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Persona 5/data.cpk/model/item

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Location Data.cpk (P5)
Contains GMD

The data.cpk file found in Persona 5 contains a Model/item folder. It holds GMD models of various props used throughout the story. Things that characters hold, move, interact with or otherwise temporary scenery would be found in this folder.


Filename Description
it0000_000.GMD Persona 4 Lying Hablerie
it0000_007.GMD Empty
it0001_000.GMD Protagonist's phone (lying flat, screen on, with icons)
it0001_001.GMD Protagonist's phone (upright, screen shows greyed out icons)
it0002_000.GMD Ryuji's phone (gold, lying flat, screen shows greyed out messages)
it0002_001.GMD Ryuji's phone (gold, upright, screen shows greyed out messages)
it0003_000.GMD Ann's phone? (not present in P5R)
it0003_001.GMD Ann's phone (hot pink, upright, screen shows greyed out messages)
it0004_000.GMD Yusuke's phone? (not present in P5R)
it0004_001.GMD Yusuke's phone (blue, upright, screen shows greyed out messages)
it0005_000.GMD Makoto's phone (dark blue, lying flat, screen off)
it0005_001.GMD Makoto's phone (dark blue, upright, screen shows greyed out messages)
it0005_002.GMD phone (not present in P5R)
it0006_001.GMD Futaba's phone (green, upright, screen shows greyed out messages)
it0007_001.GMD Haru's phone (pink, upright, screen shows greyed out messages)
it0008_001.GMD Akechi's phone (red and black, upright, screen shows greyed out icons)
it0010_001.GMD phone (grey)
it0010_002.GMD phone (not present in P5R)
it0011_001.GMD phone (white and silver)
it0012_000.GMD Protagonist0's umbrella (blue with grey plaid stripes)
it0012_001.GMD Blue umbrella
it0013_000.GMD Joker's bag
it0013_001.GMD Joker's bag
it0013_002.GMD Joker's bag (Mona)
it0014_000.GMD Joker's bag
it0014_001.GMD Joker's bag
it0014_002.GMD Joker's bag
it0014_005.GMD Joker's bag
it0015_000.GMD Joker's bag
it0015_001.GMD Joker's bag
it0015_002.GMD Joker's bag
it0015_003.GMD Joker's bag
it0015_004.GMD Joker's bag
it0016_000.GMD Kosei school bag (green with gold star)
it0016_001.GMD Kosei school bag (green with gold star, hanging)
it0016_002.GMD green bag with gold star
it0017_000.GMD Joker's bag
it0017_001.GMD Joker's bag
it0017_002.GMD Joker's bag (opened, stuff coming out)
it0017_003.GMD Joker's bag
it0018_000.GMD Portfolio bag
it0018_001.GMD Portfolio bag
it0019_001.GMD Joker's bag
it0020_001.GMD Joker's bag
it0021_000.GMD takoyaki skewer
it0022_001.GMD Portfolio bag
it0023_000.GMD Description
it0023_001.GMD Ink pen
it0023_002.GMD Ink pen
it0024_001.GMD Donut (with a piece bitten out)
it0025_003.GMD Newspaper
it0026_000.GMD Manga
it0026_001.GMD Manga
it0026_002.GMD Manga
it0026_003.GMD Manga
it0026_004.GMD Manga
it0027_000.GMD NICE Soda
it0027_001.GMD NICE Soda
it0028_000.GMD Sparkling Lemon Soda
it0028_001.GMD Sparkling Lemon Soda
it0030_000.GMD French fries
it0031_000.GMD Fast food soft drink cup
it0032_000.GMD Fast food carry-out bag
it0032_001.GMD Fast food carry-out bag
it0033_000.GMD Potato chips bag
it0034_000.GMD Potato chips spread out on aluminum foil
it0035_000.GMD Crispy Rice Chocolate
it0036_000.GMD Ritriit (snack wrappers)
it0037_000.GMD map spread out on table
it0038_000.GMD Akechi's briefcase (upright)
it0038_001.GMD Akechi's briefcase (on its side - being carried?)
it0039_001.GMD Protag's phone
it0040_001.GMD Translucent umbrella
it0041_001.GMD Translucent umbrella
it0042_001.GMD Translucent umbrella
it0050_001.GMD Description
it0051_000.GMD green bag with gold star
it0051_001.GMD green bag with gold star
it0051_002.GMD green bag with gold star
it0052_000.GMD pink and gold bag
it0052_001.GMD pink and gold bag
it0053_001.GMD pink and gold bag
it0054_001.GMD purse
it0057_001.GMD Atlus bat
it0060_001.GMD Leather bag
it0061_001.GMD School bag
it0062_000.GMD Eggs with noodles on top
it0063_000.GMD Empty bowl
it0064_000.GMD Shoji board
it0065_000.GMD Home phone
it0065_001.GMD Home phone
it0065_002.GMD Home phone
it0069_000.GMD Bento box
it0069_001.GMD Bento box without tablecloth
it0070_000.GMD Chair
it0070_001.GMD Chopsticks
it0071_000.GMD Spoon
it0071_001.GMD Spoon
it0073_000.GMD Broom
it0073_001.GMD Broom
it0073_002.GMD Broom
it0074_000.GMD Whiskey glass
it0074_001.GMD Whiskey glass
it0075_000.GMD Gyūdon bowl
it0075_001.GMD Gyūdon bowl
it0076_001.GMD patient's chart
it0077_000.GMD Arcade gun
it0077_001.GMD Arcade gun
it0077_002.GMD Arcade gun
it0077_003.GMD Arcade gun
it0077_004.GMD Arcade gun
it0078_000.GMD Book
it0078_001.GMD Book
it0078_002.GMD Book
it0079_000.GMD Curry
it0079_001.GMD Curry
it0082_001.GMD PTV Channel microphone
it0083_000.GMD Bag
it0083_001.GMD Bag
it0084_000.GMD Flip phone
it0084_001.GMD Flip phone
it0085_000.GMD Pink purse
it0085_001.GMD Pink purse
it0085_002.GMD Pink purse
it0086_000.GMD Keys
it0087_001.GMD Test sheet
it0088_001.GMD PS Vita
it0089_000.GMD Bag
it0089_001.GMD Bag
it0090_000.GMD Bag
it0090_001.GMD Bag
it0091_001.GMD Bag
it0092_001.GMD Briefcase
it0093_000.GMD Handgun (missing in P5R)
it0093_001.GMD Handgun
it0094_000.GMD Levinson M31
it0094_001.GMD Levinson M31
it0095_000.GMD Apron
it0096_000.GMD Phone
it0096_001.GMD Phone
it0097_000.GMD Phone
it0097_001.GMD Phone
it0099_000.GMD Protagonist casual bag
it0099_001.GMD Protagonist casual bag
it0100_000.GMD Protagonist casual bag
it0100_001.GMD Bunch of bones
it0101_000.GMD White bag
it0101_001.GMD White bag
it0101_002.GMD White bag
it0102_000.GMD Yusuke's bag
it0102_001.GMD Yusuke's bag
it0102_002.GMD Yusuke's bag
it0103_000.GMD Brown bag
it0103_001.GMD Brown bag
it0104_000.GMD Haru's bag
it0104_001.GMD Haru's bag
it0106_000.GMD Chalk
it0108_000.GMD Bicycle
it0108_001.GMD Bicycle
it0113_001.GMD Madarame exhibit tickets
it0114_000.GMD Car
it0115_000.GMD Chair
it0115_002.GMD Chair
it0116_000.GMD Chair
it0117_000.GMD Pencil
it0117_001.GMD Pencil
it0118_000.GMD Test sheet
it0118_001.GMD Test sheet
it0119_000.GMD Madarame fake treasure
it0119_001.GMD Madarame fake treasure
it0120_000.GMD Empty sayuri
it0120_001.GMD Empty sayuri
it0121_000.GMD Soda can
it0121_001.GMD Soda can
it0123_001.GMD Phone
it0125_001.GMD Short cake
it0126_001.GMD Knife
it0127_000.GMD Fork
it0127_001.GMD Fork
it0132_000.GMD Pile of beans
it0132_001.GMD Pile of beans
it0133_000.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_001.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_002.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_003.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_004.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_005.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_006.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_007.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_008.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_010.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_011.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_012.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_013.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_014.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_015.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_016.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_017.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_018.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_019.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_020.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_021.GMD Cup of coffee
it0133_022.GMD Cup of coffee
it0134_002.GMD Cup of coffee
it0134_003.GMD Glass of whiskey
it0135_000.GMD Glass of whiskey
it0135_001.GMD Glass of whiskey
it0137_000.GMD Glass of water
it0137_002.GMD Glass of water
It0140_000.GMD Ann's collection of clothes
It0141_000.GMD Ann's tanktop LOVE
It0142_000.GMD Ann's skirt
it0143_000.GMD Blue and white striped shirt
It0144_000.GMD Pink bra
it0145_001.GMD phantom thief/shujin outfit mix
it0146_001.GMD Newspaper
it0147_000.GMD Orange soda bottle
it0147_001.GMD Orange soda bottle
it0148_002.GMD Magazine
it0148_003.GMD Magazine
it0149_000.GMD Yusuke's luggage when moving out
it0149_001.GMD Yusuke's luggage when moving out
it0150_000.GMD Bag
it0150_001.GMD Bag
it0151_000.GMD Kamoshida's Treasure (Crown)
it0151_001.GMD Bag
it0151_174.GMD Kamoshida's Treasure (Crown)
it0152_000.GMD Protagonist school books and pencase(?)
it0153_000.GMD Ann's school books and pencase (?)
it0154_000.GMD Ryuji's school books and pencase(?)
it0155_000.GMD ENTIRE CLASSROOM'S school books and pencases
it0156_001.GMD Shujin bag
it0157_000.GMD Shujin bag
it0158_000.GMD Kaneshiro brieface of money
it0158_002.GMD Kaneshiro brieface of money
it0159_000.GMD Kaneshiro golden briefcase of fake money
it0159_001.GMD Kaneshiro golden briefcase of fake money
it0159_002.GMD Kaneshiro golden briefcase of fake money
it0160_000.GMD Money
it0160_001.GMD Money
it0161_000.GMD Textbook
it0161_001.GMD Textbook
it0162_001.GMD Golden uzi (not present in P5R)
it0164_001.GMD Calling card
it0165_001.GMD Calling card
it0166_000.GMD Makiron
it0166_001.GMD Makiron
it0167_000.GMD Cotton
it0167_001.GMD Cotton
it0168_000.GMD Hotpot items from hotpot scene
it0169_000.GMD Gun
it0169_001.GMD Gun
it0170_000.GMD Desert eagle
it0170_001.GMD Desert eagle
it0171_000.GMD Empty ramen bowl
it0172_002.GMD TO BE NAMED (not present in P5R)
it0173_000.GMD Letter with red envelope inside
it0173_002.GMD Letter with red envelope inside
it0174_000.GMD Flashlight
it0175_000.GMD Paper Records
it0175_002.GMD Paper Records
it0176_000.GMD Business card
it0176_001.GMD Business card
it0177_000.GMD Sushi
it0177_001.GMD Sushi
it0179_000.GMD Bag
it0179_001.GMD Bag
it0179_002.GMD Bag
it0180_000.GMD Sunglasses
it0181_000.GMD Scarab
it0182_001.GMD Mop
it0183_000.GMD Bucket
it0184_001.GMD Lobster
it0185_000.GMD Baseball
it0186_000.GMD Piece of shortcake
it0187_000.GMD Guard sword
it0187_157.GMD Guard sword
it0188_000.GMD Kashiwamochi
it0189_000.GMD Some sort of dessert(?)
