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npc (P4G)

From Amicitia Wiki
Model/npc (P4G)
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

The model/npc folder is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all the npc models for player characters, in the form of AMD models contained in PAC files.


This is a mostly complete list of the RMD files contained in Persona 4's NPC folder. Some of them share similar names, and other may be mislabeled or even missing.

Name Model
4KARA Blank
N_DUMMY Makoto Yuki
N1_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N1_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N1_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N1_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N2_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N2_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N3_0 Narukami (Pajamas) Cellphone
N4_0 Narukami (Tracksuit)
N5_0 Narukami (Tracksuit)
N6_0 Narukami (Basketball Uniform)
N7_0 Narukami (Soccer Uniform)
N8_0 Narukami (Ryokan model @ Amagi Inn)
N9_0 Narukami (Bath Towel)
N10_0 Narukami (Drag)
N11_0 Narukami (Swimtrunks)
N12_0 Narukami (Duffelbag)
N13_0 Narukami (Janitor)
N14_0 Narukami (Day Care)
N15_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Suitcase
N15_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N16_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N16_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N16_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N16_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N17_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N17_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N18_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N18_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N18_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform?) No shoes
N18_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N19_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N19_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N19_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N19_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N20_0 Narukami (Pajamas)
N21_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform?)
N22_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform?)
N23_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N24_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N25_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Ramen bowl
N26_0 Narukami (Winter casual) No shoes / Letter
N27_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N28_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N29_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N30_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N31_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N32_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N33_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N34_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N35_0 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N36_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N37_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N38_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform?)
N39_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N39_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N39_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform?) No shoes?
N39_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N40_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) Holding trunks
N41_0 Narukami (Receiving Threat Letter)
N42_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N43_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) Duffelbag
N44_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) letter
N45_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N46_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Cellphone
N46_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Cellphone
N46_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Cellphone
N46_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Cellphone
N47_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N47_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N47_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N47_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N48_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) Duffelbag
N49_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N49_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N50_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N50_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N51_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N51_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N52_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N52_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N53_0 Narukami (Tracksuit) Basketball
N54_0 Narukami (Basketball) Basketball
N55_0 Narukami (Soccer) Soccerball
N56_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N56_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N57_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N57_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N57_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N57_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N58_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N58_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N58_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N58_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N59_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N59_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N59_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N59_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N60_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N60_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N60_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N60_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N61_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N61_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N61_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N61_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N62_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N63_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N63_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N64_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N64_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N65_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N65_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N65_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N65_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N66_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N66_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N66_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N66_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N67_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N67_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N67_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N67_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N68_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Fishing
N68_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Fishing
N68_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Fishing
N68_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Fishing
N69_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N69_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N69_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N69_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N70_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N70_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N70_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N70_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N71_0 Narukami (Pajamas)
N72_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N73_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N74_0 Narukami (Tracksuit) No shoes
N75_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N76_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N77_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N78_0 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N79_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N80_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N81_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N82_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N83_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N84_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N85_0 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes
N86_0 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N87_0 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N88_0 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N89_0 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoes
N90_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)Umb./Suitcase
N90_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)Umb./Suitcase
N91_0 Narukami (Summer Casual) Soda
N92_0 Narukami (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N98_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform)
N98_2 Narukami (Summer Casual)
N98_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N98_4 Narukami (Winter Casual)
N99_1 Narukami (Summer Uniform) No shoe/phn
N99_2 Narukami (Summer Casual) No shoe/phone
N99_3 Narukami (Winter Uniform) No shoe/phone
N99_4 Narukami (Winter Casual) No shoes/phone
N101_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N101_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N101_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N101_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N102_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N102_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N103_0 Yosuke (Tracksuit)
N104_0 Yosuke (Yukata)
N105_0 Yosuke (Bathtowel)
N106_0 Yosuke (Drag)
N107_0 Yosuke (Swimtrunks)
N108_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Suitcase
N108_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Suitcase
N109_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N109_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N109_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N109_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N110_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Bicycle / Umbrella
N111_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Bicycle / umbrella
N112_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Umbrella / suitcase
N112_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Umbrella / suitcase
N113_0 Yosuke (Junes Apron)
N114_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N115_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N115_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N115_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N115_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N116_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N117_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N118_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N119_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N120_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N121_0 Yosuke (Sumer Uniform)
N122_0 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N123_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N124_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N125_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N126_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N127_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) suitcase
N128_0 Yosuke?
N129_0 Yosuke?
