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From Amicitia Wiki
Filename Character Outfit Expression
BUST_DUMMY.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_0111A.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0111B.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0121A.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0121B.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0131.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0161.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0181.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0191.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_01A1.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_01C1.BIN Hero Early artwork
I_B_0211A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer uiform Neutral
I_B_0211B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_0212A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer uniform Happy
I_B_0212B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter uniform Happy
I_B_0213A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer uniform Angry
I_B_0213B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter uniform Angry
I_B_0214A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer uniform Worried
I_B_0214B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter uniform Worried
I_B_0215A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer uniform Shocked
I_B_0215B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter uniform Shocked
I_B_0217A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer uniform Blush
I_B_0217B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter uniform Blush
I_B_0218A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer uniform Exasperated
I_B_0218B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter uniform Exasperated
I_B_0221A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer casual Neutral
I_B_0221B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter casual Neutral
I_B_0222A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer casual Happy
I_B_0222B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter casual Happy
I_B_0223A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer casual Angry
I_B_0223B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter casual Angry
I_B_0224A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer casual Worried
I_B_0224B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter casual Worried
I_B_0225A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer casual Shocked
I_B_0225B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter casual Shocked
I_B_0226A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer casual Crying
I_B_0226B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter casual Crying
I_B_0227A.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer casual Blush
I_B_0227B.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter casual Blush
I_B_0231.BIN Yukari Takeba Yukata Neutral
I_B_0232.BIN Yukari Takeba Yukata Happy
I_B_0233.BIN Yukari Takeba Yukata Angry
I_B_0234.BIN Yukari Takeba Pencil lines
I_B_0237.BIN Yukari Takeba Yukata Blush
I_B_0241.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer kimono Neutral
I_B_0242.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer kimono Happy
I_B_0243.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer kimono Angry
I_B_0244.BIN Yukari Takeba Pencil lines
I_B_0247.BIN Yukari Takeba Summer kimono Blush
I_B_0251.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter kimono Neutral
I_B_0252.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter kimono Happy
I_B_0253.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter kimono Angry
I_B_0254.BIN Yukari Takeba Pencil lines
I_B_0257.BIN Yukari Takeba Winter kimono Blush
I_B_0261.BIN Yukari Takeba Bikini Neutral
I_B_0262.BIN Yukari Takeba Bikini Happy
I_B_0263.BIN Yukari Takeba Bikini Angry
I_B_0264.BIN Yukari Takeba Pencil lines
I_B_0267.BIN Yukari Takeba Bikini Blush
I_B_0291.BIN Yukari Takeba Towel Neutral
I_B_0292.BIN Yukari Takeba Towel Happy
I_B_0293.BIN Yukari Takeba Towel Angry
I_B_0294.BIN Yukari Takeba Pencil lines
I_B_0297.BIN Yukari Takeba Towel Blush
I_B_02A1.BIN Yukari Takeba Maid Happy
I_B_02A2.BIN Yukari Takeba Maid Unamused
I_B_02C1.BIN Yukari Takeba SEES armband Neutral
I_B_02C2.BIN Yukari Takeba SEES armband Happy
I_B_02C3.BIN Yukari Takeba SEES armband Angry
I_B_02C4.BIN Yukari Takeba SEES armband Worried
I_B_02C5.BIN Yukari Takeba SEES armband Shocked
I_B_02C7.BIN Yukari Takeba SEES armband Blush
I_B_02C8.BIN Yukari Takeba SEES armband Exasperated
I_B_0311A.BIN Aigis Uniform Neutral
I_B_0311B.BIN Aigis Uniform Neutral
I_B_0312A.BIN Aigis Uniform Happy
I_B_0312B.BIN Aigis Uniform Happy
I_B_0313A.BIN Aigis Uniform Angry