it0190_000.GMD Piece of cake
it0191_000.GMD Chicken rice
it0192_000.GMD Chahan
it0193_000.GMD Chahan
it0194_000.GMD Chahan
it0195_000.GMD Cooked cauliflower(?)
it0196_000.GMD Salad
it0197_000.GMD Salad
it0198_000.GMD Salad
it0199_000.GMD Hamburger piece
it0200_000.GMD Cooked sliced meat
it0201_000.GMD Cooked sliced meat
it0202_000.GMD Foie gras
it0203_000.GMD ebichiri
it0204_000.GMD Iseebi
it0205_000.GMD Urchin
it0206_000.GMD Small bowl of caviar
it0207_000.GMD Cooked ribs
it0208_000.GMD Big platter of food
it0208_001.GMD Plate
it0209_001.GMD Instant ramen bowl
it0210_001.GMD Instant ramen bowl
it0211_000.GMD Eaten instant ramen bowl
it0212_000.GMD Sojiro's hat
it0212_001.GMD Sojiro's hat
it0213_001.GMD Fish
it0213_002.GMD Fish
it0214_001.GMD Fish
it0214_002.GMD Fish
it0215_001.GMD Fish
it0215_002.GMD Fish
it0216_001.GMD Fish
it0216_002.GMD Fish
it0217_001.GMD Fish
it0217_002.GMD Fish
it0218_001.GMD Fish
it0218_002.GMD Fish
it0219_001.GMD Fish
it0219_002.GMD Fish
it0220_001.GMD Fish
it0220_002.GMD Fish
it0221_001.GMD Fish
it0221_002.GMD Fish
it0224_001.GMD Fishing pole
it0224_002.GMD Fishing pole
it0226_000.GMD Blue and red ball
it0227_000.GMD Fishing bongle
it0228_001.GMD Book
it0228_002.GMD Book
it0228_003.GMD Book
it0228_004.GMD Description
it0228_005.GMD Book
it0228_006.GMD Book
it0229_001.GMD Phone
it0230_001.GMD Lei hawwai
it0231_000.GMD Toolbox with tools
it0232_000.GMD Books and pencase
it0233_001.GMD Magazine
it0233_002.GMD Magazine
it0233_004.GMD Magazine
it0235_000.GMD Slingshot
it0236_001.GMD Wrapped present
it0237_000.GMD Pancakes
it0238_000.GMD Omurice
it0239_000.GMD Omurice with heart
it0240_000.GMD Omurice with kanji
it0241_000.GMD Omurice with ketchup splattered all over
it0242_001.GMD Cleaning duster
it0242_002.GMD Cleaning duster
it0243_001.GMD Keychain accessory
it0244_000.GMD Eaten sushi platter
it0245_000.GMD Eaten sushi platter
it0246_000.GMD Bunch of bowls
it0247_000.GMD Message boards
it0248_000.GMD Video game console
it0249_001.GMD Controller animation
it0249_002.GMD Controller animation
it0249_003.GMD Controller animation
it0249_004.GMD Controller animation
it0249_005.GMD Controller animation
it0249_006.GMD Description
it0249_007.GMD Controller animation
it0249_008.GMD Controller animation
it0250_000.GMD Controller
it0251_001.GMD Perusona Game Manual
it0252_000.GMD Elevator switch
it0252_001.GMD Elevator switch
it0253_000.GMD A ball
it0253_001.GMD A ball
it0254_000.GMD Futaba's palace stuff (TO BE NAMED CORRECTLY)
it0255_000.GMD Steel Briefcase
it0255_001.GMD Steel briefcase
it0256_000.GMD Beef stew bowl
it0257_000.GMD Dessert plate
it0258_001.GMD Shujin bag
it0259_001.GMD Ann's Chocolate
it0260_001.GMD Makoto's Chocolate
it0261_001.GMD Futaba's Chocolate
it0262_001.GMD Haru's Chocolate
it0263_001.GMD Chihaya's Chocolate
it0264_001.GMD Tae's Chocolate
it0265_001.GMD Kawakami's Chocolate
it0266_001.GMD Ohya's Chocolate
it0267_001.GMD Hifumi's Chocolate
it0270_001.GMD Paper with writing on it
it0272_000.GMD Ramen (?)