N130_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) suitcase/trashcan
N131_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Swords
N132_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N132_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N132_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N132_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N133_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N134_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N135_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N135_2 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N136_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N136_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N136_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N136_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N137_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Glasses / suitcase
N138_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N139_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N139_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N139_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N140_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N141_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N142_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N143_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N144_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N145_0 Yosuke (Summer Casual) No shoes
N146_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N147_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N148_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N149_0 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N150_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N150_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N150_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N150_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N151_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) Junes Apron
N151_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) Junes Apron
N152_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N152_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) No shoes
N152_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N152_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) No shoes
N153_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N153_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual) No shoes
N153_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N153_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual) No shoes
N154_0 Yosuke (Tracksuit) No shoes / Animal Crackers
N155_0 Yosuke (Tracksuit) No shoes
N156_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N157_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N157_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N158_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N159_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N160_0 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N161_0 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N162_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N162_2 Yosuke (Summer Casual)
N162_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N162_4 Yosuke (Winter Casual)
N200_1 Yosuke (Summer Uniform)
N200_3 Yosuke (Winter Uniform)
N201_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N201_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N201_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N201_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N202_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N202_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Glasses
M203_0 Chie (Tracksuit)
M204_0 Chie (Yukata)
N206_0 Chie (Bath Towel)
N207_0 Chie (Swimsuit)
N208_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Gag Glasses
N209_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Backpack
N209_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N210_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N210_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N210_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N210_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N211_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N211_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N212_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N212_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N212_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N212_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N213_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N214_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N215_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N216_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N217_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N218_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N219_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N220_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N221_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N222_0 Chie (Summer Casual)
N223_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N224_0 Unknown / Glitched
N225_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N226_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N226_2 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N226_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N226_4 Chie (Winter Casual) No shoes
N227_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Backpack / Talking Pose?
N228_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N229_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N230_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N230_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N231_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N231_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N231_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N231_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N232_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N233_0 Chie (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N234_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N234_2 Chie (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N234_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N234_4 Chie (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N235_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N236_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N237_0 Chie (Tracksuit) No shoes
N238_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N239_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N240_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N241_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N242_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N243_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N244_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N245_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N246_0 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N247_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N248_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N249_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N250_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N250_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N250_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N250_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N251_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N251_2 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N251_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N251_4 Chie (Winter Casual) No shoes
N252_1 Chie (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N252_2 Chie (Summer Casual) No shoes
N252_3 Chie (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N252_4 Chie (Winter Casual) No shoes
N253_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N253_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N254_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N255_0 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N256_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N257_0 Chie (Winter Casual)
N258_0 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N259_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N259_2 Chie (Summer Casual)
N259_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N259_4 Chie (Winter Casual)
N300_1 Chie (Summer Uniform)
N300_3 Chie (Winter Uniform)
N301_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N301_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N301_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N301_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N302_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N302_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N303_0 Yukiko (Tracksuit)
N304_0 Yukiko (Kimono)
N306_0 Yukiko (Bath towel)
N307_0 Yukiko (Swimsuit)
N308_0 Yukiko (Yukata)
N309_0 Yukiko (Gag Glasses)
N310_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N310_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N311_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N311_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N311_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N311_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N312_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N312_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N313_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N313_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N313_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N313_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N314_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N315_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N316_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N317_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N318_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N319_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N320_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N321_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Ramen bowl
N322_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N323_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N323_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N323_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N323_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N324_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N325_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N326_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N326_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N327_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N327_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N327_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N327_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N328_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N329_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N329_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N329_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N329_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N330_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N330_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N331_0 Yukiko (Tracksuit) No shoes
N332_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N333_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N334_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N335_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N336_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N337_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N338_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N339_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N340_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N341_0 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N342_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N343_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N344_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N345_0 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N346_0 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N347_0 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N348_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N348_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N348_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N348_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N350_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N350_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N350_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N350_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N351_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N351_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N351_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N351_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N352_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N352_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N352_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N352_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N353_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N353_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual) No shoes
N353_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N353_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual) No shoes
N354_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N354_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N355_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform)
N355_2 Yukiko (Summer Casual)
N355_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N355_4 Yukiko (Winter Casual)
N400_1 Yukiko (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N400_3 Yukiko (Winter Uniform)
N401_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N401_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N401_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N401_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N402_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N402_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N403_0 Rise (Yukata)
N405_0 Rise (Bath towel)
N406_0 Rise (Swimsuit)