I_B_0313B.BIN Aigis Uniform Angry
I_B_0314A.BIN Aigis Uniform Sad
I_B_0314B.BIN Aigis Uniform Sad
I_B_0331.BIN Aigis Yukata Neutral
I_B_0332.BIN Aigis Yukata Happy
I_B_0333.BIN Aigis Pencil lines
I_B_0334.BIN Aigis Yukata Sad
I_B_0341.BIN Aigis Summer kimono Neutral
I_B_0342.BIN Aigis Summer kimono Happy
I_B_0343.BIN Aigis Pencil lines
I_B_0344.BIN Aigis Summer kimono Sad
I_B_0351.BIN Aigis Winter kimono Neutral
I_B_0352.BIN Aigis Winter kimono Happy
I_B_0353.BIN Aigis Pencil lines
I_B_0354.BIN Aigis Winter kimono Sad
I_B_0361.BIN Aigis Sundress Neutral
I_B_0362.BIN Aigis Sundress Happy
I_B_0363.BIN Aigis Pencil lines
I_B_0364.BIN Aigis Sundress Sad
I_B_0381.BIN Aigis Armour Neutral
I_B_0382.BIN Aigis Armour Happy
I_B_0383.BIN Aigis Armour Angry
I_B_0384.BIN Aigis Armour Sad
I_B_0385.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_0391.BIN Aigis SEES armour Neutral
I_B_0392.BIN Aigis SEES armour Happy
I_B_0393.BIN Aigis SEES armour Angry
I_B_0394.BIN Aigis SEES armour Sad
I_B_0395.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_03A1.BIN Aigis Normal Neutral
I_B_03A2.BIN Aigis Normal Happy
I_B_03A3.BIN Aigis Normal Angry
I_B_03A4.BIN Aigis Normal Sad
I_B_03A8.BIN Aigis Normal Robotic
I_B_03B1.BIN Aigis No bow Neutral
I_B_03B2.BIN Aigis No bow Happy
I_B_03B3.BIN Aigis No bow Angry
I_B_03B4.BIN Aigis No bow Sad
I_B_03C1.BIN Aigis SEES armband Neutral
I_B_03C2.BIN Aigis SEES armband Happy
I_B_03C3.BIN Aigis SEES armband Angry
I_B_03C4.BIN Aigis SEES armband Sad
I_B_03C8.BIN Aigis SEES armband Robotic
I_B_0411A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_0411B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_0412A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer uniform Happy
I_B_0412B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter uniform Happy
I_B_0413A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer uniform Angry
I_B_0413B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter uniform Angry
I_B_0414A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer uniform Sad
I_B_0414B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter uniform Sad
I_B_0417A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer uniform Blush
I_B_0417B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter uniform Blush
I_B_0421A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer casual Neutral
I_B_0421B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter casual Neutral
I_B_0422A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer casual Happy
I_B_0422B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter casual Happy
I_B_0423A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0423B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter casual Angry
I_B_0424A.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer casual Sad
I_B_0424B.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter casual Sad
I_B_0431.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Yukata Neutral
I_B_0432.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Yukata Happy
I_B_0433.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0434.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0437.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Yukata Blush
I_B_0441.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer kimono Neutral
I_B_0442.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer kimono Happy
I_B_0443.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0444.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0447.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Summer kimono Blush
I_B_0451.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter kimono Neutral
I_B_0452.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter kimono Happy
I_B_0453.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0454.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0457.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Winter kimono Blush
I_B_0461.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Bikini Neutral
I_B_0462.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Bikini Happy
I_B_0463.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0464.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0467.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Bikini Blush
I_B_0491.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Towel Neutral
I_B_0492.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Towel Happy
I_B_0493.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0494.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Pencil lines
I_B_0497.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Towel Blush
I_B_04A1.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Child Neutral
I_B_04A2.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'placeholder'
