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Mitsuru battle quotes (P3)

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File Line
0328_504_000_0200 I'm in no condition to fight. Can you handle this?
0329_504_000_0201 My apologies.
0330_504_000_0202 You're quite the slave driver, aren't you?
0331_504_001_0802 Very well, leave the rest to me.
0332_504_002_0903 I have the chills. What unfortunate timing.
0333_504_003_1003 I believe I have a fever.
0334_504_004_1103 I'm feeling rather tired.
0335_504_005_1203 You have my thanks.
0336_504_006_1302 Hang in there!
0337_504_007_1403 You have my gratitude.
0338_504_008_1700 This appears to be just the beginning.
0339_504_008_1701 The shadows are getting stronger as well.
0340_504_008_1702 I made a slight miscalculation.
0341_504_008_1703 You're unworthy of my time.
0342_504_008_1704 My will is unfailing.
0343_504_008_1705 I mustn't falter.
0344_504_009_2304 Understood.
0345_504_009_2305 Leave it to me.
0346_504_010_2404 How disgraceful.
0347_504_010_2405 I let my guard down.
0348_504_011_2700 I will show no mercy.
0349_504_011_2701 This is no longer just our battle.
0350_504_011_2702 This will be to my advantage.
0352_504_011_2704 Penthesilea!
0352_504_011_2704 Artemisia!
0353_504_012_3302 I've over-extended my resources
0354_504_015_4405 *getting hit*
0355_504_015_4406 I cannot fall now!
0356_504_016_4700 The enemy's down. Let's finish this!
0357_504_016_4701 So be it.
0358_504_016_4702 You'll fall by my hand!
0359_504_019_5604 Well done!
0360_504_019_5605 You've improved!
0361_504_019_5704 Excellent attack!
0362_504_019_5705 You've seemed to have caught it off guard.
0363_504_019_5804 Yes, Aigis!
0364_504_019_5805 Good work!
0365_504_019_5904 Don't leave the job unfinished!
0366_504_019_5905 You've done it!
0367_504_019_6004 Great job, Iori!
0368_504_019_6005 Onto the next one!
0369_504_019_6104 Nice, Akihiko!
0370_504_019_6105 Go, Akihiko!
0371_504_019_6204 Well done, Amada!
0372_504_019_6205 Tres bien!
0373_504_019_6304 C'est magnifique!
0374_504_019_6305 Now's your chance!
0375_504_019_6404 That's unexpected.
0376_504_019_6405 Good boy! You deserve a treat.
0377_504_019_6504 Now!
0378_504_019_6505 Now is your chance!
0379_504_020_6602 Four remain.
0380_504_020_6702 Three remain.
0381_504_020_6802 Only two remain.
0382_504_020_6902 Last one. Don't let your guard down!
0383_504_020_7004 That went smoothly.
0384_504_020_7005 Is everyone alright?
0385_504_020_7102 Slash attacks are ineffective.
0386_504_020_7202 Strikes are ineffective.
0387_504_020_7302 Pierce attacks are ineffective.
0388_504_020_7402 Fire is ineffective.
0389_504_020_7502 Ice is ineffective.
0390_504_020_7602 Wind is ineffective.
0391_504_020_7702 Electricity is ineffective.
0392_504_020_7802 Light seems to be having no effect.
0393_504_020_7902 Darkness seems to be having no effect.
0394_504_020_8002 What!? Almighty attacks are ineffective!?
0395_504_020_8104 I failed to finish it off.
0396_504_020_8105 Such persistence...
0397_504_020_8204 This can't be...
0398_504_020_8205 That enemy is quite fast.
0399_504_022_8502 I believe a new tactic is in order.
0400_504_023_8602 (echo) Give him strength! Take my life if you must!
1099_504_025_8704 No... Penthesilea!
1100_504_025_8705 No... Artemisia!
1101_504_026_8806 Ugh, I can't help!
1102_504_026_8807 There's nothing I can do!
1220_520_013_0000 Show me your resolve!
1221_520_013_0001 I won't hold back!
1222_520_013_0002 Impressive. But I'll fight to the bitter end!
1223_520_013_0003 Impressive, but I'll fight to the bitter end!
1224_520_013_0004 I knew you wouldn't be an easy opponent...
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