it0273_000.GMD Cuffs
it0274_001.GMD Ketchup
it0275_000.GMD Hand truck
it0276_001.GMD Red takoyaki on a stick
it0277_000.GMD Pile of notebooks
it0279_001.GMD Slightly less red takoyaki on a stick
it0280_001.GMD Jagariko
it0280_002.GMD Jagariko
it0281_001.GMD USB stick
it0282_000.GMD Shopping bags
it0283_000.GMD Fireworks
it0284_000.GMD Kamoshida's medal
it0284_001.GMD Kamoshida's medal
it0285_000.GMD Calling cards (Kamoshida)
it0286_000.GMD Calling card
it0286_001.GMD Calling card
it0286_002.GMD Calling card
it0287_000.GMD Book (from Futaba's room?) "Studying Security Technology: Basics and Structures"
it0288_000.GMD Gun
it0289_001.GMD Gun
it0290_001.GMD Photographs of Okumura Foods tower
it0290_002.GMD Photographs of Okumura Foods tower
it0291_000.GMD Spaceship plastic model kit
it0291_001.GMD Spaceship plastic model kit
it0292_000.GMD Shido campaign vehicle
it0293_000.GMD Curry notebook
it0294_000.GMD Empty cup ramen
it0295_001.GMD Maid flyer
it0295_002.GMD Maid flyer
it0296_000.GMD Giant daruma from Shido's Palace
it0297_001.GMD Velvet Room chainsaw
it0298_000.GMD Fireworks bucket
it0299_000.GMD Sashimi plate
it0299_001.GMD Sashimi plate
it0300_001.GMD Notebook
it0301_001.GMD Notebook
it0302_001.GMD Barrette
it0303_001.GMD Holy stone
it0304_000.GMD Niijima boss fight roulette
it0306_000.GMD Mishima's Phone
it0306_001.GMD Mishima's Phone
it0307_000.GMD Phone
it0307_001.GMD Phone
it0308_000.GMD Phone
it0308_001.GMD Phone
it0309_000.GMD Phone
it0309_001.GMD Phone
it0310_000.GMD Phone
it0310_001.GMD Phone
it0311_000.GMD Phone
it0311_001.GMD Phone
it0312_001.GMD Manga
it0313_000.GMD Curry plate
it0313_001.GMD Curry plate
it0313_002.GMD Curry plate
it0313_003.GMD Curry plate
it0313_004.GMD Curry plate
it0313_005.GMD Curry plate
it0313_006.GMD Curry plate
it0313_007.GMD Curry plate
it0313_008.GMD Curry plate
it0314_000.GMD Catherine figure
it0314_001.GMD Catherine figure
it0315_001.GMD Cup
it0316_001.GMD Sign
it0317_000.GMD Calling card (Kamoshida)
it0317_001.GMD Calling card (Kamoshida)
it0318_000.GMD White textureless box
it0319_001.GMD Shopping bag
it0320_000.GMD Big Bang Burger coffee
it0321_000.GMD Yusuke's painting
it0322_000.GMD Yusuke's painting
it0323_001.GMD Blank Card (filled in)
it0324_001.GMD Blank Card
it0325_000.GMD Sketchbook
it0325_001.GMD Sketchbook
it0326_000.GMD Note
it0326_001.GMD Note
it0327_000.GMD Sushi platter
it0330_000.GMD Beige tote
it0330_001.GMD Beige tote
it0331_000.GMD Notebook
it0332_001.GMD Chopped vegetables
it0333_000.GMD Star Forneus screen
it0334_000.GMD Train of Life screen
it0335_000.GMD Power Intuition screen
it0336_000.GMD Punch Ouch screen
it0337_000.GMD Gambla Goemon screen
it0338_000.GMD Golfer Sarutahiko screen
it0339_001.GMD Paper
it0339_002.GMD Paper
it0340_001.GMD Coffee book
it0341_000.GMD Microphone on stand
it0342_001.GMD Microphone
it0343_001.GMD Chili prawns and salad
it0344_001.GMD Kaneshiro bill
it0345_000.GMD Chocolate
it0345_001.GMD Buffet plates
it0346_000.GMD Buffet plates
it0347_000.GMD Clean board
it0348_000.GMD Red clipboard
it0349_000.GMD Blue bag
it0349_001.GMD Blue bag
it0350_000.GMD Mishima's bag
it0350_001.GMD Mishima's bag
it0351_000.GMD Burger
it0351_001.GMD Burger
it0352_000.GMD Stacked burger
it0352_001.GMD Stacked burger
it0353_001.GMD Gold ATLUS bat
it0354_000.GMD Notebooks
it0355_001.GMD Clipboard
it0356_001.GMD Phone
it0357_001.GMD Futaba's mask
it0358_000.GMD Test billboard
it0359_000.GMD Phone
it0359_001.GMD Phone
it0360_000.GMD Blank test billboard
it0361_000.GMD Burger with salad
it0362_000.GMD Shinya's backpack
it0363_000.GMD Laptop
it0363_001.GMD Laptop
it0363_002.GMD Laptop
it0364_000.GMD Steak platter
it0365_000.GMD Card deck
it0366_001.GMD Cards
it0366_002.GMD Cards
it0366_003.GMD Cards
it0366_004.GMD Cards
it0367_000.GMD Coffee drip
it0368_001.GMD Coffee pot
it0369_000.GMD Shrimp van
it0370_000.GMD Fool tarot card
it0371_000.GMD Futaba's pillow
it0371_001.GMD Futaba's pillow
it0373_001.GMD Rainbow straw(?)