I_B_04A3.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Child Angry
I_B_04A4.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Child Pained
I_B_04B1.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Young Neutral
I_B_04B2.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo Young Happy
I_B_04B3.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_04B4.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_04C1.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo SEES armband Neutral
I_B_04C2.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo SEES armband Happy
I_B_04C3.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo SEES armband Angry
I_B_04C4.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo SEES armband Sad
I_B_04C7.BIN Mitsuru Kirijo SEES armband Blush
I_B_0510A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Smirk
I_B_0510B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Smirk
I_B_0511A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_0511B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_0512A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Happy
I_B_0512B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Happy
I_B_0513A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Angry
I_B_0513B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Angry
I_B_0514A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Sad
I_B_0514B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Sad
I_B_0515A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Shocked
I_B_0515B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Shocked
I_B_0516A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Shocked
I_B_0516B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Surprised
I_B_0517A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Blush
I_B_0517B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Blush
I_B_0518A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Pained
I_B_0518B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Pained
I_B_0519A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Exasperated
I_B_0519B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Exasperated
I_B_051AA.BIN Junpei Iori Summer uniform Smirk
I_B_051AB.BIN Junpei Iori Winter uniform Smirk
I_B_0521A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer casual Neutral
I_B_0521B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter casual Neutral
I_B_0522A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer casual Happy
I_B_0522B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter casual Happy
I_B_0523A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer casual Angry
I_B_0523B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter casual Angry
I_B_0524A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer casual Sad
I_B_0524B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter casual Sad
I_B_0525A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer casual Shocked
I_B_0525B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter casual Shocked
I_B_0526A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer casual Thinking
I_B_0526B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter casual Thinking
I_B_0527A.BIN Junpei Iori Summer casual Blush
I_B_0527B.BIN Junpei Iori Winter casual Blush
I_B_0531.BIN Junpei Iori Yukata Neutral
I_B_0532.BIN Junpei Iori Yukata Happy
I_B_0533.BIN Junpei Iori Yukata Angry
I_B_0534.BIN Junpei Iori Early artwork Neutral
I_B_0535.BIN Junpei Iori Early artwork Surprised
I_B_0537.BIN Junpei Iori Yukata Blush
I_B_0561.BIN Junpei Iori Swim trunks Neutral
I_B_0562.BIN Junpei Iori Swim trunks Happy
I_B_0563.BIN Junpei Iori Swim trunks Angry
I_B_0564.BIN Junpei Iori Swim trunks Sad
I_B_0565.BIN Junpei Iori Swim trunks Shocked
I_B_0567.BIN Junpei Iori Swim trunks Blush
I_B_05C0.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Smirk
I_B_05C1.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Neutral
I_B_05C2.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Happy
I_B_05C3.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Angry
I_B_05C4.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Sad
I_B_05C5.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Shocked
I_B_05C6.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Surprised
I_B_05C7.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Blush
I_B_05C8.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Pained
I_B_05C9.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Exasperated
I_B_05CA.BIN Junpei Iori SEES armband Smirk
I_B_0611A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_0611B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_0612A.BIN Fuuka Yamashi Summer uniform Happy
I_B_0612B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Happy
