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weapon (P4G)

From Amicitia Wiki
Model/weapon (P4G)
Location data.cpk
Size 174 MB
Contains PAC

The model/weapon folder is a directory found in the data.cpk of Persona 4 Golden. It contains all the weapons models for all characters, in the form of AMD models.


Model Weapon
WP000.RMD Metal Bat
WP001.RMD Golf Club
WP002.RMD Titanium Club
WP003.RMD 5 Iron
WP004.RMD Imitation Katana
WP005.RMD Musashi Shinai
WP006.RMD Long Sword
WP007.RMD Zweihander
WP008.RMD Iai Katana
WP009.RMD Bastard Sword
WP00A.RMD Gothic Sword
WP00B.RMD Type 98 Gunto
WP00C.RMD Downpour Sword
WP00D.RMD Edge
WP00E.RMD Kage-Dachi
WP00F.RMD Great Sword
WP010.RMD Midair Hamon
WP011.RMD Anglaise
WP012.RMD Kakitsubata
WP013.RMD Gardenia Sword
WP014.RMD Kenka
WP015.RMD Krieg
WP016.RMD Kijintou
WP017.RMD Number One
WP018.RMD Gaia Sword
WP019.RMD Tsubaki-Otoshi
WP01A.RMD Myth-Like Sword
WP01B.RMD Shichisei-Ken
WP01C.RMD El Caliente
WP01D.RMD Yahiro Sword
WP01E.RMD Triumph
WP01F.RMD Tajikarao Sword
WP020.RMD Futsuno Mitama
WP021.RMD Soul Crusher
WP022.RMD Wooden Bat
WP023.RMD Metal Bat
WP024.RMD Blade of Totsuka
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