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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight/data.cpk/dance/player/p3
Location data.cpk
Size 1.66 GB
Contains GMD

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night (P3D) keeps its Persona 3 player models and animations in the dance/player/p3 directory of its data.cpk.
Faces for these models are stored in Dance/player/p3/face and hair is stored in Dance/player/p3/hair.
Accessories are stored in Dance/player/accessory.

There is also a Dance/player/p5 directory with Persona 5 characters.

Player models

Filename Character Costume Image
pc100_00.GMD Character Name Costume Name File:Pc100 00.png
pc101_01.GMD Makoto Yuki Ball Stage Outfit DDwrOwy.png
pc101_02.GMD Makoto Yuki Summer Gekkou Outfit 397Vb85.png
pc101_03.GMD Makoto Yuki Winter Gekkou Outfit 7YEe6Rj.png
pc101_04.GMD Makoto Yuki Summer Clothes JEBbSpe.png
pc101_05.GMD Makoto Yuki Winter Clothes gOGOBMK.png
pc101_06.GMD Makoto Yuki Gekkou High Jersey 61LqdOC.png
pc101_07.GMD Makoto Yuki Blue Bermuda Shorts YLVTHI2.png
pc101_08.GMD Makoto Yuki Butler Suit D0kbvTI.png
pc101_09.GMD Makoto Yuki Deep Blue Clothes cVF7Zbz.png
pc101_10.GMD Makoto Yuki Pumpkin Clown Outfit 3rZkXYd.png
pc101_11.GMD Makoto Yuki Martial Arts Master Gi vaxrRNq.png
pc101_12.GMD Makoto Yuki Girly Maid Uniform RXxGueX.png
pc101_13.GMD Makoto Yuki Black Shirt lpUtO9A.png
pc101_15.GMD Makoto Yuki Feather Eagle cEPYI4g.png
pc101_16.GMD Makoto Yuki Santa Costume eL2gyug.png
pc101_25.GMD Makoto Yuki WEGO T-Shirt SPqbYSS.png
pc101_26.GMD Makoto Yuki SEES Equipment f20asMO.png
pc102_01.GMD Yukari Takeba Ball Stage Outfit s9OO0pR.png
pc102_02.GMD Yukari Takeba Summer Gekkou Outfit ph6XCvm.png
pc102_03.GMD Yukari Takeba Winter Gekkou Outfit KZ1PuGO.png
pc102_04.GMD Yukari Takeba Summer Clothes SvV7hnL.png
pc102_05.GMD Yukari Takeba Winter Clothes PshBNN3.png
pc102_06.GMD Yukari Takeba Gekkou High Jersey XbKLrG9.png
pc102_07.GMD Yukari Takeba Pink Bikini PSbOspg.png
pc102_08.GMD Yukari Takeba Maid Uniform HxUJQD7.png
pc102_09.GMD Yukari Takeba Deep Blue Clothes XBifz4r.png
pc102_10.GMD Yukari Takeba Zombie Nurse Costume s7EwT1P.png
pc102_11.GMD Yukari Takeba Blue Kung Fu Outfit LjmxtYd.png
pc102_12.GMD Yukari Takeba Race Queen Outfit CZL9Xlj.png
pc102_13.GMD Yukari Takeba Ribboned Camisole 9cvqqtf.png
pc102_14.GMD Yukari Takeba Feather Pink jqeqERf.png
pc102_15.GMD Yukari Takeba Feather Peahen 8pQUXgp.png
pc102_16.GMD Yukari Takeba Snowman Dress 0knHy3w.png
pc102_17.GMD Yukari Takeba Cheer Outfit 0TTUfZO.png
pc102_18.GMD Yukari Takeba Red High-Cut Armor PsjwY8J.png
pc102_25.GMD Yukari Takeba WEGO T-Shirt wu2kDSj.png
pc102_26.GMD Yukari Takeba SEES Equipment n5FEpF8.png
pc102_32.GMD Yukari Takeba Neon Dress 1ONqp1s.png
pc102_34.GMD Yukari Takeba P4AU 2P Colors 5mUP5oD.png
pc103_01.GMD Junpei Iori Ball Stage Outfit IaWhcnO.png
pc103_02.GMD Junpei Iori Summer Gekkou Outfit EISHtQa.png
pc103_03.GMD Junpei Iori Winter Gekkou Outfit VG3wilM.png
pc103_04.GMD Junpei Iori Summer Clothes 87QwLFQ.png
pc103_05.GMD Junpei Iori Winter Clothes 5982kut.png
pc103_06.GMD Junpei Iori Gekkou High Jersey LVs2KEQ.png
pc103_07.GMD Junpei Iori Red Bermuda Shorts 9RNmYbK.png
pc103_08.GMD Junpei Iori Butler Suit mRaiSab.png
pc103_09.GMD Junpei Iori Deep Blue Clothes CEA6lte.png
pc103_10.GMD Junpei Iori Mummy Costume 1uJnmy9.png
pc103_11.GMD Junpei Iori Pankration Pants YdbSOgU.png
pc103_12.GMD Junpei Iori Bearded Cheer Outfit vJ0ZUMW.png
pc103_13.GMD Junpei Iori Journalist Outfit Xe2hQYy.png
pc103_14.GMD Junpei Iori Baseball "Star" Uniform BZbDqm1.png
pc103_15.GMD Junpei Iori Feather Pinguino RNhbA9A.png
pc103_16.GMD Junpei Iori Snowman Suit BMueaGk.png