I_B_0613A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer uniform Scared
I_B_0613B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Scared
I_B_0614A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer uniform Worried
I_B_0614B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Worried
I_B_0615A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer uniform Shocked
I_B_0615B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Shocked
I_B_0617A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer uniform Blush
I_B_0617B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Blush
I_B_0618A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer uniform Confused
I_B_0618B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Confused
I_B_0621A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer casual Neutral
I_B_0621B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter casual Neutral
I_B_0622A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer casual Happy
I_B_0622B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter casual Happy
I_B_0623A.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_0623B,BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter casual Angry
I_B_0624A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer casual Worried
I_B_0624B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter casual Worried
I_B_0625A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer casual Shocked
I_B_0625B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter casual Shocked
I_B_0627A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer casual Blush
I_B_0627B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter casual Blush
I_B_0628A.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer casual Confused
I_B_0628B.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter casual Confused
I_B_0631.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Yukata Neutral
I_B_0632.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Yukata Happy
I_B_0634.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Yukata Worried
I_B_0635.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Pencil lines Scared
I_B_0637.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Yukata Blush
I_B_0641.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer kimono Neutral
I_B_0642.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer kimono Happy
I_B_0644.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer kimono Worried
I_B_0645.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Pencil lines Scared
I_B_0647.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Summer kimono Blush
I_B_0651.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter kimono Neutral
I_B_0652.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter kimono Happy
I_B_0654.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter kimono Worried
I_B_0655.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Pencil lines Scared
I_B_0657.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter kimono Blush
I_B_0661.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Bikini Neutral
I_B_0662.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Bikini Happy
I_B_0664.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Bikini Worried
I_B_0665.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Pencil lines Scared
I_B_0667.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Bikini Blush
I_B_0691.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Towel Neutral
I_B_0692.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Towel Happy
I_B_0694.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Towel Worried
I_B_0695.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Pencil lines Neutral
I_B_0697.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Towel Blush
I_B_06C1.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi SEES armband Neutral
I_B_06C2.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi SEES armband Happy
I_B_06C3.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi SEES armband Scared
I_B_06C4.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi SEES armband Worried
I_B_06C5.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi SEES armband Shocked
I_B_06C7.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi SEES armband Blush
I_B_06C8.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi SEES armband Confused
I_B_06D1.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter unform Neutral
I_B_06D2.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Happy
I_B_06D3.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Scared
I_B_06D4.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Worried
I_B_06D5.BIN Fuuka Yamagishi Winter uniform Shocked
