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Persona 5/data.cpk/model/weapon
Location data.cpk (P5)
Size 37 MB
Contains GMD, GFS

The data.cpk file found in Persona 5 contains a model directory, with folders for characters, weapons, items and field textures. In the weapon folder, you can find all of the weapons for party members in GMD format, as well as a few stray GFS files.
For Characters, see Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character. And for Personas, see Persona 5/data.cpk/model/character/persona.

Many weapons in the game share models, so items in the following list may have multiple weapon names.


Filename Weapon Image
gun0000.GMD Weapon Name
gun0001.GMD Assassin, Makaronov SP, Makaronov II, Makaronov, Tkachev SP, Tkachev II,

Unmarked Pistol, Tkachev, Model Gun

gun0002.GMD Medusan II, R.I.Pistol, Medusan, Crimson Gun HP, Crimson Gun, Assassin SP,

Compact HP, Eliminator, Compact,

gun0003.GMD Sleeper SP, Gravity Gun, From Heaven, From Heaven II, Sleeper, Riot Police SP,

Governance HP, Riot Police, Governance,

gun0004.GMD Gravity Gun HP, R.I.Pistol II, Cocytus SP, Cocytus, Karura II, Sand Hawk II,

Karura, Sand Hawk,

gun0005.GMD Nataraja,
gun0006.GMD Tyrant Pistol,
gun0101.GMD Levinson M31, Levinson M31 HP, Mad Maximum, Big Sleep, Big Sleep SP,

Nock Volley, Nock Volley SP, Fury

gun0102.GMD Granelli M3, Heavy Shotgun, Heavy Shotgun II, Mad Maximum II, Orso Nero,

Orso Nero SP, Fury SP, Volley Cannon II, Smithereens

gun0103.GMD Levinson M31 II, Granelli M3 SP, Fireworks, Fireworks SP, Masterkey,

Bianchi SBAS, Bianchi SBAS II, Kiraiho, Kiraihou II

gun0104.GMD Storm Shot,  Storm Shot II, Calamity Gun, Calamity Gun SP,

Smithereens II, Hellfire, Volley Cannon

gun0105.GMD Pumpkin Bomb File:Gun0105.png
gun0106.GMD Megido Fire File:Gun0106.png
gun0201.GMD Slingshot, Slingshot HP, Upsilon, Upsilon II, Spirit Sling HP, Pirate Killer,

Sling Cannon, Shrike II

gun0202.GMD Shrike, Shrike Sp, Comet 3, Comet 3 II, Northern Light SP, Sling Cannon II,

Star Slayer, Star Slayer HP

gun0203.GMD Slingshot SP, Intercept, Intercept II, Dreamstone, Utopia, Utopia HP,

Northern Light, Shooting Star, Clemont Shot

gun0204.GMD Slingbow, Slingbow II, Stronger, Stronger SP, Mount Liang, Mt. Liang SP,

Pirate Killer SP, Dreamstone II

gun0205.GMD Catnap File:Gun0205.png
gun0206.GMD Sudarshana File:Gun0206.png
gun0301.GMD Replica SMG, Tarantula, Tarantula SP, Antares, Antares II, Honoikazuchi SP File:Gun0301.png
gun0302.GMD Trooper, Trooper SP, MP2 Prototype, MP2 Prototype II, Trooper SP,

MP Victoria, MP Victoria EP, Sterlidge II, H. Renhappou HP, Sterlidge

gun0303.GMD Blitz MG, Civilian MP, Civilian MP II, Hyakka Ryouran, Blitz MGSP, Flare SMG II

Phantom Killer, Phantom Killer II, H. Ryouran HP

gun0304.GMD Tommy Gun, Tommy Gun II, Western SMG, Western SMG II, Flare SMG,

No Mercy, No Mercy II, Hien Renhappou, Honoikazuchi

gun0305.GMD Brain Shot File:Gun0305.png
gun0306.GMD Wild Hunt File:Gun0306.png
gun0401.GMD Replica AR, G1 Type, G1 Type SP, AR-M4 SP, Blaze Assault, Hizutsu File:Gun0401.png
gun0402.GMD AR-M4, AR-M4 II, Tempest, Tempest II, Cruel Carbine, Cruel Carbine II

Rebel Rifle, Rebel Rifle SP

gun0403.GMD Black Assault, Black Assault SP, Heavy Assault, Heavy Assault II, AR-X

Ryuraihou II, Tempest HP

gun0404.GMD Hero AR, Hero AR II, Annihilator, Annihilator II, Blaze Assault SP, Sharpshooter,

Hizutsu HP, Ryuraihou

gun0405.GMD Sharpshooter II, Kuzuryu Gouhou File:Gun0405.png
gun0406.GMD Heaven's Gate File:Gun0406.png
gun0501.GMD Replica Revolver, P Revolver, P Revolver II, PM Sheriff II, Ling Xing, Wildborn SP