N407_0 Rise (Marukyu Apron)
N408_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N408_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N408_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N408_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N409_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N409_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N410_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Umbrella/Briefcase
N410_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Umbrella/Briefcase
N411_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N411_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N411_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N411_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N412_0 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N413_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N414_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N415_0 Rise (Summer Casual)
N416_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N417_0 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N418_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N419_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N419_2 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N419_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N419_4 Rise (Winter Casual) No shoes
N420_0 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N421_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N422_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N422_3 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N423_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N423_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N423_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N423_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N424_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N425_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N425_2 Rise (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N425_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N425_4 Rise (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N426_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N427_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N428_0 Rise (Marukyu Apron)
N429_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N430_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N431_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N432_0 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N433_0 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N434_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N435_0 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N436_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N437_0 Rise (Winter Casual)
N438_0 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N439_0 Rise (Swimsuit)
N450_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N450_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N450_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N450_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N451_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N451_2 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N451_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N451_4 Rise (Winter Casual) No shoes
N452_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N452_2 Rise (Summer Casual) No shoes
N452_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N452_4 Rise (Winter Casual) No shoes
N453_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N453_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N454_1 Rise (Summer Uniform)
N454_2 Rise (Summer Casual)
N454_3 Rise (Winter Uniform)
N454_4 Rise (Winter Casual)
N500_1 Rise (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N500_3 Rise (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N501_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N501_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N501_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N501_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N502_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N502_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N503_0 Kanji (Tracksuit)
N504_0 Kanji (Yukata)
N505_0 Kanji (Bath Towel)
N506_0 Kanji (Drag)
N507_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Gag Glasses
N508_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N508_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N508_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N508_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N509_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N509_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N510_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N510_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N511_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N511_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N511_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N511_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N512_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N513_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N514_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N515_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N516_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N517_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N518_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N519_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N520_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N521_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N521_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) No shoes
N521_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N521_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) No shoes
N522_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N523_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N523_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N524_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N524_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N524_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N524_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N525_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N526_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N526_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N526_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N526_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N527_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N528_0 Kanji (Tracksuit) No shoes
N529_0 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N530_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N531_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N532_0 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N533_0 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N534_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N535_0 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N536_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N537_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N538_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N539_0 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N540_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N550_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N550_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N550_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N550_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N551_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N551_2 Kanji (Summer Casual) No shoes
N551_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N551_4 Kanji (Winter Casual) No shoes
N552_0 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N553_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N553_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N554_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform)
N554_2 Kanji (Summer Casual)
N554_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N554_4 Kanji (Winter Casual)
N600_1 Kanji (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N600_3 Kanji (Winter Uniform)
N601_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N601_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N601_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N601_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N602_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N603_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N603_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N603_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N603_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N604_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N604_2 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N605_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N605_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N606_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N606_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N606_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N606_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N607_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N608_0 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N609_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N610_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N611_0 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N612_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N613_0 Naoto (Winter Casual) Book
N614_0 Naoto (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N615_0 Naoto (Bath Towel)
N616_0 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N617_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N617_2 Naoto (Summer Casual) No shoes
N617_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N617_4 Naoto (Winter Casual) No shoes
N618_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N619_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N619_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N619_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N619_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N620_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses / Briefcase
N621_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N621_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N621_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N621_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N622_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N623_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N624_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N625_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N626_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N627_0 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Incomplete?
N628_0 Naoto (Winter Casual) No hat
N629_0 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N650_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N650_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N651_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N651_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N652_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N652_2 Naoto (Summer Casual) No shoes
N652_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N652_4 Naoto (Winter Casual) No shoes
N653_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform?) Doesn't load
N653_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N654_0 Naoto (Girl's Uniform)
N655_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform)
N655_2 Naoto (Summer Casual)
N655_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform)
N655_4 Naoto (Winter Casual)
N700_1 Naoto (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N700_3 Naoto (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N702_0 Teddie (Human)
N703_0 Teddie (Bear)
N704_0 Teddie (Flat)
N705_0 Teddie (Human) Wearing lower Bear Suit
N706_0 Teddie (Bath Towel)
N707_0 Teddie (Drag)
N708_0 Teddie (Bear)
N709_0 Teddie (Human)
N710_0 Teddie (Yukata)
N711_0 Teddie (Bear)
N712_0 Teddie (Human)
N713_0 Teddie (Bear)
N714_0 Teddie (Junes Apron) Shopping Basket of Snacks
N715_0 Teddie (Bear)
N716_0 Teddie (Bear)
N718_0 Teddie (Bear)
N719_0 Teddie (Bear)
N720_0 Teddie (Human)
N721_0 Teddie (Human) Talking Pose?
N722_0 Teddie (Human) No shoes
N723_0 Teddie (Human)
N724_0 Teddie (Bear)
N725_0 Teddie (Bear) Party Hat
N726_0 Teddie (Human) No shoes
N727_0 Teddie (Bear)
N728_0 Teddie (Bear)
N729_0 Teddie (Human)
N730_0 Teddie (Bear)
N731_0 Teddie (Umbrella)
N732_0 Teddie (Human)
N733_0 Teddie (Human)
N734_0 Teddie (Flat)
N735_0 Teddie (Human)
N736_0 Teddie (Bear)
N737_0 Teddie (Human)
N738_0 Teddie (Bear)
N739_0 Teddie (Bear)
N740_0 Teddie (Human)
N741_0 Teddie (Bear)
N800_0 Teddie (Bear)
N801_0 Fox
N802_0 Fox
N900_0 Fox
N1551_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1551_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1552_0 Nanako (Winter) Backpack
N1553_0 Nanako (Yukata)
N1554_0 Nanako (Bath Towel)
N1555_0 Nanako (Hospital Bed) Blanket/Laying Down
N1556_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1556_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1557_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1557_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1558_0 Nanako (Winter) Backpack
N1559_0 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1560_2 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1560_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1561_0 Nanako (Winter) Platypus Shirt
N1562_0 Nanako (Winter) No shoes / Orange Juice?
N1563_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1564_0 Nanako (Winter) No shoes / Kotatsu
N1565_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1566_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1566_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1567_0 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1568_0 Nanako (Winter) Plate of food
N1569_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1570_2 Nanako (Summer)
N1570_4 Nanako (Winter)
N1571_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1572_0 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1573_0 Nanako (Summer) No shoes / Orange Juice?