I_B_0710A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Smirk
I_B_0710B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Smirk
I_B_0711A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_0711B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_0712A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Happy
I_B_0712B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Happy
I_B_0713A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Angry
I_B_0713B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Angry
I_B_0714A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Sad
I_B_0714B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Sad
I_B_0715A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Shocked
I_B_0715B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Shocked
I_B_0718A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Pained
I_B_0718B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Pained
I_B_071AA.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer uniform Smirk
I_B_071AB.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter uniform Smirk
I_B_0721A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer casual Neutral
I_B_0721B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter casual Neutral
I_B_0722A.BIN Akihiko Sanda Summer casual Happy
I_B_0722B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter casual Happy
I_B_0723A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer casual Angry
I_B_0723B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter casual Angry
I_B_0724A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer casual Sad
I_B_0724B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter casual Sad
I_B_0728A.BIN Akihiko Sanada Summer casual Pained
I_B_0728B.BIN Akihiko Sanada Winter casual Pained
I_B_0731.BIN Akihiko Sanada Yukata Neutral
I_B_0732.BIN Akihiko Sanada Yukata Happy
I_B_0733.BIN Akihiko Sanada Pencil lines
I_B_0734.BIN Akihiko Sanada Yukata Sad
I_B_0761.BIN Akihiko Sanada Beach Neutral
I_B_0762.BIN Akihiko Sanada Beach Happy
I_B_0763.BIN Akihiko Sanada Pencil lines
I_B_0764.BIN Akihiko Sanada Beach Sad
I_B_0769.BIN Akihiko Sanada Beach Confused
I_B_0771.BIN Akihiko Sanada Speedo Neutral
I_B_0772.BIN Akihiko Sanada Speedo Happy
I_B_0773.BIN Akihiko Sanada Pencil lines
I_B_0774.BIN Akihiko Sanada Speedo Sad
I_B_0775.BIN Akihiko Sanada Speedo Shocked
I_B_07A1.BIN Akihiko Sanada Young Neutral
I_B_07A2.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_07A3.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_07A4.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_07C0.BIN Ahikiko Sanada SEES armband Smirk
I_B_07C1.BIN Akihiko Sanada SEES armband Neutral
I_B_07C2.BIN Akihiko Sanada SEES armband Happy
I_B_07C3.BIN Akihiko Sanada SEES armband Angry
I_B_07C4.BIN Akihiko Sanada SEES armband Sad
I_B_07C5.BIN Akihiko Sanada SEES armband Shocked
I_B_07C8.BIN Akihiko Sanada SEES armband Pained
I_B_0811A.BIN Ken Amada Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_0811B.BIN Ken Amada Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_0812A.BIN Ken Amada Summer uniform Happy
I_B_0812B.BIN Ken Amada Winter uniform Happy
I_B_0813A.BIN Ken Amada Summer uniform Angry
I_B_0813B.BIN Ken Amada Winter uniform Angry
I_B_0814A.BIN Ken Amada Summer uniform Sad
I_B_0814B.BIN Ken Amada Winter uniform Sad
I_B_0821A.BIN Ken Amada Summer casual Neutral
I_B_0821B.BIN Ken Amada Winter casual Neutral
I_B_0822A.BIN Ken Amada Summer casual Happy
I_B_0822B.BIN Ken Amada Winter casual Happy
I_B_0823A.BIN Ken Amada Summer casual Angry
I_B_0823B.BIN Ken Amada Winter casual Angry
I_B_0824A.BIN Ken Amada Summer casual Sad
I_B_0824B.BIN Ken Amada Winter casual Sad
I_B_08C1.BIN Ken Amada SEES armband Neutral
I_B_08C2.BIN Ken Amada SEES armband Happy
I_B_08C3.BIN Ken Amada SEES armband Angry
I_B_08C4.BIN Ken Amada SEES armband Sad
I_B_0911A.BIN Shinjiro Aragaki Early artwork
I_B_09A1.BIN Shinjiro Aragaki Normal Neutral
I_B_09A3.BIN Shinjiro Aragaki Normal Angry
I_B_09A6.BIN Shinjiro Aragaki Pencil lines
I_B_09C1.BIN Shinjiro Aragaki SEES armband Neutral
I_B_09C3.BIN Shinjiro Aragaki SEES armband Angry
I_B_09C6.BIN Shinjiro Aragaki Pencil lines
I_B_10A1.BIN Koromaru Naked Neutral
I_B_10A2.BIN Koromaru Pencil lines
I_B_10A3.BIN Koromaru Naked Angry
I_B_10A4.BIN Koromaru Naked Sad
I_B_10C1.BIN Koromaru SEES outfit Neutral
I_B_10C2.BIN Koromaru Pencil lines
I_B_10C3.BIN Koromaru SEES outfit Angry
I_B_10C4.BIN Koromaru SEES outfit Sad
I_B_11A1.BIN Shuji Ikutsuki Neutral
I_B_11A2.BIN Shuji Ikutsuki Happy
I_B_11A3.BIN Shuji Ikutsuki Yelling
I_B_11A4.BIN Shuji Ikutsuki Sad
I_B_11A7.BIN Shuji Ikutsuki Manic
I_B_11A8.BIN Shuji Ikutsuki Disappointed
I_B_12A1.BIN Pharos Neutral
I_B_12A2.BIN Pharos Happy
I_B_12A4.BIN Pharos Sad
I_B_1331.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Yukata Neutral
