Persona 3

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Persona 3 FES
Logo of the original PS2 Title
Platform Playstation 2
Released July 13, 2006
Format DVD (ISO)
Size 4.27 GB

For the PSP version, please refer to Persona 3 Portable.

Persona 3 is the first Persona series title on the Playstation 2. Unlike its predecessors, it features fully 3D characters and environments, utilizing Renderware's graphics engine. P3 also boasts a new, simplified battle system, and the introduction of Social Links.
The same engine was later re-used in Persona 4 with new characters, a new setting, and some improvements to battle: an updated UI, and the ability to directly control party members. Many of the files from Persona 4 are compatible with the PS2 versions of Persona 3.

Later, an expanded version of Persona 3 was released, titled Persona 3:FES and is considered the definitive version. For the intents of this Wiki, all P3-related pages address data from the FES version, unless otherwise stated.

A PSP version of Persona 3 exists called Persona 3 Portable that has an updated battle system to match Persona 4's improvements and adds a new female protagonist. However, many of the formats and the overall file structure is different.


In NTSC-US version:

In PAL version: