000_12.GFS Character Name DENON AH-300 File:Acc000 12.png
acc000_13.GFS Character Name DENON AH-GC20 File:Acc000 13.png
acc000_14.GFS Character Name DENON AH-MM400 File:Acc000 14.png
acc000_15.GFS Character Name Costume Name File:Acc000 15.png
acc000_23.GFS Character Name Tanaka Mask File:Acc000 23.png
acc000_24.GFS Character Name Golden Tanaka Mask File:Acc000 24.png
acc001_01.GFS Yu Narukami Bear-made Glasses File:Acc001 01.png
acc001_02.GFS Yu Narukami Costume Name File:Acc001 02.png
acc001_03.GFS Yu Narukami Sunglasses File:Acc001 03.png
acc001_04.GFS Yu Narukami 70's Sunglasses File:Acc001 04.png
acc001_26.GFS Yu Narukami Hawk Mask File:Acc001 26.png
acc001_27.GFS Yu Narukami Hardboiled Mask File:Acc001 27.png
acc002_01.GFS Yosuke Hanamura Bear-made Glasses File:Acc002 01.png
acc002_02.GFS Yosuke Hanamura Costume Name File:Acc002 02.png
acc002_03.GFS Yosuke Hanamura Sunglasses File:Acc002 03.png
acc002_04.GFS Yosuke Hanamura 70's Sunglasses File:Acc002 04.png
acc002_26.GFS Yosuke Hanamura Owl Mask File:Acc002 26.png
acc002_90.GFS Yosuke Hanamura Costume Name File:Acc002 90.png
acc003_01.GFS Chie Satonaka Bear-made Glasses File:Acc003 01.png
acc003_02.GFS Chie Satonaka Costume Name File:Acc003 02.png
acc003_03.GFS Chie Satonaka Sunglasses File:Acc003 03.png
acc003_04.GFS Chie Satonaka 70's Sunglasses File:Acc003 04.png
acc003_26.GFS Chie Satonaka Parakeet Mask File:Acc003 26.png
acc004_01.GFS Yukiko Amagi Bear-made Glasses File:Acc004 01.png
acc004_02.GFS Yukiko Amagi Costume Name File:Acc004 02.png
acc004_03.GFS Yukiko Amagi Sunglasses File:Acc004 03.png
acc004_04.GFS Yukiko Amagi 70's Sunglasses File:Acc004 04.png
acc004_26.GFS Yukiko Amagi Asas Mask File:Acc004 26.png
acc004_90.GFS Yukiko Amagi Costume Name File:Acc004 90.png
acc005_01.GFS Rise Kujikawa Bear-made Glasses File:Acc005 01.png
acc005_02.GFS Rise Kujikawa Costume Name File:Acc005 02.png
acc005_03.GFS Rise Kujikawa Sunglasses File:Acc005 03.png
acc005_04.GFS Rise Kujikawa 70's Sunglasses File:Acc005 04.png
acc005_26.GFS Rise Kujikawa Shoebill Mask File:Acc005 26.png
acc006_01.GFS Kanji Tatsumi Bear-made Glasses File:Acc006 01.png
acc006_02.GFS Kanji Tatsumi Costume Name File:Acc006 02.png
acc006_03.GFS Kanji Tatsumi Sunglasses File:Acc006 03.png
acc006_04.GFS Kanji Tatsumi 70's Sunglasses File:Acc006 04.png
acc006_26.GFS Kanji Tatsumi Falcon Mask File:Acc006 26.png
acc006_90.GFS Kanji Tatsumi Folding Chair File:Acc006 90.png
acc007_01.GFS Naoto Shirogane Bear-made Glasses File:Acc007 01.png
acc007_02.GFS Naoto Shirogane Costume Name File:Acc007 02.png
acc007_03.GFS Naoto Shirogane Sunglasses File:Acc007 03.png
acc007_04.GFS Naoto Shirogane 70's Sunglasses File:Acc007 04.png
acc007_26.GFS Naoto Shirogane Swan Mask File:Acc007 26.png
acc007_90.GFS Naoto Shirogane Costume Name File:Acc007 90.png
acc008_01.GFS Teddie Mask of Teddie File:Acc008 01.png
acc008_02.GFS Teddie Costume Name File:Acc008 02.png
acc008_03.GFS Teddie 3D Glasses File:Acc008 03.png
acc008_04.GFS Teddie 70's Sunglasses File:Acc008 04.png
acc008_05.GFS Teddie Gag Glasses File:Acc008 05.png
acc008_06.GFS Teddie Igor Glasses File:Acc008 06.png
acc008_26.GFS Teddie Horned Owl Mask File:Acc008 26.png
acc009_01.GFS Kanami Mashita Costume Name File:Acc009 01.png
acc009_02.GFS Kanami Mashita Costume Name File:Acc009 02.png
acc009_03.GFS Kanami Mashita Costume Name File:Acc009 03.png
acc009_04.GFS Kanami Mashita Costume Name File:Acc009 04.png
acc010_01.GFS Nanako Dojima Costume Name File:Acc010 01.png
acc010_02.GFS Nanako Dojima Costume Name File:Acc010 02.png
acc010_03.GFS Nanako Dojima Costume Name File:Acc010 03.png
acc010_04.GFS Nanako Dojima Costume Name File:Acc010 04.png
acc011_01.GFS Margaret Costume Name File:Acc011 01.png
acc011_02.GFS Margaret Costume Name File:Acc011 02.png
acc011_03.GFS Margaret Costume Name File:Acc011 03.png
acc011_04.GFS Margaret Costume Name File:Acc011 04.png
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