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Persona 4 Dancing All Night/data.cpk/dance/player

From Amicitia Wiki
Dance/player (P4D)
Formats GMD, GAP, GFS, PAC
Size 1.9 GB

Persona 4: Dancing All Night (P4D) keeps its player models and animations in the dance/player directory of its data.cpk. The following list also includes the face models, which are kept separately in player_face.bin. Note: The following list includes files from the patch.cpk (DLC and preorder bonuses) as well.
Accessories are kept in the Dance/player/accessory (P4D) directory.

Player models

Filename Character Costume Image
pc001_01.GMD Yu Narukami Winter Yasogami Uniform qfY3DzM.png
pc001_02.GMD Yu Narukami Summer Yasogami Uniform mK6Krgy.png
pc001_03.GMD Yu Narukami Winter Coat BoaSBhv.png
pc001_06.GMD Yu Narukami Gekkoukan High Uniform 8gAeB5H.png
pc001_07.GMD Yu Narukami Midwinter jacket QCwloTB.png
pc001_08.GMD Yu Narukami Summer Clothes 7RcxVmd.png
pc001_09.GMD Yu Narukami Midwinter plain clothes cEXAYUp.png
pc001_10.GMD Yu Narukami Yasogami High Tracksuit Rrk3BxU.png
pc001_11.GMD Yu Narukami Swimsuit k2a55KO.png
pc001_12.GMD Yu Narukami Drag Competition Outfit iqP2KvO.png
pc001_13.GMD Yu Narukami Halloween Costume h5sYXmc.png
pc001_14.GMD Yu Narukami Christmas Outfit QP2fCb4.png
pc001_15.GMD Yu Narukami Velvet Room Outfit aHdkIrC.png
pc001_16.GMD Yu Narukami Butler Outfit hyXmegY.png
pc001_18.GMD Yu Narukami Traditional Outfit 3POAlK3.png
pc001_19.GMD Yu Narukami Skiing Outfit reUNVvB.png
pc001_21.GMD Yu Narukami Dojima Outfit pYqS0aC.png
pc001_23.GMD Yu Narukami Dancing Outfit pRE5Nfr.png
pc001_24.GMD Yu Narukami Original Concept Outfit rBblo5X.png
pc001_27.GMD Yu Narukami Red Featherman Outfit NnKbx3y.png
pc001_28.GMD Yu Narukami P4G Post-game clothes ogGcrGN.png
pc001_29.GMD Yu Narukami Lawson Outfit M6h3WCt.png
pc001_30.GMD Yu Narukami P3 Protag Cosplay 75mAsPI.png
pc001_31.GMD Yu Narukami P2 Protag Cosplay k0RD97z.png
pc001_f1.GMD Yu Narukami Face 3eRkmFe.png
pc002_01.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Winter Yasogami Uniform LZFLTHe.png
pc002_02.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Summer Yasogami Uniform QiGP6lI.png
pc002_03.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Winter Coat 03aEV2o.png
pc002_06.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Gekkoukan High Uniform jYpihEo.png
pc002_07.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Midwinter clothes ozVL1HJ.png
pc002_08.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Summer Clothes RgZqW6e.png
pc002_09.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Winter Clothes eAf3MwE.png
pc002_10.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Yasogami High Tracksuit AjUgknC.png
pc002_11.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Swimsuit cdzBcxL.png
pc002_12.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Crossdressing Outfit FLcqWzG.png
pc002_13.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Halloween Costume RrlLhnM.png
