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From Amicitia Wiki
FNT Format
Purpose Font
Developer Atlus
Games Persona 3 Persona 4

FNT is an Atlus format that stores font data used for rendering message text. It compresses the bitmap glyphs (letters and symbols) that comprise the font so that PS2 architecture can load it all at once without exceeding video memory.

In both the Japanese and English releases of Persona 3 and Persona 4, the font Skip B by FontWorks was used.

Format Specs

0x0-0x20 main header
  0x0-0x4 header size
  0xE-0x10 total glyph count
  0x10-0x14 tile size, two word values
0x20-0x60 4-byte-per-color palette
0x60-0x3F0 font width table
  0x60-0x64 block size
  0x64-0x3F0 metrics, two 1 byte values for every glyph (left cut and right cut)
0x3F0-0xC38 unused reserved font map, 4-byte-per-glyph
0xC38-0xF4B2 compressed font area
  0xC38-0xC58 header
    0xC38-0xC3C header size
    0xC3C-0xC40 compression dictionary block size
    0xC40-0xC44 last block size
    0xC50-0xC54 glyph position table block size
    0xC54-0xC58 uncompressed font size (number-of-glyphs*512 in this case, since each is 32x32 4bpp)
  0xC58-0x17A4 compression dictionary block
    0xC58-0xC5A number of entries
    0xC5A-0xC5C number of entries subtract 1
    0xC5C-0xC5E number of dictionary entries dedicated for storing uncompressed byte values
    0xC5E-0x17A4 dictionary entries, number-of-entries * 6
      0xC5E-0xC64 dictionary entry. consists of 3 word values. first value is a entry count.
  0x17A4-0x1F88 compressed glyph position table, 4-byte-per-glyph, unused for whole decompression, required for recompression. processed by shifting value right to $4 (Rsh), shifting left to $1 (Lsh), adding last block start position.
  0x1F88-0xF4B2 compressed last block data

Above data is based on FONT0.FNT from the US version of Persona 4.


PersonaEditor (recommended)

A general-purpose modding utility but a good tool for FNT editing. The latest release can be found here.


A tool made by RikuKH3 for extracting the bitmap from a FNT file was made available here. The source code for the decompressor was posted here in Delphi. However, his tool for successfully re-importing a modified bitmap has never been released to the public.

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