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Mod Compendium

From Amicitia Wiki
Mod Compendium
Purpose CPK & CVM repacking
Interface GUI
Games P3, P3P, P4, P4G, P5, P4D, P3D, P5D, CFB
Download Release Source

The Mod Compendium is a Windows application created by TGE. It allows users to toggle downloaded mods and apply them to various Persona games together.

Mod Compatibility

A newer, more polished alternative to the Mod Compendium exists called Aemulus Package Manager. It supports fewer games (at this time, only P4G (PC), P5 (PS3), and P3FES) so the Mod Compendium hasn’t been completely phased out yet.

Aemulus provides deep merging of files. That means if two selected mods edit the same archive, all changed files are merged together into one output archive. This increases compatibility since many mods edit the same archives but not necessarily the same files within them.

However, mods created for Aemulus are not compatible with the Mod Compendium since it lacks such features. Aemulus on the other hand converts MC mods to its own format when placed in the Packages folder. For more information on telling types of mods apart, see this guide:


  • Select a game from the dropdown list and display all downloaded mods extracted from .zip/.7z to the MC’s Mods folder for the selected title
  • Enable/disable mods to build
  • Change the priority order of mods in case of file conflicts
  • Change settings for each selected game
  • Narrow down mods list by subfolder name
  • Right click a mod to remove it, edit it or open its Data folder
  • Build to output game-ready files (may still need to follow guides to prep game for mod loading, see its page on this wiki)
  • Run each mod’s prebuild.bat file before Building if it exists (can be used for batch scripting, such as updating a mod’s input files)
  • Run a postbuild.bat file after Building if it can be found next to the MC exe (can be used for batch scripting, such as moving files or launching the emulator etc)

Persona 3 & 4 (PS2)

  • Output repacked CVM files by extracting the files from Persona 3 or Persona 4’s ISO
  • Output a copy of the executable, patched to account for new file sizes
  • Rebuild the ISO if a shortcut to UltraISO Premium is placed in MC’s Dependencies folder

All Other Games

  • Output CPK archive containing only modded files (see mod.cpk)
  • Optionally compress CPK (slower, but improves compatibility)
  • Output P5R Update fPKG (MC ver 1.6.0 only, removed in favor of external mod.cpk loading)


  • If no CPK is generated, make sure you have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed.
  • If you get an error about the config files, try changing the game’s settings from their defaults. If the error persists, close the program and delete the xml files in the Config folder. They will be regenerated next time the program opens, but you’ll have to reconfigure your game settings.
  • For any other bugs, open an Issue on GitHub.
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