pc002_14.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Christmas Outfit pDo9nPx.png
pc002_15.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Velvet Room Outfit RPnTnOu.png
pc002_16.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Butler Outfit oVL6RuZ.png
pc002_18.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Traditional Outfit bmOeBet.png
pc002_19.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Skiing Outfit b4nj4B1.png
pc002_20.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Junes Apron 0AnEmxu.png
pc002_21.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Junes Coveralls CZOFTRf.png
pc002_23.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Dancing Outfit xsRANNg.png
pc002_24.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Original Concept Outfit moTIeLj.png
pc002_27.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Yellow Featherman Outfit pGOgeus.png
pc002_28.GMD Yosuke Hanamura P4G Post-game Outfit K98b9Mo.png
pc002_30.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Cosplay 1 N8bHM7t.png
pc002_31.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Cosplay 2 EXmlqu7.png
pc002_f1.GMD Yosuke Hanamura Face jsyKjdr.png
pc003_01.GMD Chie Satonaka Winter Yasogami Uniform wGcxRiZ.png
pc003_02.GMD Chie Satonaka Summer Yasogami Uniform EliMaVG.png
pc003_03.GMD Chie Satonaka Winter Coat FskzgAf.png
pc003_06.GMD Chie Satonaka Gekkoukan High Uniform gAPSRL0.png
pc003_07.GMD Chie Satonaka Midwinter clothes X7V6Dfb.png
pc003_08.GMD Chie Satonaka Summer Clothes ZSzrIE8.png
pc003_09.GMD Chie Satonaka Winter Clothes rBJnzeW.png
pc003_10.GMD Chie Satonaka Yasogami High Tracksuit MerRqWT.png
pc003_11.GMD Chie Satonaka Swimsuit yIxt5ju.png
pc003_12.GMD Chie Satonaka Fanservice Outfit EmqCfLE.png
pc003_13.GMD Chie Satonaka Halloween Costume bfnJTkP.png
pc003_14.GMD Chie Satonaka Christmas Outfit LhsWXkZ.png
pc003_15.GMD Chie Satonaka Velvet Room Outfit dLlphPB.png
pc003_17.GMD Chie Satonaka Maid Outfit 4F6ru6w.png
pc003_19.GMD Chie Satonaka Skiing Outfit Jre9NuO.png
pc003_21.GMD Chie Satonaka Track Suit NSrR8rT.png
pc003_22.GMD Chie Satonaka Cheerleader Outfit eOWK9Ut.png
pc003_23.GMD Chie Satonaka Dancing Outfit ZaLZCuF.png
pc003_24.GMD Chie Satonaka Original Concept Outfit dHg89lf.png
pc003_27.GMD Chie Satonaka Green Featherman Outfit CU9cIBT.png
pc003_28.GMD Chie Satonaka P4G Post-game Outfit WowtNFE.png
pc003_30.GMD Chie Satonaka Cosplay 1 UWV8iaS.png
pc003_31.GMD Chie Satonaka Cosplay 2 tb0W3Nv.png
pc003_f1.GMD Chie Satonaka Face kQywB7R.png
pc004_01.GMD Yukiko Amagi Winter Yasogami Uniform XiUGKpI.png
pc004_02.GMD Yukiko Amagi Summer Yasogami Uniform NtHeoJ5.png
pc004_03.GMD Yukiko Amagi Winter Coat emAukXq.png
pc004_06.GMD Yukiko Amagi Gekkoukan High Uniform Ksf3FEN.png
pc004_07.GMD Yukiko Amagi Midwinter clothes oux22SD.png
pc004_08.GMD Yukiko Amagi Summer Clothes RVLzpX3.png
pc004_09.GMD Yukiko Amagi Winter Clothes gn9gT91.png
pc004_10.GMD Yukiko Amagi Yasogami High Tracksuit wi3N6DW.png
pc004_11.GMD Yukiko Amagi Swimsuit pHWvKri.png
pc004_12.GMD Yukiko Amagi Fanservice Outfit vzvfoAs.png