it0374_001.GMD Pill
it0375_001.GMD Remote
it0376_000.GMD Card deck
it0383_000.GMD Meunière​
it0385_000.GMD Wine bottles and ashtray
it0386_000.GMD Wine glass
it0387_000.GMD Ashtray
it0388_000.GMD Pile of money
it0389_000.GMD Grilled fish
it0390_000.GMD Boiled fish
it0391_000.GMD Grilled fish
it0392_000.GMD Bento
it0393_000.GMD Salad plate
it0394_000.GMD Menu
it0395_001.GMD Test paper
it0396_001.GMD Invitation
it0397_000.GMD Futaba's laptop
it0398_000.GMD Yusuke's phoenix picture
it0399_000.GMD Food plate
it0401_001.GMD Shopping bag
it0402_001.GMD Karaage piece
it0403_000.GMD Burger
it0403_001.GMD Burger
it0404_000.GMD Ann's study set
it0405_000.GMD Ryuji's study set
it0406_000.GMD Yusuke's study set
it0407_000.GMD Makoto's study set
it0407_001.GMD Futaba's study set
it0408_000.GMD Haru's study set
it0409_000.GMD Pilaf
it0410_000.GMD Pilaf
it0410_001.GMD Pilaf
it0410_008.GMD Pilaf
it0411_000.GMD Omurice
it0411_001.GMD Omurice
it0411_008.GMD Omurice
it0412_000.GMD Sandwiches
it0412_001.GMD Sandwiches
it0413_000.GMD Katsu sandwiches
it0413_001.GMD Katsu sandwiches
it0414_000.GMD Millefeuille
it0415_000.GMD Coffee jelly
it0417_000.GMD Pot
it0417_001.GMD Pot
it0418_000.GMD Sushi platter with massive wasabi
it0419_000.GMD Tissue
it0420_000.GMD Green tea
it0420_001.GMD Green tea
it0422_001.GMD Cigarettes
it0423_000.GMD White backpack
it0423_001.GMD White backpack
it0424_001.GMD Strawberry print tote
it0425_000.GMD Takemi's bag
it0425_001.GMD Takemi's bag
it0426_000.GMD Chihaya's bag
it0426_001.GMD Chihaya's bag
it0427_000.GMD Shujin bag
it0428_001.GMD Hawaii pamphlet
it0429_000.GMD Stack of Hawaii pamphlets
it0430_000.GMD Gurney
it0431_001.GMD Icing tube
it0432_000.GMD Suitcase with souvenirs
it0432_001.GMD Suitcase with souvenirs
it0433_001.GMD Crossword book
it0434_000.GMD Travelling backpack
it0434_001.GMD Travelling backpack
it0435_000.GMD Suitcase (Ann's?)
it0436_000.GMD Red suitcase
it0437_000.GMD Yellow orbs
it0438_000.GMD Ivy
it0439_000.GMD Ivy
it0440_000.GMD Plants
it0441_000.GMD School album
it0442_000.GMD Golden ship wheel
it0442_001.GMD Golden ship wheel
it0443_001.GMD Crossword book
it0443_002.GMD Crossword book (open)
it0444_001.GMD Magazine
it0445_000.GMD Watering can
it0445_001.GMD Watering can
it0447_000.GMD Phone
it0447_001.GMD Phone
it0448_000.GMD School ballot box
it0449_000.GMD Questionnaire
it0449_001.GMD Questionnaire
it0450_000.GMD Laptop
it0451_002.GMD Kamoshida's crown
it0452_000.GMD Ice cream tower
it0453_001.GMD Old style mobile phone(?)
it0454_000.GMD Beaker (red)
it0454_001.GMD Beaker (red)
it0455_000.GMD Beaker (blue)
it0455_001.GMD Beaker (blue)
it0456_000.GMD Beaker (yellow)
it0456_001.GMD Beaker (yellow)
it0457_001.GMD Gun
it0458_000.GMD Red cone
it0459_001.GMD Coffee cup
it0461_000.GMD Training dummy with Morgana
it0462_000.GMD Big Bang Burger tray
it0463_000.GMD Movie placeholder billboard
it0464_000.GMD Madarame confession billboard
it0465_000.GMD School test
it0466_001.GMD Paper cup
it0467_001.GMD Okumura's ray gun
it0467_002.GMD Okumura's ray gun
it0468_000.GMD Billboard building
it0468_001.GMD Skybox
it0469_000.GMD News billboard
it0469_001.GMD Madarame confession billboard
it0470_001.GMD Ladle
it0471_000.GMD Placeholder Shido confession billboard
it0472_000.GMD Untextured triangle with light source
it0473_000.GMD Madarame silhouette
it0473_001.GMD Madarame silhouette (different pose)
it0474_000.GMD Madarame confession billboard
it0474_001.GMD Madarame confession billboard
it0475_001.GMD Ryuji's bear ear headband
it0476_001.GMD Ann's cat ear headband
it0477_001.GMD Futaba's rabbit ear headband
it0479_000.GMD Cardboard box and drawers
it0480_000.GMD Bed
it0481_001.GMD Blue placeholder card
it0482_000.GMD Burger with egg and salad
it0483_000.GMD Covered Sayuri easel
it0484_001.GMD Sayuri (wrapped)
it0485_000.GMD Pink camisole
it0486_000.GMD Beach bag
it0487_000.GMD Fertilizer bag stack
it0488_000.GMD Security camera
it0489_000.GMD Protagonist's study kit
it0490_000.GMD Tool kit
it0491_000.GMD Stool
it0492_000.GMD Protagonist's shoes
it0493_000.GMD Test set
it0494_001.GMD Phone
it0495_000.GMD TV screen billboards
it0495_002.GMD TV screen billboards
it0496_000.GMD Flip phone
it0496_001.GMD Flip phone
it0497_000.GMD Phan-Site poll
it0498_001.GMD Letter
it0499_000.GMD Bottle
it0499_001.GMD Bottle