I_B_1332.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Yukata Happy
I_B_1333.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Pencil lines
I_B_1334.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Pencil lines
I_B_1341.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Towel Neutral
I_B_1342.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Towel Happy
I_B_1343.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Pencil lines
I_B_1344.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Pencil lines
I_B_13A1.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Uniform Neutral
I_B_13A2.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Uniform Happy
I_B_13A4.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Uniform Sad
I_B_13A7.BIN Ryoji Mochizuki Uniform Angry
I_B_14A1.BIN Takeharu Kirijo
I_B_15A1.BIN Igor
I_B_16A1.BIN Elizabeth Neutral
I_B_16A2.BIN Elizabeth Blush
I_B_16A3.BIN Elizabeth Shocked
I_B_17A1.BIN Takaya Neutral
I_B_17A2.BIN Takaya Smirk
I_B_17A3.BIN Takaya Taken aback
I_B_17A5.BIN Takaya Pained
I_B_18A1.BIN Jin Neutural
I_B_18A3.BIN Jin Angry
I_B_18A4.BIN Jin Pained
I_B_19A1.BIN Chidori Neutral
I_B_19A2.BIN Chidori Happy
I_B_19A3.BIN Chidori Disgusted
I_B_19A4.BIN Chidori Sad
I_B_19A5.BIN Chidori Yelling
I_B_19B1.BIN Chidori Hospital gown Neutral
I_B_19B2.BIN Chidori Hospital gown Happy
I_B_19B3.BIN Chidori Hospital gown Disgusted
I_B_19B4.BIN Chidori Hospital gown Sad
I_B_20A1.BIN Natsuki Moriyama Uniform Neutral
I_B_20A3.BIN Natsuki Moriyama Uniform Angry
I_B_20A4.BIN Natsuki Moriyama Uniform Sad
I_B_20A5.BIN Natsuki Moriyama Uniform Yelling
I_B_20B1.BIN Natsuki Moriyama Casual Neutral
I_B_20B3.BIN Natsuki Moriyama Casual Angry
I_B_20B4.BIN Natsuki Moriyama Casual Sad
I_B_21A1.BIN Eiichiro Takeba Neutral
I_B_21A2.BIN Eiichiro Takeba Happy
I_B_2211A.BIN Kenji Tomochika Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_2211B.BIN Kenji Tomochika Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_2212A.BIN Kenji Tomochika Summer uniform Happy
I_B_2212B.BIN Kenji Tomochika Winter uniform Happy
I_B_2213A.BIN Kenji Tomochika Summer uniform Annoyed
I_B_2213B.BIN Kenji Tomochika Winter uniform Annoyed
I_B_2214A.BIN Kenji Tomochika Summer uniform Pained
I_B_2214B.BIN Kenji Tomochika Winter uniform Pained
I_B_22A1.BIN Kenji Tomochika Casual Neutral
I_B_22A2.BIN Kenji Tomochika Casual Happy
I_B_22A3.BIN Kenji Tomochika Casual Annoyed
I_B_22A4.BIN Kenji Tomochika Casual Pained
I_B_2311A.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_2311B.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_2312A.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Summer uniform Happy
I_B_2312B.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Winter uniform Happy
I_B_2313A.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Summer uniform Angry
I_B_2313B.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Winter uniform Angry
I_B_2314A.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Pencil lines
I_B_2314B.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Pencil lines
I_B_23A1.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Casual Neutral
I_B_23A2.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Casual Happy
I_B_23A3.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Casual Angry
I_B_23A4.BIN Keisuke Hiraga Pencil lines
I_B_2511A.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_2511B.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_2512A.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Summer uniform Happy
I_B_2512B.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Winter uniform Happy
I_B_2513A.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Summer uniform Angry
I_B_2513B.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Winter uniform Angry
I_B_2514A.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Summer uniform Sad
I_B_2514B.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Winter uniform Sad
I_B_2517A.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Summer uniform Blush
I_B_2517B.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Winter uniform Blush
I_B_25A1.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Casual Neutral
I_B_25A2.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Casual Happy
I_B_25A3.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Casual Angry
I_B_25A4.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Casual Sad
I_B_25A7.BIN Chihiro Fushimi Casual Blush
I_B_26A1.BIN Mamoru Hayase Neutral
I_B_26A2.BIN Mamoru Hayase Happy
I_B_26A3.BIN Mamoru Hayase Angry
I_B_27A1.BIN Bunkichi Kitamura Neutral
I_B_27A2.BIN Bunkichi Kitamura Happy
I_B_27A4.BIN Bunkichi Kitamura Sad
I_B_28A1.BIN Mitsuko Kitamura Neutral
I_B_28A2.BIN Mitsuko Kitamura Happy
I_B_28A4.BIN Mitsuko Kitamura Sad