pc004_13.GMD Yukiko Amagi Halloween Costume V6ipmve.png
pc004_14.GMD Yukiko Amagi Christmas Outfit sc5Z0it.png
pc004_15.GMD Yukiko Amagi Velvet Room Outfit GaFcH28.png
pc004_17.GMD Yukiko Amagi Maid Outfit yH0A2xW.png
pc004_19.GMD Yukiko Amagi Skiing Outfit gqz8KJk.png
pc004_22.GMD Yukiko Amagi Cheerleader Outfit um99p3L.png
pc004_23.GMD Yukiko Amagi Dancing Outfit nO4BCpG.png
pc004_24.GMD Yukiko Amagi Original Stage Costume uwgCcBR.png
pc004_27.GMD Yukiko Amagi Pink Featherman Outfit d6s31jd.png
pc004_28.GMD Yukiko Amagi P4G Post-game Outfit DhT4M41.png
pc004_30.GMD Yukiko Amagi Cosplay 1 (Chidori) oufhApg.png
pc004_31.GMD Yukiko Amagi Cosplay 2 Tk5GMCF.png
pc004_f1.GMD Yukiko Amagi Face Swq0dCz.png
pc004_f2.GMD Yukiko Amagi Costume Name Swq0dCz.png
pc005_01.GMD Rise Kujikawa Winter Yasogami Uniform 9bpOjnZ.png
pc005_02.GMD Rise Kujikawa Summer Yasogami Uniform IqxCK84.png
pc005_03.GMD Rise Kujikawa Winter Coat 2cnLKZM.png
pc005_06.GMD Rise Kujikawa Gekkoukan High Uniform NWuBjoN.png
pc005_07.GMD Rise Kujikawa Midwinter clothes c2W8WFw.png
pc005_08.GMD Rise Kujikawa Summer Clothes z10szYm.png
pc005_09.GMD Rise Kujikawa Winter Clothes o6b2mFE.png
pc005_10.GMD Rise Kujikawa Yasogami High Tracksuit RR4cVmO.png
pc005_11.GMD Rise Kujikawa Swimsuit hrhW0IB.png
pc005_12.GMD Rise Kujikawa Fanservice Outfit ivQIe3g.png
pc005_13.GMD Rise Kujikawa Halloween Costume VkPumFY.png
pc005_14.GMD Rise Kujikawa Christmas Outfit TnQsvpi.png
pc005_15.GMD Rise Kujikawa Velvet Room Outfit m9q35Ad.png
pc005_17.GMD Rise Kujikawa Maid Outfit s3c2BS3.png
pc005_19.GMD Rise Kujikawa Skiing Outfit uiPpZkA.png
pc005_20.GMD Rise Kujikawa Nurse Outfit LY26O2o.png
pc005_23.GMD Rise Kujikawa Dancing Outfit 0TKQxBx.png
pc005_24.GMD Rise Kujikawa Original Stage Outfit 036Fdks.png
pc005_27.GMD Rise Kujikawa Purple Featherman Outfit K7Cnj96.png
pc005_28.GMD Rise Kujikawa P4G Post-game Outfit 5NcdNQm.png
pc005_30.GMD Rise Kujikawa Cosplay 1 (P3 Haru) VQbE0Zl.png
pc005_31.GMD Rise Kujikawa Cosplay 2 wdqNes7.png
pc005_32.GMD Rise Kujikawa Costume Name File:Pc005 32.png
pc005_f1.GMD Rise Kujikawa Face 9b5VVvX.png
pc006_01.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Winter Yasogami Uniform 6huBRVu.png
pc006_02.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Summer Yasogami Uniform CcRb8Ua.png
pc006_03.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Winter Coat z9O5iag.png
pc006_06.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Gekkoukan High Uniform QZzc9A3.png
pc006_07.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Midwinter clothes 9GBSBSQ.png
pc006_08.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Summer Clothes RSRkwOw.png
pc006_09.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Winter Clothes 6uuzzdS.png
pc006_10.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Yasogami High Tracksuit Y8XvKpW.png
pc006_11.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Swimsuit unBoR1m.png
pc006_12.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Crossdressing Outfit Osu6OeE.png
