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From Amicitia Wiki
G1T Format
Purpose Image File
Games Persona 5 Strikers
Developer Koei Tecmo Games

G1T is the texture format made by Koei Tecmo Games. It is heavily based on DDS texture format.
You can find a table with most DDS formats below

DDS Formats

ID (Hex) DDS Format
0x0 bpp = 32
0x1 Uncompressed BGRA; bpp = 32
0x2 bpp = 32
0x6 DXT1 (BC1); bpp = 4
0x8 DXT5 (BC3); bpp = 8
0x9 bpp = 32; swizzled
0x10 DXT1 (BC1); bpp = 4; swizzled
0x12 DXT5 (BC3); bpp = 8; swizzled
0x21 bpp = 32
0x45 BGR; bpp = 24; swizzled
0x59 DXT1 (BC1); bpp = 4
0x5B DXT5 (BC3); bpp = 8
0x5C BC4; bpp = 4
0x5D BC5; bpp = ?
0x5E BC6; bpp = ?
0x5F BC7; bpp = 8
0x62 DXT5 (BC3); bpp = 8; swizzled


Gust Tools

Gust Tools is a set of commandline utilities designed to work with Koei Tecmo game assets, including G1T.
To unpack a texture simply drag and drop G1T file on gust_g1t.exe, and to repack do the same with the folder that it creates when unpacking.


Project-G1M is a Noesis plugin for many Koei Tecmo's files. The usage can be seen in the GitHub readme.

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