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Filename Character Costume
FC_01_00.RMD Hero Winter Uniform
FC_01_01.RMD Hero Summer Uniform
FC_01_02.RMD Hero Winter Casual
FC_01_03.RMD Hero Summer Casual
FC_01_04.RMD Hero SEES Armband
FC_01_05.RMD Hero Winter Uniform
FC_01_06.RMD Hero Swimwear
FC_01_07.RMD Hero Towel
FC_01_08.RMD Hero Yukata
FC_02_00.RMD Yukari Takeba SEES Armband
FC_02_01.RMD Yukari Takeba Towel
FC_03_00.RMD Aigis Normal
FC_04_00.RMD Mitsuru Kirijo Towel
FC_05_00.RMD Junpei Iori Winter Uniform
FC_05_01.RMD Junpei Iori Swimwear
FC_05_02.RMD Junpei Iori Towel
FC_06_00.RMD Fuuka Yamagishi Towel
FC_07_00.RMD Akihiko Sanada Towel
FC_07_01.RMD Akihiko Sanada Swimwear
FC_13_00.RMD Ryoji Mochizuki Towel
FC_20_00.RMD Aigis Armour
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