pc006_13.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Halloween Costume fvEQZi0.png
pc006_14.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Christmas Outfit vAw3eaW.png
pc006_15.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Velvet Room Outfit VnYaLk6.png
pc006_16.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Butler Outfit HGzWXoQ.png
pc006_18.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Traditional Outfit o3dzGix.png
pc006_19.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Skiing Outfit 70unFBE.png
pc006_20.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Cheer Squad Outfit ZV6VpJ6.png
pc006_21.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Seaweed W1hCS6P.png
pc006_23.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Dancing Outfit KxMs6jB.png
pc006_24.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Original Stage Costume zQathvm.png
pc006_27.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Black Featherman Outfit dEqPJ7p.png
pc006_28.GMD Kanji Tatsumi P4G Post-game Outfit BfbgA3a.png
pc006_30.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Cosplay 1 fsdSQAT.png
pc006_31.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Cosplay 2 MXLvNkg.png
pc006_f1.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Face vq2IXg1.png
pc006_f2.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Face a9u8mpH.png
pc006_f3.GMD Kanji Tatsumi Post Game Face Sb2I231.png
pc007_01.GMD Naoto Shirogane Winter Yasogami Uniform pKuIBkz.png
pc007_02.GMD Naoto Shirogane Summer Yasogami Uniform affuBd2.png
pc007_03.GMD Naoto Shirogane Winter Coat 6A4ih77.png
pc007_06.GMD Naoto Shirogane Gekkoukan High Uniform nvBzzJj.png
pc007_07.GMD Naoto Shirogane Midwinter clothes taBAM1N.png
pc007_08.GMD Naoto Shirogane Summer Clothes aXbGHmc.png
pc007_09.GMD Naoto Shirogane Winter Clothes LwDap8T.png
pc007_10.GMD Naoto Shirogane Yasogami High Tracksuit qLRb34N.png
pc007_11.GMD Naoto Shirogane Swimsuit nlSFfGR.png
pc007_12.GMD Naoto Shirogane Fanservice Outfit mYfteoS.png
pc007_13.GMD Naoto Shirogane Halloween Costume 4SJiZHG.png
pc007_14.GMD Naoto Shirogane Christmas Outfit 9jo0RJH.png
pc007_15.GMD Naoto Shirogane Velvet Room Outfit pA6rYRJ.png
pc007_16.GMD Naoto Shirogane Butler Outfit UYjL6dU.png
pc007_17.GMD Naoto Shirogane Maid Outfit Yq4hSho.png
pc007_19.GMD Naoto Shirogane Skiing Outfit IeM0dBC.png
pc007_20.GMD Naoto Shirogane Detective Uniform saqWUMm.png
pc007_23.GMD Naoto Shirogane Dancing Outfit S9mW7kO.png
pc007_24.GMD Naoto Shirogane Original Stage Costume GOuL9pB.png
pc007_25.GMD Naoto Shirogane Yasogami Girls Uniform 4p0dwl9.png
pc007_26.GMD Naoto Shirogane Gekkoukan Girls Uniform m2GNgZA.png
pc007_27.GMD Naoto Shirogane Blue Featherman Outfit 4gpQuAb.png
pc007_28.GMD Naoto Shirogane P4G Post-game Outfit SRNyXRf.png
pc007_30.GMD Naoto Shirogane Cosplay 1 OvWUD5a.png
pc007_31.GMD Naoto Shirogane Cosplay 2 nMDXvAx.png
pc007_f1.GMD Naoto Shirogane Face CZcmusA.png
pc008_01.GMD Teddie Mascot Outfit fUsVpy5.png