pc103_25.GMD Junpei Iori WEGO T-Shirt LRENPmp.png
pc103_26.GMD Junpei Iori SEES Equipment wLtkAlg.png
pc103_34.GMD Junpei Iori P4AU 2P Colors kPHhhy7.png
pc104_01.GMD Akihiko Sanada Ball Stage Outfit TJrMyFg.png
pc104_02.GMD Akihiko Sanada Summer Gekkou Outfit 8cW6aj3.png
pc104_03.GMD Akihiko Sanada Winter Gekkou Outfit zVOlRDA.png
pc104_04.GMD Akihiko Sanada Summer Clothes XPkMM2N.png
pc104_05.GMD Akihiko Sanada Winter Clothes EEQftei.png
pc104_06.GMD Akihiko Sanada Gekkou High Jersey RAis1Gm.png
pc104_07.GMD Akihiko Sanada Blue Speedo J6tbkUu.png
pc104_08.GMD Akihiko Sanada Butler Suit fMGUICJ.png
pc104_09.GMD Akihiko Sanada Deep Blue Clothes YuAyKt9.png
pc104_10.GMD Akihiko Sanada Exorcist Robe rsOUQTZ.png
pc104_11.GMD Akihiko Sanada Pro Wrestler Outfit 7xOJLYB.png
pc104_12.GMD Akihiko Sanada Skimpy Police Costume ChbFnyc.png
pc104_13.GMD Akihiko Sanada Dashing Suit jOr68Dp.png
pc104_14.GMD Akihiko Sanada Wanderer's Red Cape RAV1DcB.png
pc104_15.GMD Akihiko Sanada Feather Berkut RHTk7It.png
pc104_16.GMD Akihiko Sanada Santa Costume oUvRgES.png
pc104_26.GMD Akihiko Sanada SEES Equipment a1ewBjX.png
pc104_34.GMD Akihiko Sanada P4AU 2P Colors N9eE9gP.png
pc105_01.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Ball Stage Outfit UZqcJZT.png
pc105_02.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Summer Gekkou Outfit 90k3yHh.png
pc105_03.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Winter Gekkou Outfit JWnYt8K.png
pc105_04.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Summer Clothes YKAsXJR.png
pc105_05.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Winter Clothes YMNspGz.png
pc105_06.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Gekkou High Jersey GrxPJ9M.png
pc105_07.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Elegant Bikini cdZNbOO.png
pc105_08.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Maid Uniform GL4eRmY.png
pc105_09.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Deep Blue Clothes czkqfNW.png
pc105_10.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Witchy Dress ih1n1BX.png
pc105_11.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Martial Arts Suit vlPhaID.png
pc105_12.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Race Queen Outfit SyWC4zP.png
pc105_13.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Black Leather Suit ZUjmxnx.png
pc105_14.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Combat Suit 5w3And7.png
pc105_15.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Feather Crane swy7qwc.png
pc105_16.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Santa Dress LZYsPgs.png
pc105_17.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Cheer Outfit 9Dllfwv.png
pc105_18.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Black High-Cut Armor TFHlbyW.png
pc105_26.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo SEES Equipment t5vgSFF.png
pc105_32.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Neon Dress MIPl9ZF.png
pc105_34.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo P4AU 2P Colors XebUACX.png
pc106_01.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Ball Stage Outfit AnujWGb.png
pc106_02.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Summer Gekkou Outfit 0mZnozQ.png
pc106_03.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Winter Gekkou Outfit 7wkliXU.png
pc106_04.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Summer Clothes 5XWxl5P.png
pc106_05.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Winter Clothes L3hYIPn.png
pc106_06.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Gekkou High Jersey 5HuLIJH.png
pc106_07.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Lime Two-Piece dfzIcgC.png