it0500_000.GMD Ginger box
it0501_000.GMD Volleyball
it0501_002.GMD Volleyball
it0502_000.GMD Textureless black rectangle
it0503_001.GMD Akechi's silencer
it0504_000.GMD Lunch mat
it0504_001.GMD Black bag
it0505_000.GMD Shopping bag
it0506_000.GMD Lunch mat
it0507_000.GMD Flower planter
it0508_000.GMD Flower planter
it0509_000.GMD Flower planter
it0510_000.GMD Notebook
it0510_001.GMD Notebook
it0511_000.GMD Big Bang Burger bag
it0512_000.GMD Casino coin sack
it0513_000.GMD Crowd billboard
it0516_001.GMD Medjed billboard
it0516_002.GMD Medjed billboard
it0516_003.GMD Medjed billboard
it0517_001.GMD Jagariko
it0518_001.GMD Kamoshida photo
it0518_002.GMD Kamoshida photo
it0519_001.GMD Madarame photo
it0519_002.GMD Madarame photo
it0519_003.GMD Madarame photo
it0520_001.GMD Kaneshiro photo
it0520_002.GMD Kaneshiro photo
it0520_003.GMD Kaneshiro photo
it0521_001.GMD Okumura photo
it0521_002.GMD Okumura photo
it0521_003.GMD Okumura photo
it0522_000.GMD Cleared plates
it0523_000.GMD Kaneshiro's Palace survelliance room billboard
it0524_000.GMD Henohenomoheji
it0525_000.GMD Medical table
it0526_001.GMD Tropical-patterned shopping bags
it0527_000.GMD Futaba's shoes
it0528_000.GMD Futaba's boots
it0529_000.GMD Mementos billboard
it0530_000.GMD Textureless black billboard
it0532_001.GMD Playing card (king of spades)
it0533_001.GMD Playing cards (multiple)
it0534_001.GMD Playing cards (two jacks, one queen)
it0535_000.GMD Playing cards (pile)
it0536_000.GMD Leather chair (no legs)
it0536_001.GMD Leather chair with turning animation (no legs)
it0537_000.GMD Monitor billboard
it0537_001.GMD Monitor billboard
it0537_002.GMD Monitor billboard
it0539_000.GMD Okumura's Palace billboard
it0540_000.GMD Metal table
it0541_000.GMD Bed sheets (summer)
it0542_000.GMD Bed sheets (winter)
it0543_000.GMD Syringe
it0544_000.GMD Fruits on a platter
it0545_001.GMD Towel
it0546_000.GMD Mishima's study set
it0547_000.GMD Sack of casino coins
it0548_000.GMD Sack of casino coins
it0549_000.GMD The World tarot card
it0550_000.GMD The World tarot card
it0551_000.GMD Blank white movie billboard
it0552_000.GMD Bowl on a table(?)
it0553_000.GMD Giant gold bars
it0554_000.GMD Calling card
it0555_000.GMD Sayuri (framed)
it0556_000.GMD Sayuri
it0556_001.GMD Sayuri
it0557_000.GMD Sayuri (metal frame)
it0558_000.GMD Red and blue game cartridges
it0559_001.GMD Joker's mask
it0560_000.GMD Beachgoers billboard
it0561_000.GMD Beachgoers billboard
it0562_000.GMD Leg shackle
it0563_000.GMD Messy sandwich
it0564_000.GMD Pancakes
it0565_000.GMD Pie
it0566_000.GMD Meat
it0567_000.GMD Chicken, sausage and cheese
it0568_000.GMD Kaneshiro's Palace skybox
it0569_000.GMD Butterfly
it0570_000.GMD Makoto's pencil case
it0570_001.GMD Makoto's pencil case
it0571_001.GMD Knife
it0572_000.GMD Wrapped bento
it0573_000.GMD Convenience store bento
it0574_000.GMD Orange juice carton
it0575_000.GMD Drink glass
it0576_000.GMD Cracker(?)
it0577_000.GMD Press conference props
it0578_000.GMD Leather chair
it0579_000.GMD Yongen-jaya(?) billboard
it0580_000.GMD Beer crate
it0581_000.GMD Puddles
it0582_000.GMD Blanket
it0583_000.GMD Shirts
it0584_000.GMD Textureless gray billboard
it0586_000.GMD Weird black billboard
it0587_000.GMD Members card
it0587_001.GMD Members card
it0589_000.GMD Okumura's Palace UFO thing
it0589_001.GMD Okumura's Palace UFO thing
it0590_000.GMD Takoyaki menu
it0591_000.GMD Black file
it0591_001.GMD Black file
it0592_000.GMD White chair
it0593_000.GMD Makeshift platform with beer crates
it0594_000.GMD Okumura's Palace core
it0596_000.GMD Checkered floor billboard
it0597_000.GMD IV drip stand
it0598_000.GMD Towel
it0599_000.GMD Shido's glasses
it0600_000.GMD Imprisoned people billboard
it0601_000.GMD Imprisoned people billboard
it0602_000.GMD Gradient billboard
it0603_000.GMD White room
it0604_001.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0604_002.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0604_003.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0604_004.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0605_001.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0605_002.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0605_003.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0605_004.GMD Tokyo magazine
it0606_000.GMD Mementos Tokyo skybox(?)