pc008_13.GMD Teddie Halloween Costume NiteeBr.png
pc008_14.GMD Teddie Christmas Outfit C2glqxX.png
pc008_15.GMD Teddie Velvet Room Outfit EMj3DNt.png
pc008_18.GMD Teddie Traditional Outfit 9upam0l.png
pc008_20.GMD Teddie Costume Name 8ZosUzP.png
pc008_21.GMD Teddie Miracle Quiz Costume 1adqWuO.png
pc008_23.GMD Teddie Dancing Outfit ZnRt1lh.png
pc008_24.GMD Teddie Costume Name x2gOGwc.png
pc008_27.GMD Teddie White Featherman Outfit TOoKn6v.png
pc008_30.GMD Teddie Cosplay 1 Jack Frost QcfuaUH.png
pc008_31.GMD Teddie Cosplay 2 FGgHI9X.png
pc008_f1.GMD Teddie Face OExXPRf.png
pc008_f2.GMD Teddie Face 2 WzYB9fx.png
pc009_11.GMD Kanami Mashita Swimsuit SCwFRPO.png
pc009_21.GMD Kanami Mashita Costume Name iOPL6L7.png
pc009_23.GMD Kanami Mashita Dancing Outfit SPtEBVU.png
pc009_29.GMD Kanami Mashita Lawson Outfit yMIPTu5.png
pc009_30.GMD Kanami Mashita Cosplay 1 HSm3w0o.png
pc009_31.GMD Kanami Mashita Cosplay 2 cpdWWpx.png
pc009_f1.GMD Kanami Mashita Face St9nWna.png
pc010_07.GMD Nanako Dojima Midwinter clothes IAMmUi7.png
pc010_08.GMD Nanako Dojima Summer Clothes x5a6uws.png
pc010_09.GMD Nanako Dojima Winter Clothes UQvUcCa.png
pc010_11.GMD Nanako Dojima Swimsuit 2KNMMpt.png
pc010_20.GMD Nanako Dojima Detective Loveline svFgAAx.png
pc010_21.GMD Nanako Dojima Kanami Dancers tq7yO3d.png
pc010_28.GMD Nanako Dojima P4G Post-game Outfit 9FCNEMR.png
pc010_29.GMD Nanako Dojima Lawson Uniform rjsaO4J.png
pc010_30.GMD Nanako Dojima Cosplay 1 4yJabIr.png
pc010_31.GMD Nanako Dojima Cosplay 2 VBLMwJ2.png
pc010_f1.GMD Nanako Dojima Face TeKFviJ.png
pc010_f2.GMD Nanako Dojima Face 2 TeKFviJ.png
pc011_23.GMD Margaret Dancing Outfit KWzmXYD.png
pc011_30.GMD Margaret Cosplay 1 1fLaGe3.png
pc011_31.GMD Margaret Cosplay 2 yFeLXqf.png
pc011_f1.GMD Margaret Face ioIr9AP.png
pc012_23.GMD Marie Dancing Outfit XmQRSsS.png
pc012_31.GMD Marie Cosplay 2 zfFYcUr.png
pc012_f1.GMD Marie Face kH75r7u.png
pc013_23.GMD Tohru Adachi Dancing Outfit CIQbK2c.png
pc013_31.GMD Tohru Adachi Cosplay 2 W4rqrrT.png
pc013_f1.GMD Tohru Adachi Face 9V1cmbw.png
pc014_23.GMD Miku Hatsune Dancing Outfit oaeq24w.png
pc014_f1.GMD Miku Hatsune Face epaPo9h.png
pc032_04.GMD Human Teddie Costume Name 6PZqyrp.png
pc032_12.GMD Human Teddie Crossdressing Outfit hd2gipO.png
pc032_23.GMD Human Teddie Dancing Outfit lOySqSB.png
pc032_24.GMD Human Teddie Original Stage Outfit CIj7r51.png
pc032_31.GMD Human Teddie Cosplay 1 5PdmiXG.png
pc032_f1.GMD Human Teddie Face 3kaJ0p8.png

Miscellaneous models

Filename Character Costume Image
pc000_01.GMD Song Icon P4G Logo MxJz5oY.png
pc000_02.GMD Song Icon Kanamin vukvW6f.png
pc000_03.GMD Song Icon P4G Narukami RzGIrmI.png
pc000_04.GMD Song Icon Persona Music Live 2013 GhAVdFC.png
pc000_05.GMD Song Icon P4A Izanagi (OP) evxjcbH.png
pc000_06.GMD Song Icon P4A Narukami (ED) xnvh4WA.png
pc000_07.GMD Song Icon P4A Narukami (OP2) kkQ7U4V.png
pc000_08.GMD Song Icon Nanako socuBVN.png
pc000_09.GMD Song Icon P4GA Narukami wqwmSqB.png
pc000_10.GMD Song Icon Marie KzV5Pzp.png
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