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Format CPK
Size Any
Contains Any

The mod.cpk is the main CPK used to contain modded files for various Persona games. The mod.cpk overrides other files in the game and, as such, needs to obey the game's CPK file structure. For instance, Persona 5's ps3.cpk and data.cpk both contain a "field" folder, so placing a file with a matching name in your mod.cpk/field folder will cause the replacement file to be loaded instead of the original.


Only some games currently support loading from an external archive named mod.cpk. You need to patch the game's executable in order to get the game to recognize it. Below are examples of games with mod.cpk patches available.

In each case, the mod.cpk goes in the same directory as the other CPK files.

Creating a mod.cpk

You can use TGE's Mod Compendium program to generate new CPK files from individual mod folders containing only modified files. Simply download and run the program, choose your game, and configure the output directory in the settings (where you want your new CPK to be saved). You do not have to use compression (nor extracted files, if the option is available).

To add downloaded mods to the compendium, unzip them to the game's Mods folder. Inside the Mods folder should be a folder named after the game (.e.g. ModCompendium/Mods/Persona5). A successfully unzipped mod should look something like this:

To create a new mod, with the correct game selected in the program, click the New button and fill out the form. A folder should appear in the game's Mods folder with the name of your new mod. Place your modified files inside that folder's Data folder, matching the file structure of the game's CPKs.

Click the Refresh button to update the mods list to reflect any changes you made to your Mods folder, and check the boxes next to each mod you want to enable. Click Build and a mod.cpk should be generated at the specified Output directory!

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