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Persona 3/DATA.CVM
Format CVM
Size 3.13 GB


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The DATA.CVM is a file found in the PS2 versions of Persona 3 and Persona 4.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
BUSTUP Contains 2D artwork of characters displayed alongside dialog boxes in the form of TMX files inside BINs.
CAMP Contains various PAK, BMD, SPR, and BIN files for the menu. COMMU, COMU, FONT, PERSONA, and STATUS
CARD Various TMX files of the cards in Shuffle Time. MISC, PERSONA, and SARCANA
CUTIN Contains various CPK files. SHAPE
EVENT PM1, PM2, and PM3 files for various cutscenes in the game organized in folders by their ID number range. AGEIS_ITEMTBL.BIN, AEGIS_SEQ.BIN, COMUPACK.PAK, COMUTABLE.BIN, ITEMTBL.BIN
FACILITY Various PAK, SEQ, and SPR files associated with the Velvet Room and the various shops.
FIELD BIN files associated with the minimap, scripts related to bosses and TV. BTL_EFFECT, EFFECT, GRMD, ICON, MAP, PACK, RMD, SCRIPT, and TABLE.
FONT Various FNT files. SIZE12, containing F11-001.THX
FTP_IRX Various IRX files.
HELP Various BMD files relating to tutorials. DATMSG.PAK
ICON Various EPL files.
IRX_NEW Contains various IRX files.
LMAP What appears to be some kind of ISO file. LMAP_DAT
OPED BIN and TMX files related to the opening video.
SCRIPT BF files associated with each field in the game. EVENT
SFD SFD files associated with the various cutscenes.
SMAP Various SPR and TMX files. SYMBOL
SOUND Various AFS and ADX files relating to voice lines. SPU, VOICE, V450001.AFS (the various character voice lines in battles)
SOUND2 Various AFS and ADX files relating to misc. sound effects. BATTLE, EVENT
STRATUM Various TMX files related to the title screen. The files are the same in both P3 and FES


For extracting/rebuilding the CVM, see CVM.

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