I_B_29A1.BIN Metis Neutral
I_B_28A2.BIN Metis Happy
I_B_29A3.BIN Metis Angry
I_B_29A4.BIN Metis Tranquil
I_B_29A5.BIN Metis Shocked
I_B_29A6.BIN Metis Visor down
I_B_29A7.BIN Metis Sad
I_B_29A8.BIN Placeholder Greyed out Kenji with the kanji for 'temporary'
I_B_3071.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Tracksuit Neutral
I_B_3072.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Tracksuit Happy
I_B_3073.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Tracksuit Angry
I_B_3074.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Tracksuit Sad
I_B_3081.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Kendo gear Neutral
I_B_3082.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Kendo gear Happy
I_B_3083.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Kendo gear Angry
I_B_3084.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Kendo gear Sad
I_B_3091.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Track Neutral
I_B_3092.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Track Happy
I_B_3093.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Track Angry
I_B_3094.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Track Sad
I_B_30A1.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Swim trunks Neutral
I_B_30A2.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Swim trunks Happy
I_B_30A3.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Swim trunks Angry
I_B_30A4.BIN Kazushi Miyamoto Swim trunks Sad
I_B_3111A.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_3111B.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_3112A.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Summer uniform Happy
I_B_3112B.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Winter uniform Happy
I_B_3113A.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Summer uniform Angry
I_B_3113B.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Winter uniform Angry
I_B_3114A.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Summer uniform Sad
I_B_3114B.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Winter uniform Sad
I_B_3117A.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Summer uniform Blush
I_B_3117B.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Winter uniform Blush
I_B_3171.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Tracksuit Neutral
I_B_3172.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Tracksuit Happy
I_B_3173.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Tracksuit Angry
I_B_3174.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Tracksuit Sad
I_B_3177.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Tracksuit Blush
I_B_31A1.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Casual Neutral
I_B_31A2.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Casual Happy
I_B_31A3.BIN Yuko Nushiwaki Casual Angry
I_B_31A4.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Casual Sad
I_B_31A7.BIN Yuko Nishiwaki Casual Blush
I_B_32A1.BIN Maiko Oohashi Neutral
I_B_32A2.BIN Maiko Oohashi Happy
I_B_32A3.BIN Maiko Oohashi Sad
I_B_32A4.BIN Maiko Oohashi Crying
I_B_33A1.BIN Maya Toriumi outline filled with static
I_B_3411A.BIN Bebe Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_3411B.BIN Bebe Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_3412A.BIN Bebe Summer uniform Happy
I_B_3412B.BIN Bebe Winter uniform Happy
I_B_3413A.BIN Bebe Summer uniform Angry
I_B_3413B.BIN Bebe Winter unform
I_B_34A1.BIN Bebe Casual Neutral
I_B_34A2.BIN Bebe Casual Happy
I_B_34A3.BIN Bebe Casual Angry
I_B_34A4.BIN Bebe Pencil lines
I_B_37A1.BIN President Tanaka Neutral
I_B_37A2.BIN President Tanaka Happy
I_B_3811A.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Summer uniform Neutral
I_B_3811B.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Winter uniform Neutral
I_B_3812A.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Summer uniform Happy
I_B_3812B.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Winter uniform Happy
I_B_3813A.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Summer uniform Angry
I_B_3813B.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Winter uniform Angry
I_B_3814A.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Pencil lines
I_B_3814B.BIN Nozomi Suemitsu Pencil lines
I_B_39A1.BIN Mutatsu Neutral
I_B_39A2.BIN Mutatsu Happy
I_B_39A4.BIN Mutatsu Shocked
I_B_42A1.BIN Akinari Kamiki Neutral
I_B_42A2.BIN Akinari Kamiki Happy
I_B_42A3.BIN Akinari Kamiki Angry
I_B_43A1.BIN Edogawa
I_B_44A1.BIN Isako Toriumi Neutral
I_B_44A3.BIN Isako Toriumi Annoyed
I_B_44A4.BIN Isako Toriumi Blush
I_B_46A1.BIN Officer Kurosawa
I_B_48A1.BIN Blue Beard Shop Owner
I_B_49A1.BIN Mayodo Shop Owner
I_B_50A1.BIN A semi-transparent early image of the name entry screen
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