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ENV Format
Purpose Environment Control File
Games Persona 5

Persona 5 Royal

Developer Atlus

Environment Files (ENVs) exist to control the environment settings for fields and events in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. Most (if not all) have an object that loads either a defined ENV file, or a default entry that loads an ENV based on the Field id. Within an EVT, multiple ENVs can be defined as objects to be called - and EVTs can override the ENV settings using specific commands. The information on this page applies to the PC versions.


ENVs can be broadly categorised into two types

Description Identifier
Used when a Field is loaded into with no special circumstances under normal gameplay. ENV ID begins with a 2
Used when in EVT to set up Fields for events OR used for battle maps ENV ID begins with a 0 or 1

Although the structure of the file is the same regardless of the type, there are certain behaviours and assumptions behind the ENVs that depend on the type.

Gameplay ENVs

The Structure of the ENV ID

The ENV file name (ENVXXXX_YYY_ZZZ.ENV) is composed of the MajorID (X), the MinorID (Y), and the SubID (Z). This ENV ID will generally reflect the Field ID, i.e. if Field 062_023 is loaded, the ENV ID loaded should have 062 in the MajorID (preceded by the Identifier in the table above) and 023 in the MinorID. The Sub ID is discussed below.

For example, accessing the café area of LeBlanc (Field F003_002) in normal gameplay will load ENV2003_002_XYZ) where 2003 is the MajorID (2 for normal gameplay, 003 derived from the Field MajorID), 002 is the MinorID (derived from the Field MinorID), and XYZ is the SubID.

The SubID itself is made up of three parts:

  • The first part (X) is the Field SubID, which does not exist for most maps. Indeed, currently, only LeBlanc seems to use this to separate the two areas (i.e the café part (0) and the Protagonist's bedroom (1)). The other maps will have this set to 0.
  • The second part (Y) is the Time Segment. There are 4 possible values:
    • 0 is used for default purposes and for Fields where time is not important (e.g. Palaces)
    • 1 is used for Early Morning
    • 2 is used for Daytime
    • 3 is used for Night-time
  • The final part (Z) is the Weather Segment. Each weather type, corresponds to a specific value.
    • 0 is used for Sunny Weather
    • 1 is used for Cloudy Weather
    • 2 is used for Rainy Weather
    • 3 is used for Snowy Weather
    • 4 is used for Cold Weather
    • This table maps the weather code to the SubID for all weather types
Weather Code used CLDWeather.BIN Weather ENV Weather SubID
00 Sunny 0
01 Rainy 2
02 Cloudy 1
03 Snow 3
04 Rainy Season 2
05 Typhoon Warning 2
06 Sunny Pollen Warning 0
07 Cloudy Pollen Warning 1
08 Torrential Rain 2
09 Heatwave 0
0A Sunny Flu Season 0
0B Cloudy Flu Season 1
0C Cold Wave 4

Therefore loading the café area of LeBlanc at night-time on a rainy day under normal gameplay conditions will load ENV2003_002_032. Loading the upstairs bedroom area under the same conditions will load ENV2003_002_132.

ENV not found for field using a specific Weather/Time

If an ENV file is not found for a Field (of a particular weather/time combination), the game will iterate backwards until it finds a valid ENV file. For example, if you loaded into Kaneshiro's Palace - Underground Vault (F154_005) during early morning, on cold wave day, the game will try to load ENV2154_005_014. However this fille does not exist. To get round this the game decrements the weather field and looks for ENV2154_005_013. This also does not exist (as mentioned the Palace Fields don't have different ENVs to account for time/weather). The game iterates through the weather conditions until it gets to ENV2154_005_000 which does exist. This is then loaded.

Conversely, if we take the café part of LeBlanc, ENV2003_002_014 does not exist, so the game does its iteration and finds that ENV2003_002_013 exists, and then duly loads that file.

The iteration process is not always clear as to how it works - sometimes the game will go straight to loading MAP_ID_000 ENV file, and sometimes it will iterate through various combinations of the SubID.

Event/Custom ENVs


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