N1574_0 Nanako (Winter)
N1590_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1590_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1591_2 Nanako (Summer) No shoes
N1591_4 Nanako (Winter) No shoes
N1601_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1602_0 Dojima (Jacket) No shoes
N1603_0 Dojima (Hospital Gown)
N1604_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1605_0 Dojima (No shoes) Soda / Cellphone
N1606_0 Dojima (No shoes) Junes shopping bag
N1607_0 Dojima (No shoes) Newspaper
N1608_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1609_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1610_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1611_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1612_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1613_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1614_0 Dojima (Jacket) Umbrella
N1615_0 Dojima (Hospital Gown) Wheelchair
N1616_0 Dojima (Hospital Gown) Bedcover
N1617_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1618_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1619_0 Dojima (Jacket)
N1620_0 Dojima (No shoes) Newspaper
N1640_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1642_0 Dojima (No shoes)
N1651_0 Sayoko (Clipboard)
N1701_1 Kou (Summer Uniform)
N1701_3 Kou (Winter Uniform)
N1702_0 Kou (Summer Casual)
N1703_0 Kou (Tracksuit)
N1704_0 Kou (Basketball Uniform)
N1705_0 Kou (Tracksuit) Basketball
N1706_0 Kou (Basketball Uniform) Basketball
N1707_0 Kou (Summer Casual) No shoes
N1708_0 Kou (Summer Casual)
N1709_1 Kou (Summer Uniform)
N1709_3 Kou (Winter Uniform)
N1751_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit)
N1752_0 Daisuke (Soccer Uniform)
N1753_0 Daisuke (Basketball Uniform)
N1754_0 Daisuke (Soccer Uniform) Soccer ball
N1755_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit) No shoes
N1756_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit)
N1757_0 Daisuke (Tracksuit)
N1801_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform)
N1801_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1802_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform)
N1802_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1803_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform) Umbrella
N1803_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform) Umbrella
N1804_0 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1805_1 Naoki (Summer Uniform)
N1805_3 Naoki (Winter Uniform)
N1851_0 Hisano
N1951_1 Ai (Summer Uniform)
N1951_3 Ai (Winter Uniform)
N1952_0 Ai (Summer Casual)
N1953_0 Ai (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N1954_0 Ai (Summer Casual) No shoes
N1955_0 Ai (Summer Casual)
N1956_1 Ai (Summer Uniform)
N1956_3 Ai (Winter Uniform)
N1957_1 Ai (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N1957_3 Ai (Winter Uniform)
N2001_0 Shu
N2002_0 Shu (No shoes)
N2051_0 Eri
N2101_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform)
N2101_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform)
N2102_0 Yumi (Casual)
N2103_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform)
N2103_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform)
N2104_0 Yumi (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2105_0 Yumi (Casual) No shoes
N2106_0 Yumi (Casual)
N2107_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform)
N2107_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform)
N2108_1 Yumi (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N2108_3 Yumi (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2151_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform)
N2151_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform)
N2152_0 Ayane (Casual)
N2153_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N2153_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N2154_0 Ayane (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2155_0 Ayane (Casual) No shoes
N2156_0 Ayane (Casual)
N2157_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform)
N2157_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform)
N2158_1 Ayane (Summer Uniform) No shoes
N2158_3 Ayane (Winter Uniform) No shoes
N2201_0 Izanami (Moel Uniform)
N2202_0 Izanami (Goddess)
N2251_0 Child (Yuta?)
N2301_0 Woman (Narukami's Mother?) No shoes
N2351_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Conducting wand?
N2351_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Conducting wand?
N2352_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2352_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2401_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N2401_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N2402_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2402_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2451_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Cello
N2451_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Cello
N2452_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2452_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2501_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Trombone
N2501_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Trombone
N2502_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2502_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2551_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Trumpet
N2551_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Trumpet
N2552_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2552_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2601_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Flute
N2601_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Flute
N2602_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2602_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N2651_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Flute
N2651_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Flute
N2652_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2652_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N2701_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Clarinet / Glasses
N2701_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Clarinet / Glasses
N2702_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N2702_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N2751_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Clarinet
N2751_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Clarinet
N2752_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2752_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N2801_1 ??? F. Student?
N2801_3 ??? F. Student?
N2802_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N2802_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N2851_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Violin
N2851_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Violin
N2852_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N2852_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N3101_0 Basketball Player
N3102_0 Basketball Player (Ball)
N3103_0 Basketball Player


This is a mostly complete list of the RMD files contained in Persona 4's NPC2 folder. Some of them share similar names, and other may be mislabeled or even missing.

Name Model
N3251_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team)
N3252_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team) Ball
N3301_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team)
N3351_0 Basketball Player (Opposing team) Glasses
N3401_0 Soccer Player
N3402_0 Soccer Player (Ball)
N3451_0 Soccer Player
N3501_0 Soccer Player (Opposing team)
N3502_0 Soccer Player (Opposing team) Ball
N3551_0 Soccer Player (Opposing team)
N3751_0 Man in Apron (Takoyaki seller?)
N3801_0 Gekkoukan Principal
N3851_0 Chihiro Fushimi (Winter Uniform)
N3951_0 Morooka
N3952_0 Morooka
N4001_0 Mr. Hosoi (Glasses) Yamada?
N4051_0 Ms. Sofue (Pharoah Teacher) Divining Pole
N4101_0 Mr. Kondo (Gym Teacher)
N4151_0 Mr. Edogawa
N4201_0 Mr. Yamada (Geography Teacher) >Hosoi?