Evil Roulette II

gun0502.GMD Peacemaker, Peacemaker SP, Cavalry II, PM Sheriff, Baptism, Twilight File:Gun0502.png
gun0503.GMD Peacemaker HP, Orochi, Orochi SP, Evil Roulette, Ling Xing II, Wildborn File:Gun0503.png
gun0504.GMD Justness, Justness II, Artillery, Artillery II, Calvary, Baptism SP, Twilight SP File:Gun0504.png
gun0505.GMD Mirrirmina File:Gun0505.png
gun0506.GMD Judge of the Dead File:Gun0506.png
gun0601.GMD GL Replica, GL Replica II, Eraser, Eraser SP File:Gun0601.png
gun0602.GMD Scorcher, Scorcher SP, Magma Bucket, Magma Bucket SP, Flame Ocean

Pandemonium SP

gun0603.GMD Pandemonium, Multiple GL, Multiple GL II, Town Burner, Town Burner SP,

Town Burner HP

gun0604.GMD Pawzooka File:Gun0604.png
gun0605.GMD Yagrush File:Gun0605.png
gun0701.GMD Aura Gun 1 File:Gun0701.png
gun0801.GMD Moebius, Moebius II, Sirius, Sirius SP, Golden Beam File:Gun0801.png
wp0000.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0000.png
wp0001.GFS Weapon Name File:Wp0001gfs.png
wp0001.GMD Rebel Knife, Skinning Knife, Pro Skinning Knife, Black Kogatana
wp0002.GFS Weapon Name File:Wp0002gfs.png
wp0002.GMD Misericorde, Dual Edge Machete, Machete
wp0003.GFS Weapon Name File:Wp0003gfs.png
wp0003.GMD Blizz Dagger, Igniter, Killing Scalpel, Parrying Dagger, Baselard
wp0004.GMD Athame, Ritual Athame, Pro Parrying Dagger, Frenzy Dagger
wp0005.GMD Shock Knife, Dancing Knife
wp0006.GMD Fault Knife, Anmesia, Coma Dagger, Melancholia
wp0007.GMD Kukri, Steel Kukri, Corvo, Copis, Blood Corvo, Dirk
wp0008.GMD Mummy's Kopis, Quality Kopis, Old Dirk, Pro Yamanaji, Yamanaji
wp0009.GMD Arsene's Cane
wp0010.GMD Paradise Lost
wp0101.GMD Normal Rod, Heavy Steel Pipe, Iron Pipe File:Wp0101.png
wp0102.GMD Steel Pipe, Quality Steel Pipe, Demon Pipe File:Wp0102.png
wp0103.GMD Mace, Heavy Mace File:Wp0103.png
wp0104.GMD Genocide Crowbar, Death Crowbar, Lotus Wand File:Wp0104.png
wp0105.GMD Battle Hammer, Demon War Hammer File:Wp0105.png
wp0106.GMD Bush Hammer, Boss Bush Hammer, Erasure Hammer, Grand Presser, Gaea Presser File:Wp0106.png
wp0107.GMD Wolf Fang Pole, Spike Rod, Sleep Stick, Flint Rod, Big Sleep Stick, Super Steel Whip File:Wp0107.png
wp0108.GMD Megaton Rod, the Anchor, Super Megido Pole, Dragon God Pole, Stun Baton File:Wp0108.png
wp0109.GMD Hell Slugger, Triple Crown Bat File:Wp0109.png
wp0110.GMD Ruyi Jingu Bang File:Wp0110.png
wp0201.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0201.png
wp0202.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0202.png
wp0203.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0203.png
wp0204.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0204.png
wp0205.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0205.png
wp0206.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0206.png
wp0207.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0207.png
wp0208.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0208.png
wp0209.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0209.png
wp0210.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0210.png
wp0301.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0301.png
wp0302.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0302.png
wp0303.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0303.png
wp0304.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0304.png
wp0305.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0305.png
wp0306.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0306.png
wp0307.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0307.png
wp0308.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0308.png
wp0309.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0309.png
wp0310.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0310.png
wp0401.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0401.png
wp0402.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0402.png
wp0403.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0403.png
wp0404.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0404.png
wp0405.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0405.png
wp0406.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0406.png
wp0407.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0407.png
wp0408.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0408.png
wp0409.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0409.png
wp0410.GMD Usumidori File:Wp0410.png
wp0501.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0501.png
wp0501_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0501 L.png
wp0501_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0501 R.png
wp0502_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0502 L.png
wp0502_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0502 R.png
wp0503_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0503 L.png
wp0503_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0503 R.png
wp0504_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0504 L.png
wp0504_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0504 R.png
wp0505_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0505 L.png
wp0505_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0505 R.png
wp0506_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0506 L.png
wp0506_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0506 R.png
wp0507_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0507 L.png
wp0507_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0507 R.png
wp0508_L.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0508 L.png
wp0508_R.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0508 R.png
wp0509_L.GMD Bear Glove File:Wp0509 L.png
wp0509_R.GMD Bear Glove File:Wp0509 R.png
wp0510_L.GMD Sabazios File:Wp0510 L.png
wp0510_R.GMD Sabazios File:Wp0510 R.png
wp0601.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0601.png
wp0602.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0602.png
wp0603.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0603.png
wp0604.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0604.png
wp0605.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0605.png
wp0606.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0606.png
wp0607.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0607.png
wp0608.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0608.png
wp0701.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0701.png
wp0801.GMD Weapon Name File:Wp0801.png
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