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Movie (P5)

From Amicitia Wiki

The ps3.cpk in Persona 5 contains a Movie directory, where pre-rendered video files are encoded in USM format.

SPOILERS: Many of the following file descriptions contain major plot spoilers. Read at your own risk.

File Name Description
mov000 Intro cutscene (Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There). Plays when the game is booted up before the title screen.
mov001 Casino escape (prologue)
mov004 Joker wakes up in the Velvet Room for the first time
mov005 A train derails and Sae is debriefed at the SIU office
mov006 Joker on the way to his new residence at the beginning of the game
mov007 Joker meets Ann and Kamoshida on the way to school
mov008 Joker and Ryuji accidentally wander into the Metaverse for the first time
mov009 Joker awakens to his Persona, Arsene
mov010 Kamoshida serves a volleyball directly into Mishima's face at the volleyball rally
mov011 Kamoshida's Palace collapses
mov012 Joker, Ryuji, and Ann meet Yusuke and Madarame for the first time in Shibuya
mov013 Principal Kobayakawa dies
mov015 Ride to the pyramid in Futaba's Palace
mov016 Futaba's Palace collapses
mov017 Summer fireworks festival; Joker catches a glimpse of Haru for the first time
mov018 Beach scene
mov020 Sae's Palace reveal
mov021 Phantom Thieves react to the announcement of Joker's "death"
mov024 Shido's Palace reveal
mov025 Final calling card
mov026 Shido's Palace collapses
mov029 Shibuya returns to normal after Yaldabaoth's defeat
mov031 Ann confides to Joker about Kamoshida's sexual harassment
mov032 The Holy Grail awakens and becomes Yaldabaoth
mov033 Flight to Hawaii
mov034 Mementos merges with Shibuya and becomes the Qlipoth World
mov035 Phantom Thieves lie low after Joker's arrest
mov036 Joker is released from juvenile hall
mov037 Akechi kills Joker
mov039 Joker reunites with the Phatom Thieves at Leblanc after being released from juvenile hall
mov040 Joker attempts to escape Sae's Palace and is arrested
mov041 Casino escape (Sae's palace)
mov042 Akechi makes Joker's murder look like suicide (bad ending)
mov043 Joker survives Akechi's betrayal (good/true ending)
mov044 Joker attemps to escape Sae's Palace and is arrested (duplicate)
mov045 The Phantom Thieves drive Joker home and ending credits background slideshow
mov100 Flashback to Joker's arrest
mov101 Joker and Ryuji use the Metaverse Navigator for the first time (3D)
mov102 Qlipoth World after Phantom Thieves are erased (3D)
mov103 Shadow Shido boss intro (3D)
mov104 Joker shoots Yaldabaoth in the face with Satanael (3D)
mov105 Qlipoth World Shibuya cheers on the Phantom Thieves (3D)
mov106 Okumura dies on video stream (3D)
mov297 Joker summons his Ultimate Persona, Satanael (3D)
mov298 A view from the fly-like eyes of Shadow Kaneshiro (3D)
mov299 Shadow Madarame boss intro (3D)
mov302 Christmas sale advertisement (displayed on in-game TVs)
mov303 News flash intro (displayed on in-game TVs)
mov308 Shadow Sae taunts the Phantom Thieves (displayed on boss room monitor)
mov309 Company apologizes at press conference (displayed on in-game TVs)
mov310 Shido speaks to the public (displayed on in-game TVs)
mov311 Campaign staff cheers for Shido; campaign staff panics after Shido confesses (displayed on in-game TVs)
mov311 Metaverse Navigator app flashes (displayed on Joker's smartphone screen)
mov313 Sae's data is downloaded onto Futaba's flash drive (displayed on Sae's laptop screen)
mov314 Reinforcements appear in Sae's Palace (displayed on Futaba's holo-display)
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