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Persona 3/BGM.CVM
Format CVM
Size 246 MB
Contains ADX

The BGM.CVM is a file found in the PS2 versions of Persona 3's ISO. All of the background music used in either game can be found inside, in ADX format.


There are 223 ADX files in the BGM.CVM when extracted. Some are from the original Persona 3, some are unused (or placeholders from other Atlus games), and some are parts of a whole song segmented into 528kb sections. Many new tracks have been added for The Answer.

Filename Persona 3 FES Persona 3
01 tartarus_0d01 (Thebel, first block, this is also used for Monad Depths) Same
02-18 Same
19 シャドウ (Arcana Magician appears) Same
20 Deep Breath Deep Breath (Arcana Priestess train sequence) Same
21 Basement Same
22 深層心理/Deep Mentality (Shirakawa Boulevard full moon operation) Same
23-24 Deep Breath Deep Breath (unused) Same
25 When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars (Map and overworld except Gekkoukan High, before January) Same
26 Mass Destruction (normal battle theme) Same
27 Master of Shadow (Arcana Shadows aka Full Moon bosses) Same
28 避けられぬ戦い (Strega, Velvet Attendants) Same
29 Burn My Dread -Last Battle- (Final Battle, final form) Same
30 全ての人の魂の戦い/Battle Hymn of the Soul (Final battle, main phases) Same
31 Master Of Tartarus (Tartarus bosses) Same
32 京都 (Kyoto trip) Same
35 Troubled Same
36 暗闇より出でしもの (Strega conversations, 11/4 villain monologue) Same
37 Living With Determination Same
38 Joy (Used during Yakushima, and on 11/30) Same
39 Fearful Experiance Same
40 Calamity (Arcana Magician is about to appear, Train is about to crash, Mitsuru hotsprings execution) Same
41-42 Same
43 Joy (Social Link theme) Same
44 この不思議な感覚 (Early S.E.E.S. conversations, Mutatsu Social Link) Same
45 Crisis (Shadow is about to appear) Same
46 The Path Is Open (Persona resolutions, rank 10 Social Link) Same
50 Want To Be Close (Gekkoukan High, first term) Same
51 Changing Seasons (Gekkoukan High, second term) Same
52 Unnamed (Gekkoukan High during January) Same
53 巌戸台分寮 (Iwatodai Dorm) Same
54 全ての人の魂の詩/Aria of the Soul (Velvet Room) Same
55 時価ネットたなか/Tanaka's Amazing Commodities Same
56 ポロニアンモール (Paulownia mall) Same
60 戦いのあと/After the Battle (Results Theme) Same
61 Unnamed (Unused Level Up Theme?) Same
62 The Path Was Closed (Game Over) Same
63 Same
70 tartarus_0d02 (Arqa, second block) Same
71 The Voice Someone Calls (Tartarus Entrance) Same
72 tartarus_0d04 (Tziah, fourth block) Same
73 tartarus_0d05 (Harabah, fifth block) Same
74-75 tartarus_0d05 (Adamah, Sixth block, 74 is the 3D floors, 75 used in Portable for its 2D section) Same
76 深層心理/Deep Mentality (Unused) Same
77 Living With Determination -巌戸台分寮アレンジ- (Dorm during January) Same
78 戦いのあと/After the Battle (Unused in Portable, Used for Shuffle Time in FES) Same
79 Mistic (Name entry and route choice. Portable also uses this in place of Determination during the final velvet room scene) Same
80 街の記憶 (Map and overworld except Gekkoukan High, during January) Same
81 tartarus_0d03 (Yabbashah, third block) Same
82 Unnamed (Early Dark Hour theme #1, beta track, used in an old trailer) Same
83 Unnamed (Early Dark Hour theme #2, beta track) Same
84 Unnamed (Early Dark Hour theme #3, beta track) Same
85 やすらぎ (Awakening resolutions, and Sunday morning invites) Same
86 心の力 (Social Link level up) Same
87 adventured act: (Club Escapade) Same
88 学園の記憶/Memories of the School (Used during the rooftop scene on March 5th) Same
89 試驗中··· (School Exam Theme) Same
90 嫌な予感 (Morning conversations about full moon bosses) Same
91 Afternoon Break (School social link invites) Same
92 Unnamed (Ambience) Same
93 Unnamed (Used during the final Velvet Room scene right after defeating the final boss) Same
94 Interstice Of Time (Malebolge) Tartarus Tziah (Higher audio quality)
95 Interstice Of Time (Cocytus) Tartarus Arqa (Higher audio quality)
96 Interstice Of Time (Caina) Tartarus Yabbashah (Higher audio quality)
97 Interstice Of Time (Antenora)
98 Interstice Of Time (Ptolomea)
99 Interstice Of Time (Judecca)
100 Interstice Of Time (Empyrean)
101 扉の間 (Interstice of Time Entrance)
102 雪の女王/Track 01
103 舞耶・テーマ/Track 02
104 ペルソナ/Track 03
105 時間城/Track 04
106 Mass Destruction -P3fes version-
107 Blind Alley
108 Unnamed (Ambience)
109 Unnamed (Loud ambience)
111 3/31 (The Answer S.E.E.S. reunion)
112 それぞれの過去 (Conversations about flashbacks)
113 Heartful Cry (S.E.E.S. infighting)
114 闇 (Final boss of The Answer)
115 Brand New days -はじまり- (Main Menu)
0501-0556 Changing Seasons (In sections, unused)
0601 Master of Tartarus (with interlude, beta version, used in old trailer)
0602 Master of Tartarus (Beta version)
BBGM03 Master of Tartarus (Same as 601, beta version)
ENV_001 to ENV_065 Various background field sounds Same
FBGM03 Changing Seasons (With a weird loop, unused)
FBGM04 深層心理/Deep Mentality (Unused)
FBGM0301 to FBGM0329 Changing Seasons (In sections, unused)
KINPAKU The Army of Ultimate Power's Imminent Arrival, from Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army (Unused)
MAP01 Tsukudo Cho (Rearrange), from Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon (Unused)
MAP02 A Strange World, from Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army (Unused)
THEME Burn My Dread Instrumental (Unused, beta version?) Same

Persona 3 Portable

In addition to the FES list:

Filename Description
42 Memories of You
47 New Days (P4)
48 Like A Dream Come True (P4)
92 Quiet Dorm Ambience (used on 3/3 and 3/4)
107 Water rushing (Yukari/Mitsuru 11/18 river conversation)
108 Intro Train Ambience
109 Moon/Tartarus Rising Ambience (also used for the Man With A Radio scene)
110 Rumbling (For Nyx's moon)
111 Wolf Howling (Gekkoukan High at night)
112 Burn My Dread intro loop
113 Yakushima ambience
116 Tartarus Bell Tolling
120 Time
121 Sun
122 Wiping All Out
123 Danger Zone
124 Way of Life
125 After School
126 Tender Feeling


For editing the files contained in the BGM.CVM, see ADX. For extracting/rebuilding the CVM, see CVM.

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