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From Amicitia Wiki
Directory Description
C71_C80_L_L_1 TMX files of the All-Out Attack portraits and the background of the All-Out Attack, and a TXT file. The last 2 digits of the portraits determine the character.
C82_L_L_1 TMX files of Junpei's early All-Out Attack portrait and a white version of the All-Out-Attack background, and a TXT file
C90_L_L_1 A TMX file of Hero's cutin and a TXT file
C93_L_L_1 A TMX file of Orpheus' Fusion Spell cutin and a TXT file
EPL 2 EPL files
MIXRAID TMX files for Fusion Spell's background
BACK.TMX A darker version of the All-Out Attack background
Lots of CPK files CPK file
A few CIN files
PER_EFC0_??_00.BIN 3 CPK files and 2 EPL files. The 2 digits determine the character.
PER_EFC0_??_??.BIN A CIN file, a TMX file, 3 CPK files, and 2 EPL files. The first 2 digits determine the character, the last 2 determine the persona. Used in the Fusion Spell cutin?
PER_EFC1_??.BIN A CPK file and a SPR file with a TMX file of the exclamation marks from an All-Out Attack.
PER_EFC2_?.BIN A SPR file with a TMX file of the exclamation marks from an All-Out Attack, a CIN file, a TMX file of the background of an All-Out Attack, and a CPK file.
PER_MIX??.BIN 4 TMX files of the background and 'R's of a Fusion Spell, and 3 CPK files.
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