N4251_0 Ms. Kashiwagi
N4252_0 Ms. Kashiwagi (Yukata) Futon
N4253_0 Ms. Kashiwagi (Swimsuit)
N4301_0 Mrs. Nakayama (Math Teacher)
N4351_0 Yaso-Inaba Principal
N4451_0 Old Man Daidara (Blacksmith)
N4476_0 Old Lady Shiroku
N4501_0 Aiya Owner
N4502_0 Aiya Owner
N4511_0 Kanji's Mother
N4551_0 Kanji's Mother
N4552_0 Kanji's Mother (Parasol)
N4601_0 Rise's Grandmother
N4651_0 Mayumi Yamano
N4701_0 Hanako (Winter Uniform)
N4702_0 Hanako (Tracksuit)
N4703_0 Hanako (Tracksuit) No shoes
N4704_0 Hanako (Swimsuit)
N4705_0 Hanako (Yukata) Futon
N4801_0 Adachi
N4802_0 Adachi
N4803_0 Adachi (Umbrella)
N4804_0 Adachi (No shoes)
N4805_0 Adachi
N4806_0 Adachi
N4807_0 Adachi
N4808_0 Adachi
N4809_0 Adachi
N4810_0 Adachi
N4811_0 Adachi
N4812_0 Adachi
N4851_0 Saki (Winter Uniform)
N4852_0 Saki (Junes Apron)
N4901_0 Namatame (Casual)
N4902_0 Namatame (Hospital Gown)
N4903_0 Namatame (Delivery Uniform)
N4904_0 Namatame (Hospital Gown) Blanket
N4905_0 Namatame (Casual) No shoes
N4906_0 Namatame (Casual) Umbrella
N4951_0 Igor
N5001_0 Margaret (Compendium)
N5002_0 Margaret (Compendium)
N5076_0 Mitsuo (Casual)
N5077_0 Mitsuo (School Uniform)
N5101_0 Pervert Photgrapher
N5151_0 Shadow Yosuke
N5201_0 Shadow Chie
N5251_0 Shadow Yukiko
N5252_0 Shadow Yukiko
N5301_0 Shadow Rise
N5302_0 Shadow Rise
N5303_0 Shadow Rise (Gold Bikini) Midnight Channel
N5351_0 Shadow Kanji
N5352_0 Shadow Kanji
N5353_0 Shadow Kanji (Flamboyant) Midnight Channel
N5401_0 Shadow Naoto
N5402_0 Shadow Naoto
N5403_0 Shadow Naoto (Midnight Channel)
N5451_0 Shadow Teddie (Glitched?)
N5501_0 Shadow Mitsuo
N5502_0 Shadow Mitsuo
M5551_0 Shadow Namatame
N5552_0 Shadow Namatame
N5601_0 Shadow Adachi
N5602_0 Shadow Adachi
N5603_0 Shadow Adachi
N5661_0 Shadow Chie (Awakened)
N5671_0 Shadow Yukiko (Awakened)
N5681_0 Shadow Kanji (Awakened)
N5691_0 Shadow Rise (Awakened)
N5711_0 Shadow Mitsuo (Baby Form) Awakened
M5721_0 Shadow Naoto
N5741_0 Ameno-sagiri
N5751_0 Izanami-no-Okami
N5761_0 Spectre in Hoody (Unused?)
N6001_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6001_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6002_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6002_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6003_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6003_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6004_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6004_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6005_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6005_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6006_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6006_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6007_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6008_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6009_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6009_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6051_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6051_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6052_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6052_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6053_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6053_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6054_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6054_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6055_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6055_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6056_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6056_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
M6057_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6058_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6058_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6101_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6101_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6102_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6102_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6103_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6103_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6151_1 Heavy Student (Summer Uniform)
N6151_3 Heavy Student (Winter Uniform)
N6201_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6201_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6202_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6202_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6203_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6203_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
M6204_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6205_0 Student (Tracksuit)
N6251_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6251_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6252_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6252_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6253_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6253_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6301_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6301_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6302_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6302_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6303_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6303_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6304_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6304_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6305_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6305_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6351_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6351_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6352_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6352_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6353_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6353_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6354_1 Student (Summer Uniform)
N6354_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N6401_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6401_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6402_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N6402_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N6451_1 Heavy Student (Summer Uniform)
N6451_3 Heavy Student (Winter Uniform)
N6501_1 Funky Student (Summer Uniform)
N6501_3 Funky Student (Winter Uniform)
N6551_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6551_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6552_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6552_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6601_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6601_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6602_1 Student ? (Summer Uniform)
N6603_3 Student ? (Winter Uniform)
N6651_0 Male/Female Students(Winter Uniform) Glitch
N6701_0 Male/Female Students(Tracksuit) Glitchy
N6751_1 Tan Student (Summer Uniform)
N6751_3 Tan Student (Winter Uniform)
N6901_0 Pageant Announcer (Winter Uniform)
