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From Amicitia Wiki
Format IMG
Size 3.7 GB
Contains TMX BF BMD

The DDS3.IMG is an IMG file found in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.
"battle" subdirectory contains files used in battles

Below is a list of files and a summary of their purpose.


File Name Description
Battle_01.tmx bAeevyM.png
Battle_02.tmx 3uRrNoC.png
Battle_03.tmx 50SeyFB.png
Battle_04.tmx h9q24Gi.png
Damage.tmx b4u8VKg.png
result_01.tmx QRbNpb5.png
result_02.tmx fTrjGXH.png
result_03.tmx sGlqIMN.png
Target.tmx xhD4YE3.png
????.txt Empty text file
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