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From Amicitia Wiki
Format IMG
Size 3.7 GB
Contains TMX BF BMD

The DDS3.IMG is an IMG file found in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.
"battle" subdirectory contains files used in battles

Below is a list of directories and a summary of their purpose.

Directory Name Description Notable Files
bil00.tmx Uy3fHnX.png
bil01.tmx fsA9eO4.png
bil02.tmx 1t4izhH.png
bil03.tmx r6n2bfz.png
bil10.tmx 4zt3rnZ.png
bil11.tmx r9YEcxf.png
bil12.tmx Hiph1fU.png
bil13.tmx rjQA2rs.png
bil14.tmx 1wmFVg2.png
bil15.tmx 3Tj8jfg.png
bil16.tmx 6sT2Z7j.png
light.tmx 16B2ggy.png
maru.tmx EZ5NUil.png
mblur8.tmx LuHbIGW.png
mblur8_3.tmx GiPuwHG.png
smoke.tmx kppAS50.png
smoke07.tmx EOjZpeB.png
smoke08.tmx 1Qvcpd0.png
smoke10.tmx 2oW2omX.png
smoke12.tmx nfHONvG.png
smoke16.tmx CeNzneS.png
smoke2.tmx kgNdMFH.png
stage.tmx Uy3fHnX.png
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