pc106_08.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Maid Uniform 5rvxmCE.png
pc106_09.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Deep Blue Clothes BhjlChQ.png
pc106_10.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Spider Web Dress rGmvabe.png
pc106_11.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Dragon's Tangzhuang VBEkEVF.png
pc106_12.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Race Queen Outfit JYTER4x.png
pc106_13.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Hunter's One-Piece nR6mhyV.png
pc106_14.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Science Student Outfit 1eqyaOn.png
pc106_15.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Featherman Outfit TmygsFI.png
pc106_16.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Christmas Tree Dress YqjgLEu.png
pc106_17.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Cheer Outfit mNreYgb.png
pc106_18.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Green High-Cut Armor cImJFcw.png
pc106_26.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi SEES Equipment 5RLIfZM.png
pc106_32.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Neon Dress 1e8JB6i.png
pc107_01.GMD Aigis Ball Stage Outfit vfVyVab.png
pc107_03.GMD Aigis Winter Gekkou Outfit MLBEVSa.png
pc107_07.GMD Aigis Sky Blue Gown FQSZkyf.png
pc107_08.GMD Aigis Maid Uniform 5YRQNW7.png
pc107_09.GMD Aigis Deep Blue Clothes nRQAD8d.png
pc107_10.GMD Aigis Tin Suit 4bIyDIA.png
pc107_11.GMD Aigis Leather Rider Suit XqObXg1.png
pc107_13.GMD Aigis Tribal Suit 4LHxGCi.png
pc107_14.GMD Aigis Enhanced 7th Armor 38GJcfw.png
pc107_15.GMD Aigis Feather Peregrine Sl3sFCP.png
pc107_16.GMD Aigis Santa Dress vWfESdC.png
pc107_17.GMD Aigis Cheer Outfit DZ5dtaN.png
pc107_23.GMD Aigis Standard 7th Armor m4qMwc0.png
pc107_26.GMD Aigis SEES Equipment duOb4SI.png
pc107_32.GMD Aigis Neon Dress y0lMzAa.png
pc107_34.GMD Aigis P4AU 2P Colors n795qg6.png
pc108_01.GMD Ken Amada Ball Stage Outfit KtJJShQ.png
pc108_02.GMD Ken Amada Summer Gekkou Outfit 2b00CZ5.png
pc108_03.GMD Ken Amada Winter Gekkou Outfit ZaaeY8C.png
pc108_04.GMD Ken Amada Summer Clothes pkxYmiv.png
pc108_05.GMD Ken Amada Winter Clothes c2UdLMy.png
pc108_07.GMD Ken Amada Striped Half-Suit 7sPhvbE.png
pc108_08.GMD Ken Amada Butler Suit oqZ1tyD.png
pc108_09.GMD Ken Amada Deep Blue Guard Clothes 68NbeGe.png
pc108_10.GMD Ken Amada Pumpkin Clothes i8L5OU5.png
pc108_11.GMD Ken Amada Shinobi Outfit zqgeabj.png
pc108_12.GMD Ken Amada Girl's Gekkou Uniform jsvZ89d.png
pc108_13.GMD Ken Amada Hacker Clothes nijk5gA.png
pc108_14.GMD Ken Amada Gekkou Middle Uniform FI0hk78.png
pc108_15.GMD Ken Amada Feather Sparrow HDgU79D.png
pc108_16.GMD Ken Amada Reindeer Suit c59OtYW.png
pc108_26.GMD Ken Amada SEES Equipment AoRU8md.png
pc108_32.GMD Ken Amada Deep Blue Clothes UxQ7hMe.png
pc108_34.GMD Ken Amada P4AU 2P Colors czxA120.png
pc110_05.GMD Shinjiro Aragaki Winter Clothes 3T9ZjVN.png
pc110_07.GMD Shinjiro Aragaki Two-Tone Bermuda Shorts 4RHTFpE.png
pc110_08.GMD Shinjiro Aragaki Butler Suit ytkkUjd.png
pc110_09.GMD Shinjiro Aragaki Deep Blue Clothes 2O6c18e.png
pc110_26.GMD Shinjiro Aragaki SEES Equipment QJEFtzo.png
pc111_01.GMD Elizabeth True Blue Uniform AnLPgI3.png
pc111_34.GMD Elizabeth P4AU 2P Colors 0EHoiow.png
pc112_01.GMD Theodore True Blue Uniform rVySSaN.png
pc113_01.GMD Labrys Summer Yaso Outfit SKGBo66.png
pc113_34.GMD Labrys P4AU 2P Colors (1) C3AwUKa.png
pc113_35.GMD Labrys P4AU 2P Colors (2) LNf6dYS.png
pc115_01.GMD Sho Minazuki Winter Yaso Outfit PvhbxTp.png
pc115_34.GMD Sho Minazuki P4AU 2P Colors (1) ABFbJPk.png
pc115_35.GMD Sho Minazuki P4AU 2P Colors (2) MfUuq4h.png
pc116_01.GMD Margaret True Blue Uniform JbtR2bl.png