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Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight/data.cpk/dance/player/p3/hair
Location data.cpk
Contains GMD

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night (P3D) keeps its Persona 3 player models and animations in the Dance/player/p3 directory of its data.cpk. Within that directory is the hair folder, containing GMD models of each character's hair

Hair models

Filename Character Hair Image
pc101_h00.GMD Makoto Yuki Regular Hair w9ZlwGU.png
pc101_h01.GMD Makoto Yuki Headphones yhgydyN.png
pc101_h09.GMD Makoto Yuki Velvet Room Hat vzSdIYJ.png
pc101_h10.GMD Makoto Yuki Halloween Hat eFocMW9.png
pc101_h11.GMD Makoto Yuki Virtua Fighter Headwear CM7KUAO.png
pc101_h12.GMD Makoto Yuki Crossdressing Headwear z5Wukzh.png
pc101_h13.GMD Makoto Yuki SMT Costume Headwear 7pdLI1E.png
pc101_h15.GMD Makoto Yuki Featherman Helmet XuKdVAH.png
pc101_h16.GMD Makoto Yuki Christmas Hat KYW9MB2.png
pc102_h00.GMD Yukari Takeba Regular Hair tVqKJpe.png
pc102_h01.GMD Yukari Takeba Headphones wMmuNZb.png
pc102_h07.GMD Yukari Takeba Sunglasses on Head QK7GbDH.png
pc102_h08.GMD Yukari Takeba Maid Headwear fBcBiQe.png
pc102_h09.GMD Yukari Takeba Velvet Room Hat V3z7ZJx.png
pc102_h10.GMD Yukari Takeba Halloween Hat a5A1N0S.png
pc102_h12.GMD Yukari Takeba Sunglasses on Head 2 5bz7ujB.png
pc102_h13.GMD Yukari Takeba SMT Costume Headwear qCbwAeR.png
pc102_h14.GMD Yukari Takeba Persona 4 Arena Outfit pn0EWRa.png
pc102_h15.GMD Yukari Takeba Featherman Helmet bfgXLZd.png
pc102_h16.GMD Yukari Takeba Christmas Hat UKaRhmT.png
pc102_h18.GMD Yukari Takeba Battle Panties Headwear 2BCJfi8.png
pc102_h32.GMD Yukari Takeba Futuristic Headwear QPwOrJv.png
pc102_h34.GMD Yukari Takeba Alternate Hair Color vXlWiIS.png
pc103_h00.GMD Junpei Iori Regular Hair bBaOBEF.png
pc103_h02.GMD Junpei Iori Summer Uniform OUE3N5f.png
pc103_h06.GMD Junpei Iori Tracksuit d7ZMcZe.png
pc103_h08.GMD Junpei Iori Butler Headwear k0QeDV3.png
pc103_h09.GMD Junpei Iori Velvet Room Hat BTD9e18.png
pc103_h10.GMD Junpei Iori Halloween Hat TXOIsBZ.png
pc103_h11.GMD Junpei Iori Virtua Fighter Headwear XW4Dgtw.png
pc103_h12.GMD Junpei Iori Crossdressing Headwear lFPlwEi.png
pc103_h13.GMD Junpei Iori SMT Costume Headwear LzIS314.png
pc103_h14.GMD Junpei Iori Persona 4 Arena Outfit lKS19UO.png
pc103_h15.GMD Junpei Iori Featherman Helmet qL684o5.png
pc103_h16.GMD Junpei Iori Christmas Hat GkiPO6m.png
pc103_h34.GMD Junpei Iori Alternate Hair Color W83vAlx.png
pc103_h98.GMD Junpei Iori Crossdressing Headwear (No Hat) EXG95Mx.png
pc103_h99.GMD Junpei Iori No Hat hjGdrgb.png
pc104_h00.GMD Akihiko Sanada Regular Hair b2zmEPS.png
pc104_h01.GMD Akihiko Sanada Regular Hair 2 bdSEWcb.png
pc104_h09.GMD Akihiko Sanada Velvet Room Hat sCMtGVI.png
pc104_h10.GMD Akihiko Sanada Halloween Hat auzKOtP.png
pc104_h12.GMD Akihiko Sanada Crossdressing Headwear CPJ55EH.png
pc104_h13.GMD Akihiko Sanada SMT Costume Headwear 2peXM3s.png
pc104_h14.GMD Akihiko Sanada Persona 4 Arena Outfit 7m4CRJU.png
pc104_h15.GMD Akihiko Sanada Featherman Helmet iXMHohO.png
pc104_h34.GMD Akihiko Sanada Alternate Hair Color NglngBC.png
pc104_h99.GMD Akihiko Sanada Crossdressing Headwear (No Hat) jZ1LF9G.png
pc105_h00.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Regular Hair j9iRTND.png
pc105_h01.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Headphones LifubP9.png
pc105_h06.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Tracksuit PaFeUuc.png
pc105_h07.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Regular Hair (No Curl) hbc80CQ.png
pc105_h08.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Maid Headwear 25SyGbo.png
pc105_h09.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Velvet Room Hat wlm5if5.png
pc105_h10.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Halloween Hat BYF9meS.png
