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Formats GMD

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night (P5D) keeps its Persona 5 player models and animations in the Dance\player\p5 directory of its data.cpk. Within that directory is the face folder, containing GMD models of each character's face.

Face models[edit]

Filename Character Face Image
pc201_f1.GMD Ren Amamiya Face 100px
pc202_f1.GMD Ryuji Sakamoto Face 100px
pc203_f1.GMD Morgana Face 100px
pc203_f2.GMD Morgana Face 2 100px
pc203_f3.GMD Morgana Igor Face 100px
pc204_f1.GMD Ann Takamaki Face 100px
pc205_f1.GMD Yusuke Kitagawa Face 100px
pc206_f1.GMD Makoto Niijima Face 100px
pc207_f1.GMD Haru Okumura Face 100px
pc208_f1.GMD Futaba Sakura Face 100px
pc208_f2.GMD Futaba Sakura Phantom Thief Suit Face 100px
pc209_f1.GMD Goro Akechi Face 100px
pc210_f1.GMD Caroline Face 100px
pc211_f1.GMD Justine Face 100px
pc212_f1.GMD Lavenza Face 100px