N7601_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7601_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7602_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7602_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7603_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7603_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7604_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7604_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7605_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7605_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7606_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7607_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7651_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7651_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7652_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7652_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7653_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7653_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7654_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7655_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7701_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7701_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7702_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7702_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7703_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7703_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7704_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7704_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7705_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7705_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7751_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7751_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7752_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7752_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7753_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7753_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7801_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7801_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7802_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7802_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7803_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7803_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7804_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7804_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7805_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7805_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7806_0 F. Student (Tracksuit)
N7851_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N7851_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N7852_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N7852_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N7853_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N7853_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N7901_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7901_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7902_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7902_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7903_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7903_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7904_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7904_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7905_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7905_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7906_0 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7951_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7951_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7952_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7952_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N7953_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N7953_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8001_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8001_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8051_1 F. Student? (Summer Uniform)
N8051_3 F. Student? (Winter Uniform)
N8101_1 F. Student? (Summer Uniform)
N8101_3 F. Student? (Winter Uniform)
N8151_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform) Glasses
N8151_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Glasses
N8201_0 Housewife
N8251_0 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8301_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8301_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N8351_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8351_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Tracksuit pants
N8401_1 F. Student (Summer Uniform)
N8401_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform) Tracksuit pants
N9201_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9201_4 Student (Winter Casual)
N9202_2 Student? (Summer Casual)
N9202_4 Student? (Winter Casual)
N9203_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9203_4 Student (Winter Casual) Scarf
N9251_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9251_4 Student (Winter Casual) Scarf
N9252_2 Student (Summer Casual) Umbrella
N9252_4 Student (Winter Casual) Umbrella
N9301_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat
N9301_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat
N9302_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat
N9302_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat
N9303_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat
N9303_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat
N9304_2 Student (Summer Casual) Hat / Umbrella
N9304_4 Student (Winter Casual) Hat / Umbrella
N9401_2 Student (Summer Casual)
N9401_4 Student (Winter Casual)
N9451_0 Young Man
N9501_0 Young Man (Hat)
N9551_0 Teenager
N9601_0 Cool Guy
N10801_2 Young Woman (Summer)
N10801_4 Young Woman (Winter)
N10802_2 Young Woman? (Summer)
N10802_4 Young Woman? (Winter)
N10803_2 Young Woman (Summer)
N10803_4 Young Woman (Winter)
N10851_2 Teen Girl (Summer)
N10851_4 Teen Girl (Winter)
N10852_2 Teen Girl (Summer)
N10852_4 Teen Girl (Winter)
N10853_2 Teen Girl (Summer)
N10853_4 Teen Girl? (Winter)
N10901_2 Housewife
N10901_4 Teen Girl (Winter)
N10951_0 Young Woman
N11001_0 Housewife
N11101_0 Housewife (Gas Mask)
N11151_0 Woman (Gas Mask)
N11201_0 Man (Gas Mask)
N11251_0 Businessman (Gas Mask)
N11301_0 Young Man (Gas Mask)
N11351_0 Student (Gas Mask)
N11401_2 Middle-age Man (Summer)
N11401_4 Middle-age Man (Winter)
N11401_2 Middle-age Man (Summer) Umbrella
N11401_4 Middle-age Man (Winter) Umbrella
N11451_2 Middle-age Woman (Summer)
N11451_4 Middle-age Woman (Winter)
N11501_0 Doctor
N11551_0 ??? Glitched?
N11601_0 Nurse
N11701_0 Farmer
N11751_0 Gardner
N11801_0 Farmer
N12351_0 Female Gardner
N12401_0 Hazmat Suit
N12451_0 Hazmat Suit
N12501_0 Businessman
N12503_0 Businessman (Umbrella)
N12551_0 Inoue? (Rise's Manager)
N12601_0 Businesswoman
N12651_0 Housewife
N12652_0 Housewife? Glitched
N12653_0 Housewife? Glitched
N12701_0 30-ish Housewife
N12702_0 30-ish Housewife
N12751_0 Housewife (Groceries)
N12801_2 Child (Summer)
N12801_4 Child (Winter)
N12802_2 Child? Umbrella? Very Glitched
N12802_4 Child? Umbrella? Very Glitched
N12803_0 Child
N12851_2 F. Child (Summer)
N12851_4 F. Child (Winter)
N12582_2 F. Child? Umbrella? Very Glitched
N12582_4 F. Child? Umbrella? Very Glitched
N12583_0 F. Child
N12901_2 Elderly Man (Summer)
N12901_4 Elderly Man (Winter)
N12902_2 Elderly Man (Summer)
N12902_4 Elderly Man (Winter)
N12951_2 Elderly Woman (Summer)
N12951_4 Elderly Woman (Winter)
N13001_0 Dog (Brown fur)
N13051_0 Dog (Grey Fur)
N13151_0 Cat (Orange)
N13152_0 Cat (Orange)
N13201_0 Cat (Black spotted)
N13202_0 Cat (Black spotted)
N13251_0 Cat (Tiger stripped)
N13351_0 Police Officer
N13352_0 Police Officer (Raincoat)
N13353_0 Police Officer
N13401_2 Child (Summer)
N13401_4 Child (Winter)
N13451_2 F. Child (Summer)
N13451_4 F. Child (Winter)
N13501_2 Child (Summer)
N13501_4 Child (Winter)
N13551_2 F. Child (Summer)
N13551_4 F. Child (Winter)
N13601_0 Police Officer
N13602_0 Police Officer (Raincoat)
N13603_0 Police Officer
N13604_0 Police Officer
N13651_0 Woman (Yukata)
N13701_0 Lady (Yukata)
N13751_0 Woman (Yukata)
N13801_2 Young Man (Summer) Hat
N13801_4 Young Man (Winter) Hat
N13851_2 Young Woman (Summer)
N13851_4 Young Woman (Winter)
N13901_0 Middle-Age Man (Winter)
N14001_0 Young Lady
N14051_0 Woman
N14101_0 Teenage Girl
N14151_1 Student (Summer) Glasses
N14151_3 Student (Winter) Glasses
N14201_1 F. Student (Summer) Glasses
N14201_3 F. Student (Winter) Glasses
N14251_1 F. Student (Summer)
N14251_3 F. Student (Winter)
N14301_1 F. Student (Summer) Glasses
N14301_3 F. Student (Winter) Glasses
N14351_1 F. Student (Summer)
N14351_3 F. Student (Winter)
N14401_0 Hospital Patient
N14451_0 Middle-Age Woman
N14501_0 Businessman
M14502_0 Businessman (Umbrella)
N14551_0 Woman (Yukata) Kasai?