pc105_h15.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Featherman Helmet 3dB3qPN.png
pc105_h16.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Repeat of Tracksuit Hair dWiFiOP.png
pc105_h18.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Battle Panties Headwear TJOqqUa.png
pc105_h32.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Futuristic Headwear 7LFYqlw.png
pc105_h34.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Alternate Hair Color 94dK9O2.png
pc105_h90.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Hair in Bun zCPHaE3.png
pc106_h00.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Regular Hair H6Idq1I.png
pc106_h01.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Headphones 8196Gzz.png
pc106_h08.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Maid Headwear U0QGfKu.png
pc106_h09.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Velvet Room Hat paRycRH.png
pc106_h10.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Halloween Hat gIcGCXw.png
pc106_h13.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi SMT Costume Headwear AKZhaVC.png
pc106_h14.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Persona 4 Arena Outfit WP9BE1N.png
pc106_h15.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Featherman Helmet YjlXRgK.png
pc106_h16.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Christmas Hat JC3zDI6.png
pc106_h18.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Battle Panties Headwear MTBSWt6.png
pc106_h32.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Futuristic Headwear CZbc3yA.png
pc107_h00.GMD Aigis Regular Hair zVWHVI9.png
pc107_h01.GMD Aigis Headphones lMsPUMA.png
pc107_h08.GMD Aigis Maid Headwear L5HQTVu.png
pc107_h09.GMD Aigis Velvet Room Hat pGnhyiU.png
pc107_h10.GMD Aigis Halloween Hat UGORtCm.png
pc107_h14.GMD Aigis Persona 4 Arena Outfit ohFWDLP.png
pc107_h15.GMD Aigis Featherman Helmet KC23wXu.png
pc107_h16.GMD Aigis Christmas Hat i9jMuLk.png
pc107_h32.GMD Aigis Futuristic Headwear GAzuuhx.png
pc107_h34.GMD Aigis Alternate Hair Color GjAN11V.png
pc108_h00.GMD Ken Amada Regular Hair yedIGAv.png
pc108_h01.GMD Ken Amada Headphones TIIE7Dt.png
pc108_h07.GMD Ken Amada Swimsuit Head r2bfaJS.png
pc108_h09.GMD Ken Amada Velvet Room Hat noIYroQ.png
pc108_h10.GMD Ken Amada Halloween Hat XYJfAka.png
pc108_h11.GMD Ken Amada Virtua Fighter Headwear PAtcKHY.png
pc108_h12.GMD Ken Amada Crossdressing Headwear oQBzbBr.png
pc108_h13.GMD Ken Amada SMT Costume Headwear o0xmlIt.png
pc108_h14.GMD Ken Amada Persona 4 Arena Outfit byV2d3H.png
pc108_h15.GMD Ken Amada Featherman Helmet vQnFka5.png
pc108_h16.GMD Ken Amada Christmas Hat HLG9Aj5.png
pc108_h32.GMD Ken Amada Velvet Room Hat 2 jdgCjGs.png
pc108_h34.GMD Ken Amada Alternate Hair Color KiuSw40.png
pc108_h99.GMD Ken Amada Velvet Room Eyepatch qXKgBSD.png
pc110_h00.GMD Shinji Aragaki Regular Hair P0EzUzh.png
pc110_h07.GMD Shinji Aragaki Ponytail 2inSNPF.png
pc110_h09.GMD Shinji Aragaki Velvet Room Hat nOF3hWx.png
pc110_h99.GMD Shinji Aragaki No Hat mklrrqi.png
pc111_h00.GMD Elizabeth Regular Hair R5cOPeD.png
pc111_h01.GMD Elizabeth No Hat dbCf7rs.png
pc111_h34.GMD Elizabeth Alternate Hair Color 4Ckple2.png
pc111_h99.GMD Elizabeth Alternate Hair (No Hat) TByoGSy.png
pc112_h00.GMD Theodore Regular Hair k8qDjHY.png
pc112_h99.GMD Theodore No Hat YWsAgqC.png
pc113_h00.GMD Labrys Regular Hair GnVijKb.png
pc113_h34.GMD Labrys Alternate Hair Color vGLm7Ww.png
pc113_h35.GMD Labrys Alternate Hair Color 2 kz3Y7aS.png
pc115_h00.GMD Sho Minazuki Regular Hair fvSEuUo.png
pc115_h34.GMD Sho Minazuki Alternate Hair Color 7TTbEOL.png
pc115_h35.GMD Sho Minazuki Alternate Hair Color 2 iriLNWc.png
pc116_h00.GMD Margaret Regular Hair WcfBZj1.png
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