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From Amicitia Wiki
Location DATA.CVM
Size 41.8 MB
Contains BIN PAK PM1 PM2 PM3

In the data directory of Persona 3 FES, there is an event directory. This directory contains most of the text displayed in game in the form of PM1 files. Files are grouped by rough order of their appearance in game, with mainline story events labelled in chronological order and all ranks of a social link contained in the same directory. Social links are labelled in order from _010 to _100 or _310 to _400, with the exception of links which are activated by special events, in which case these events take the ending _110 or _410 instead.


Folder name Content Summary
e10 Test messages (unused and untranslated)
e40 Test PM2/ PM3 files
e50 Test messages (unused and untranslated)
e70 Test messages (unused and untranslated)
e80 Game over message
e90 Test messages (unused and untranslated)
e100 Main story scenes (train ride to meeting Ms. Toriumi)
e110 Main story scenes (Welcoming Ceremony to Akihiko's emergency call)
e120 Main story scenes (Akihiko's injury to Fool Rank 1)
e130 Main story scenes (Death Rank 1 to first Tartarus visit)
e140 Main story scenes (exiting Tartarus to first Full Moon Shadow)
e150 Main story scenes (Junpei splitting off to Akihiko's return)
e160 Main story scenes (gossip about Fuuka to Death Rank 2)
e170 Main story scenes (asking Mr. Ekoda about Fuuka to Natsuki heading to Tartarus)
e180 Main story scenes (getting separated in Tartarus to Death Rank 3)
e190 Main story scenes (Koromaru's introduction to finding the Lovers Shadow)
e200 Main story scenes (pre-Lovers fight to Death Rank 4)
e210 Main story scenes (meeting Shinjiro to comforting Yukari)
e220 Main story scenes (meeting Aigis to Death Rank 5)
e230 Main story scenes (Shinji's meeting with Strega to Mitsuru calling a SEES meeting)
e240 Main story scenes (Koromaru joining SEES to Junpei telling Chidori about SEES)
e250 Main story scenes (Junpei getting kidnapped to Medea going berserk)
e260 Main story scenes (Akihiko confronting Shinjiro to Ken confronting Shinjiro)
e270 Main story scenes (Mitsuru realizing where Shinjiro is to Pharos warning about last full moon)
e280 Main story scenes (Fool Rank 6 to victory party going wrong)
e290 Main story scenes (Ikutsuki at Tartarus to Kyoto field trip day 1)
e300 Main story scenes (field trip day 2 to Fool Rank 9)
e310 Main story scenes (Ryoji visiting the dorm to Junpei on the roof)
e320 Main story scenes (Junpei's invitation to Hagakure to Takaya's death)
e330 Main story scenes (reaching Tartarus' top to ending)
e340 Elizabeth battle initiation + conclusion dialogue
e400 Difficulty selection, Full Moon rest quotes
e410 The Answer
e420 The Answer
e430 The Answer
e440 The Answer
e460 Security cam footage, Chidori survival dialogue, misc afterschool events
e500 Kenji, Bunkichi & Michiko social links
e510 Maiko social link
e520 Elizabeth dates; Bebe social link
e530 (Unused and untranslated)
e540 Hidetoshi social link
e560 Yukari social link
e570 Fuuka social link
e580 Mitsuru social link
e590 Aigis social link
e600 Yuko social link
e610 Chihiro social link
e620 Kazushi (track) social link
e630 Kazushi (kendo) social link
e640 Kazuchi (swimming) social link
e660 Maya social link (includes an unused and untranslated version)
e670 Keisuke (photography) social link
e680 Keisuke (art) social link
e690 Keisuke (music) social link
e700 Koromaru walks (various unused and untranslated messages as well)
e730 Tanaka social link
e740 Mutatsu social link
e750 Mamoru social link
e760 Nozomi social link
e770 Akinari social link
e800 Wake-up messages, school gate meetings, morning gossip, teacher lectures, teacher questions (protag), teacher questions (Junpei)
e810 Phone invitations, lunch invitations, library study messages
e820 Dorm study messages
e840 Sunday hangouts, restaurant/store messages
e850 Sunday hangouts, present dialogue
e860 Edogawa bonus lectures
e900 Exam questions, exam results, summer events, Christmas, misc school events
e910 Movie marathon dialogue
e990 Beach event
SYS Various events, messages, flavortext. TMX files for each Arcana card
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