N14601_0 Businessman
N14651_0 Yakushiji? (Naoto's Butler)
N14701_0 Teenage Girl
N14751_0 Young Woman
N14801_0 Housewife
N14851_0 Businessman
N14901_0 Child
N14951_0 Fox Pup
N15001_0 Fox Pup
N15051_0 Fox Pup
N15101_0 Young Woman
N15151_0 Teenage Girl
N15201_0 Teenager
N16001_1 Student (Summer) Briefcase
N16001_3 Student (Winter) Briefcase
N16002_1 Student (Summer) Umbrella / Briefcase
N16002_3 Student (Winter) Umbrella / Briefcase
N16051_1 Student(Summer)Briefcase/Glasses
N16051_3 Student(Winter)Briefcase/Glasses
N16052_1 Student(Summer)Umbrella/Briefcase/Glasses
N16052_3 Student(Winter)Umbrella/Briefcase/Glasses
N17001_1 F. Student (Summer) Briefcase
N17001_3 F. Student (Winter) Briefcase
N17002_1 F. Student (Summer) Briefcase / Umbrella
N17003_3 F. Student (Winter) Briefcase / Umbrella
N17051_1 F. Student (Summer) Duffelbag
N17051_3 F. Student (Winter) Duffelbag
N17052_1 F. Student (Summer) Duffelbag / Umbrella
N17052_3 F. Student (Winter) Duffelbag / Umbrella
N17101_1 Student? (Summer)
N17101_3 Student? (Winter)
N17102_1 Student? (Summer)
N17102_3 Student? (Winter)
N17151_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Backpack
N17151_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N17152_1 Student (Summer Uniform)Backpack/Umbrella
N17152_3 Sutdent (Winter Uniform) Backpack/Umbrella
N17201_1 Student (Summer Uniform) Backpack
N17201_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Backpack
N17202_1 Student (Summer Uniform)Backpack/Umbrella
N17202_3 Student (Winter Uniform) Backpack/Umbrella
N17251_1 F.Student (Summer Uniform) Briefcase
N17251_3 F.Student (Winter Uniform) Briefcase
N17252_1 F.Student(Summer) Briefcase/Umbrella
N17252_3 F.Student(Winter) Briefcase/Umbrella
N17301_1 F.Student(Summer)Briefcase/Glasses
N17301_3 F.Student(Winter)Briefcase/Glasses
N17302_1 F.Student(Summer)Briefcase/Umb/Glasses
N17302_3 F.Student(Winter)Briefcase/Umb/Glasses
N17351_1 F.Student (Summer) Shoulderbag
N17351_3 F.Student (Winter) Shoulderbag
N17352_1 F.Student(Summer)Shoulderbag/Umbrella
N17352_3 F.Student(Winter)Shoulderbag/Umbrella
N17701_1 Student (Summer) Bicycle
N17701_3 Student (Winter) Bicycle
N17751_1 F. Student (Summer) Bicycle
N17751_3 F. Student (Winter) Bicycle
N17801_2 Young Woman (Summer) Bicycle
N17801_4 Young Woman (Summer 2) Bicycle
N17851_0 Housewife (Bicycle) Grocery bag
N17901_1 Student (Winter Uniform)
N17901_2 Student (Winter Casual)
N17901_3 Student (Winter Uniform)
N17901_4 Student (Winter Casual)
N17951_1 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N17951_2 F. Student (Winter Casual)
N17951_3 F. Student (Winter Uniform)
N17951_4 F. Student (Winter Casual)
N18001_0 Young Man
N18051_0 Young Woman
N18101_0 Middle-Age Man
N18151_0 Middle-Age Woman
N18201_0 Yukiko's Castle (Midnight Channel)
N18202_0 Kanji's Bathhouse (Midnight Channel)
N18203_0 Rise's Stripclub (Midnight Channel)
N18204_0 Mitsuo's Game (Midnight Channel)
N18205_0 Naoto's Laboratory (Midnight Channel)
N18206_0 Live! icon?
N18207_0 Live! icon?