it0607_000.GMD Shadow Sae screen billboard
it0608_000.GMD Blank white movie billboard
it0609_000.GMD Street ground billboard
it0610_000.GMD Mementos bone
it0611_000.GMD Cars
it0612_000.GMD Dropped items
it0613_000.GMD Shido news billboard ("Legislator Shido rushed to hospital")
it0615_000.GMD Phantom Thief logo billboard
it0616_001.GMD Ladle
it1501_001.GMD Generic male NPC hair (black)
it1502_001.GMD Generic male NPC hair (gray)
it1503_001.GMD Generic male NPC hair (gray, messy)
it1504_001.GMD Generic male NPC hair (gray, short)
it1505_001.GMD Generic male NPC hair (blond)
it1506_001.GMD Generic male NPC hair (blond, messy)
it1507_001.GMD Description
it1508_001.GMD Description
it1509_001.GMD Description
it1510_001.GMD Description
it1511_001.GMD Description
it1521_001.GMD Description
it1522_001.GMD Description
it1523_001.GMD Description
it1524_001.GMD Description
it1525_001.GMD Description
it1526_001.GMD Description
it1527_001.GMD Description
it1530_001.GMD Description
it1531_001.GMD Description
it1532_001.GMD Description
it1533_001.GMD Description
it1534_001.GMD Description
it1535_001.GMD Description
it1536_001.GMD Description
it1540_001.GMD Description
it1541_001.GMD Description
it1542_001.GMD Description
it1543_001.GMD Description
it1544_001.GMD Description
it1545_001.GMD Description
it1546_001.GMD Description
it1547_001.GMD Description
it1550_001.GMD Description
it1551_001.GMD Description
it1555_001.GMD Description
it1556_001.GMD Description
it1560_001.GMD Description
it1561_001.GMD Description
it1562_001.GMD Description
it1570_001.GMD Description
it1571_001.GMD Description
it1580_001.GMD Description
it1581_001.GMD Description
it1601_001.GMD Makoto's bag
it1602_001.GMD Shujin bag
it1603_001.GMD Shujin bag
it1604_001.GMD Black case
it1605_001.GMD Black case
it1606_001.GMD Black case
it1615_001.GMD Shido NPC mask
it1616_001.GMD Shido NPC mask
it1617_001.GMD Shido NPC mask
it1621_001.GMD Beige tote
it1622_001.GMD Beige tote
it1625_001.GMD Shido NPC mask
it2001_001.GMD NPC umbrella
it2002_001.GMD Phone
it2003_001.GMD Book
it2004_001.GMD Book
it2005_001.GMD NPC medical mask
it2007_001.GMD NPC medical mask
it2009_001.GMD Shades
it2010_001.GMD NPC glasses
it2011_001.GMD NPC headphones
it2012_001.GMD NPC headphones
it2013_001.GMD Shujin bad
it2014_001.GMD NPC school bag
it2015_001.GMD NPC shopping bag
it2016_001.GMD NPC shopping bag
it2017_001.GMD NPC shopping bag
it2018_001.GMD NPC shopping bag and Shujin bag
it2019_001.GMD NPC attache
it2020_001.GMD NPC shopping bags
it2021_001.GMD NPC attache
it2022_001.GMD NPC handbag
it2023_001.GMD NPC bag
it2024_001.GMD NPC rucksack
it2025_001.GMD NPC rucksack
it2026_001.GMD Shujin bag
it2027_001.GMD NPC green tote
it2028_001.GMD NPC school bag
it2029_001.GMD NPC blue tote
it2030_001.GMD NPC shopping bag
it2031_001.GMD NPC shopping bag
it2032_001.GMD NPC shopping bag
it2033_001.GMD NPC shopping bag
it2034_001.GMD NPC closed umbrella
it2035_001.GMD NPC closed umbrella
it2036_001.GMD NPC medical mask
it2037_001.GMD NPC glasses
it2038_001.GMD NPC cap
it2039_001.GMD NPC medical mask
it2040_001.GMD NPC chopsticks
it2041_001.GMD NPC donut
it2042_001.GMD NPC tote
it2043_001.GMD NPC bag
it2044_001.GMD Baseball bat
it2045_001.GMD PS Vita "Pita"
it2046_001.GMD Shujin bag
it2047_001.GMD NPC medical mask
it2050_001.GMD NPC mouth
it2051_001.GMD NPC mouth
it2052_001.GMD NPC mouth
it2053_001.GMD NPC mouth
it2055_001.GMD Generic NPC hair (bob, black)
it2056_001.GMD Generic NPC hair (long, black)
it2060_001.GMD NPC mouth
it2061_001.GMD NPC mouth
it2065_001.GMD Guitar case
it2066_001.GMD Big Bang Burger bag and handbag
it2067_001.GMD Big Bang Burger bag
it2068_001.GMD NPC otaku shopping bag
it2069_001.GMD NPC otaku shopping bag
it2070_001.GMD NPC otaku shopping bag
it2071_001.GMD NPC otaku shopping bag
it2072_001.GMD Fishing rod
it2073_001.GMD Fan
it2074_001.GMD Folding fan
it2100_001.GMD Bucket
it2101_001.GMD Bucket
it3013_001.GMD Shujin bag with Morgana
it3013_004.GMD Shujin bag with Morgana
it3013_005.GMD Shujin bag with Morgana
it3013_006.GMD Shujin bag with Morgana
it3083_001.GMD Blue sports bag
it3099_001.GMD Brown bag with Morgana
it3099_004.GMD Brown bag with Morgana
it3099_005.GMD Brown bag with early Morgana
it4001_001.GMD Phone
it4002_001.GMD Phone
it4003_001.GMD Phone
it4004_001.GMD Phone
it4005_001.GMD Phone
it4006_001.GMD Phone
it4007_001.GMD Phone
it4008_001.GMD Phone
it4009_001.GMD Phone
it4010_001.GMD Phone
it5010_000.GMD Purple box
it5053_000.GMD Titania
it5054_000.GMD Ose
it5055_000.GMD Beezlebub
it5150_000.GMD Blue cloth
it5151_000.GMD Igor's chair
it5152_000.GMD Velvet Room archways(?)
