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PMF Format
Purpose Video Container
Games Persona 1 PSP
Persona 3 Portable
Developer Sony

PlayStation Portable Movie Format, abbreviated as either PSMF or PMF, is a video container developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and used in Persona 1 PSP and Persona 3 Portable.
In the Persona games, the video track is MPEG-2, the video stream is MPEG-4 AVC, and the video is always 29.97 FPS at 480x272 resolution. The audio track is always 44100 Hz stereo AT3.


Unlike Persona 3's PS2 counterparts and Persona 4 PS2's Sofdec SFD video format, the length of the video files are not hardcoded into the executable. Due to this, it is possible to create custom video files of any duration, regardless of the original.



PMFCreator is an tool for creating PSP video files. To use it, you will need an MPS file, which can be created with UMD Stream Composer. Once your MPS file has been made, download PMF Creator with the link given to you.