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From Amicitia Wiki
MID Format
Purpose Sound File
Games Persona 1 PSP
Developer Dave Smith

MID Files are sets of instructions to play instruments. They are used in Persona 1 PSP contain one or more MIDI streams, with time information for each event. Song, sequence, and track structures, tempo and time signature information, are all supported. Track names and other descriptive information may be stored with the MIDI data. This format supports multiple tracks and multiple sequences so that if the user of a program which supports multiple tracks intends to move a file to another one, this format can allow that to happen.

MIDI Files are made up of -chunks-. Each chunk has a 4-character type and a 32-bit length, which is the number of bytes in the chunk. This structure allows future chunk types to be designed which may be easily be ignored if encountered by a program written before the chunk type is introduced. Your programs should EXPECT alien chunks and treat them as if they weren't there. Each chunk begins with a 4-character ASCII type. It is followed by a 32-bit length, most significant byte first (a length of 6 is stored as 00 00 00 06). This length refers to the number of bytes of data which follow: the eight bytes of type and length are not included. Therefore, a chunk with a length of 6 would actually occupy 14 bytes in the disk file.

This chunk architecture is similar to that used by Electronic Arts' IFF format, and the chunks described herein could easily be placed in an IFF file. The MIDI File itself is not an IFF file: it contains no nested chunks, and chunks are not constrained to be an even number of bytes long. Converting it to an IFF file is as easy as padding odd length chunks, and sticking the whole thing inside a FORM chunk.

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