it5153_000.GMD Textureless protagonist sat on an electric chair
it6001_000.GMD Morgana bus
it6001_001.GMD Morgana bus
it6002_000.GMD Description
it6003_000.GMD Description
it6003_000_359_01.GMD Description
it6004_000.GMD Description
it6005_000.GMD Description
it6006_000.GMD Description
it6008_000.GMD Description
it6009_000.GMD Description
it6010_000.GMD Description
it6011_000.GMD Description
it6016_000.GMD Description
it6020_000.GMD Description
it6021_000.GMD Description
it6021_001.GMD Description
it6022_000.GMD Description
it6023_000.GMD Description
it6024_000.GMD Description
it6025_000.GMD Description
it6027_000.GMD Description
it6028_000.GMD Description
it6029_000.GMD Description
it6030_000.GMD Description
it6031_000.GMD Description
it6032_000.GMD Description
it6033_000.GMD Description
it6034_000.GMD Description
it6035_000.GMD Description
it6036_000.GMD Description
it6037_000.GMD Description
it6038_000.GMD Description
it6039_000.GMD Description
it6040_000.GMD Description
it6042_000.GMD Description
it6043_000.GMD Description
it6044_000.GMD Description
it6045_000.GMD Description
it6046_000.GMD Description
it6048_000.GMD Description
it6049_000.GMD Description
it6051_000.GMD Description
it6052_000.GMD Description
it6053_000.GMD Description
it6054_000.GMD Description
it6055_000.GMD Description
it6056_000.GMD Description
it6057_000.GMD Description
it6058_000.GMD Description
it6059_000.GMD Description
it6060_000.GMD Description
it6060_001.GMD Description
it6061_000.GMD Description
it6062_000.GMD Description
it6063_000.GMD Description
it6064_000.GMD Description
it6065_000.GMD Description
it6066_000.GMD Description
it6067_000.GMD Description
it6069_000.GMD Description
it6070_000.GMD Description
it6071_000.GMD Description
it6072_000.GMD Description
it7000_001.GMD Description
it7000_002.GMD Description
it7001_001.GMD Description
it7002_001.GMD Description
it7005_001.GMD Description
it7040_001.GMD Description
it7052_001.GMD Description
it7057_001.GMD Description
it7090_001.GMD Description
it7091_001.GMD Description
it7141_001.GMD Description
it7202_001.GMD Description
it7206_001.GMD Description
it7232_001.GMD Description
it7240_001.GMD Description
it7253_001.GMD Description
it7260_001.GMD Description
it7290_001.GMD Description
it7292_001.GMD Description
it7301_001.GMD Description
it7302_001.GMD Description
it7317_001.GMD Description
it7320_001.GMD Description
it7322_001.GMD Description
it7324_001.GMD Description
it7326_001.GMD Description
it7333_001.GMD Description
it7340_001.GMD Description
it7364_001.GMD Description
it7370_001.GMD Description
it7371_001.GMD Description
it7382_001.GMD Description
it7383_001.GMD Description
it7385_001.GMD Description
it7399_001.GMD Description
it7400_001.GMD Description
it7402_001.GMD Description
it7421_001.GMD Description
it7440_001.GMD Description
it7470_001.GMD Description
it7481_001.GMD Description
it7591_001.GMD Description
it7620_001.GMD Description
it7701_001.GMD Description
it7702_001.GMD Description
it7738_001.GMD Description
it9000_000.GMD Description
it9001_000.GMD Description
it9002_000.GMD Description
it9003_000.GMD Description
it9004_000.GMD Description
it9005_000.GMD Description
it9006_000.GMD Description
it9007_000.GMD Description
it9008_000.GMD Description
it9009_000.GMD Description
it9010_000.GMD Description
it9011_000.GMD Description
it9012_000.GMD Description
it9013_000.GMD Description
it9014_000.GMD Description
it9015_000.GMD Description
it9016_000.GMD Description
it9017_000.GMD Description
it9018_000.GMD Description
it9019_000.GMD Description
it9020_000.GMD Description
it9021_000.GMD Description
it9022_000.GMD Description
it9023_000.GMD Description
it9024_000.GMD Description
it9025_000.GMD Description
it9026_000.GMD Description
it9027_000.GMD Description
it9028_000.GMD Description
it9029_000.GMD Description
it9030_000.GMD Description
it9031_000.GMD Description
it9032_000.GMD Description
it9033_000.GMD Description
it9034_000.GMD Description
it9035_000.GMD Description
it9036_000.GMD Description
it9037_000.GMD Description
it9038_000.GMD Description
it9039_000.GMD Description
it9040_000.GMD Description
it9041_000.GMD Description
it9042_000.GMD Description
it9043_000.GMD Description
it9044_000.GMD Description
it9045_000.GMD Description
it9045_001.GMD Description
it9046_000.GMD Description
it9046_001.GMD Description
it9070_000.GMD Description
it9090_000.GMD Description
it9091_000.GMD Description
it9092_000.GMD Description
it9100_000.GMD Description
it9100_001.GMD Description
it9100_002.GMD Description
it9100_003.GMD Description
it9100_004.GMD Description
it9100_005.GMD Description
it9100_006.GMD Description
it9100_007.GMD Description
it9100_008.GMD Description
it9100_009.GMD Description
it9100_010.GMD Description
it9150_000.GMD Description
it9150_001.GMD Description
it9150_002.GMD Description
it9150_003.GMD Description
it9150_004.GMD Description
it9150_005.GMD Description
it9150_006.GMD Description
it9150_007.GMD Description
it9150_008.GMD Description
it9150_009.GMD Description
it9150_014.GMD Description
it9150_015.GMD Description
it9150_017.GMD Description
it9150_018.GMD Description
it9150_019.GMD Description
it9150_020.GMD Description
it9150_021.GMD Description
it9150_022.GMD Description
it9150_023.GMD Description
it9150_024.GMD Description
it9150_028.GMD Description
it9150_029.GMD Description
it9151_000.GMD Description
it9300_000.GMD Description
it9995_000.GMD Description
it9995_001.GMD Description
it9995_002.GMD Description
it9996_000.GMD Description
it9996_001.GMD Description
it9996_002.GMD Description
it9998_000.GMD Description
it9999_000.GMD Description
it9999_001.GMD Description
it9999_002.GMD Description
it9999_003.GMD Description
m003_220.GMD Bedsheets
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