N18801_0 Izanagi
N18851_0 Jiraiya
N18901_0 Tomoe
N18951_0 Konohana-Sakuya
N19001_0 Take-Mikazuchi
N19051_0 Himiko
N19101_0 Sukuna-Hikona
N19151_0 Kintoki-Doji
N19201_0 Izanagi-no-Okami
N19251_0 Susano-O
N19301_0 Suzuka-Gongen
N19351_0 Amaterasu
N19401_0 Rokuten-Mao
N19451_0 Kanzeon
N19501_0 Yamato-Takeru
N19551_0 Kamui
N20101_0 Toast and Coffee
N20151_0 Toaster with Toast
N20201_0 Tea? Some kind of cylander...
N20251_0 Sushi tray
N20301_0 Sushi plate
N20351_0 Trial of the Dragon
N20401_0 Newspaper
N20451_0 Junes bag
N20501_0 Bicycle
N20551_0 Grill with steak?
N20601_0 Grill with steak?
N20651_0 Grill?
N20701_0 ATLUS brand Persona soda can
N20751_0 Omelette with ketchup
N20801_0 Plain Omelette
N20851_0 Weird Omelette
N20901_0 Spicy Omelette
N20951_0 Curry
N21001_0 Shopping Cart
N21051_0 Namatame's Profile?
N21101_0 Dipping Sauces?
N21151_0 King's Game Chopsticks and Cup
N21201_0 Curry
N21251_0 Soup?
N21301_0 Soup on Squid tray?
N21351_0 Odd Junes food? Also, a soda cup
N21401_0 Unknown meal
N21451_0 Another unknown meal
N21501_0 Rice bowl?
N21551_0 Rice bowl and squid tray?
N21601_0 Rice bowl and squid tray?
N21651_0 Soup and squid tray?
N21701_0 Grocery bag and groceries
N21751_0 Fork!
N21801_0 Butterknife
N21851_0 Spoon
N21901_0 Chopsticks?
N21951_0 Chopsticks?
N22001_0 Tofu
N22051_0 Eggs and sausage
N22101_0 Toast and Coffee
N22151_0 Briefcase
N22201_0 Briefcase
N22251_0 Textbooks and pencil
N22301_0 More Textbooks
N22351_0 Even more textbooks
N22401_0 Coffee?
N22451_0 Remote
N22452_0 Remote
N22501_0 Ramen Bowl
N22502_0 Ramen Bowl
N22551_0 Ramen Bowl
N22552_0 Ramen Bowl
N22601_0 Ramen Bowl
N22651_0 Ramen Bowl
N22701_0 Glitched?
N22751_0 Grill and table
N22801_0 No clue. Really glitched
N22802_0 Dojima's Car
N22851_0 Unkown food
N22901_0 Some kind of bottled tea?
N22951_0 Unkown Soda can
N23001_0 Chocolate Milk?
N23051_0 Melon Cream Soda bottle
N23101_0 Shopping basket with snacks?
N23151_0 Duffelbag
N23201_0 Namatame's Delivery Truck
N23251_0 Book?
N23301_0 Stack of books
N23351_0 Bento?
N23401_0 Bento?
N23451_0 Pop can
N23501_0 Pop can
N23551_0 Animal Crackers?
N23601_0 Cup of Beer?
N23651_0 Textbooks. Lots of them
N23701_0 Snacks
N23751_0 Umbrella
N23801_0 Persona Card?
N23851_0 No clue. Very Glitchy.
N23861_0 More glitchiness.
N23871_0 Yay, more glitches!
N23881_0 Persona Card?
N23891_0 Persona Card?
N23901_0 Persona Card?
N23911_0 Glitched
N23921_0 Gag Glasses
N23931_0 Kotatsu?
N23932_0 Kotatsu?
N23933_0 Kotatsu?
N23934_0 Kotatsu?
N23935_0 Kotatsu?
N23936_0 Kotatsu?
N23937_0 Kotatsu?
N23941_0 Junes art supplies
N23951_0 Junes bag of groceries
N23961_0 Christmas cake
N23971_0 Platypus Shirt
N23981_0 Princess Yukiko's Hunt For Her Prince Charming!
N23982_0 Men Only!! Kanji Tatsumi in RosySteamParadise
N23983_0 Maru-Q Midsummer Night's Dream Special
N23991_0 Vehicle
N24001_0 Newspaper clutter
N24011_0 Empty bowls
N24021_0 Small Fish
N24031_0 Fish
N24041_0 Larger Fish
N24051_0 Gold Fish
N24061_0 Gross long fish
N24071_0 Large Fish
N24081_0 Food trays in bag
N24091_0 Food trays in bag
N24101_0 Ramen dish in bag
N24111_0 Ramen dish in bag
N24121_0 Soup bowl in tray
N24131_0 Soup bowl
N24141_0 Soup bowl
N24151_0 Bento?
N24161_0 Separated bowl?
N24171_0 Soup bowl / separated bowl
N24181_0 Soup bowl / tray?
N24191_0 Soup bowl / separated bowl
N24201_0 Glitched
N24211_0 Juice box
M24221_0 Yu Narukami (Winter Uniform)
N24231_0 Glitched
N24241_0 Glitched
N24251_0 Glitched
N24261_0 Glitched
N24271_0 Glitched
N24281_0 Glitched
N24291_0 Glitched
N24301_0 Glitched
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