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Persona 3/Items
Location SLUS_216.21.ELF
Size 8,67 MB


Item Type ID (Dec) ID (HEX) Item Description
Weapon 0000 0000 Dummy @weapon_000
Weapon 0001 0001 Imitation Katana It looks real, but...
Weapon 0002 0002 Outenta Mitsuyo Famous katana that banishes darkness.
Weapon 0003 0003 Mikazuki Munechika Katana with crescent-shaped patterns.
Weapon 0004 0004 Myohou Muramasa Cursed katana that slices everything.
Weapon 0005 0005 Onimaru Kunitsuna Famous katana that purifies illness.
Weapon 0006 0006 Juzumaru Katana owned by the monk Nichiren.
Weapon 0007 0007 Kishido Blade Long, heavy two-handed sword.
Weapon 0008 0008 Two-handed Sword Sword requiring both hands.
Weapon 0009 0009 Claymore Unusually long two-handed sword.
Weapon 0010 000A Deathbringer Sword with a mysterious glow.
Weapon 0011 000B Apocalypse Sword that symbolizes turmoil.
Weapon 0012 000C Balmung Mystical sword of Siegfried.
Weapon 0013 000D Bastard Sword Long, thin two-handed sword.
Weapon 0014 000E 0x00E 0x00E
Weapon 0015 000F 0x00F 0x00F
Weapon 0016 0010 Dark Slayer Dull sword used for assassinations.
Weapon 0017 0011 Galahad's Sword Sword that Galahad once used.
Weapon 0018 0012 Zweihander Gigantic sword that's taller than a man.
Weapon 0019 0013 Basic Katana A basic fused katana.
Weapon 0020 0014 Basic Sword A basic fused sword.
Weapon 0021 0015 Basic Longsword A basic fused longsword.
Weapon 0022 0016 Spiked Bat Bat with nails driven into it.
Weapon 0023 0017 Laevateinn Sword capable of destroying the world.
Weapon 0024 0018 Masakado's Katana Sword once used by General Masakado.
Weapon 0025 0019 All-purpose Katana Katana with many different uses.
Weapon 0026 001A 0x01A 0x01A
Weapon 0027 001B Tsubaki-maru Very heavy and thick katana.
Weapon 0028 001C Raikou Light, sharp katana.
Weapon 0029 001D Tobi-botaru Katana with good cutting power.
Weapon 0030 001E 0x01E 0x01E
Weapon 0031 001F 0x01F 0x01F
Weapon 0032 0020 Rapier A thrusting practice sword.
Weapon 0033 0021 Elegant Fleuret Sword designed for thrusting.
Weapon 0034 0022 Skrep A rust-proof sword.
Weapon 0035 0023 Damascus Rapier Rapier made from Damascus steel.
Weapon 0036 0024 Main Gauche Short sword used for defense.
Weapon 0037 0025 Night Falcon Rapier that's light as a feather.
Weapon 0038 0026 Saber Sword that's easy to wield with one hand.
Weapon 0039 0027 Tizona Brave champion's sword.
Weapon 0040 0028 Silver Saber Saber crafted from silver.
Weapon 0041 0029 Sol Blade Sword with a sun on the hilt.
Weapon 0042 002A 0x02A 0x02A
Weapon 0043 002B Ascalon Famous sword that slayed a dragon.
Weapon 0044 002C Shortsword Very easy-to-use sword.
Weapon 0045 002D Gimlet Sword with a very sharp tip.
Weapon 0046 002E Gladius Short sword designed for thrusting.
Weapon 0047 002F Sin Blade Sword adorned with a moon god's symbol.
Weapon 0048 0030 Aroundight Sword that emits a cold light.
Weapon 0049 0031 Excalibur Legendary holy sword.
Weapon 0050 0032 Mother Rapier A basic fused rapier.
Weapon 0051 0033 Mother Saber A basic fused saber.
Weapon 0052 0034 Mother Epee A basic fused epee.
Weapon 0053 0035 Steel Pipe Old metal pipe with some rust stains.
Weapon 0054 0036 Deus Xiphos Golden sword once held by the archangel Michael.
Weapon 0055 0037 Lucifer's Blade Sword made from a fallen angel's jewels.
Weapon 0056 0038 0x038 0x038
Weapon 0057 0039 0x039 0x039
Weapon 0058 003A 0x03A 0x03A
Weapon 0059 003B 0x03B 0x03B
Weapon 0060 003C 0x03C 0x03C
Weapon 0061 003D 0x03D 0x03D
Weapon 0062 003E 0x03E 0x03E
Weapon 0063 003F 0x03F 0x03F
Weapon 0064 0040 0x040 0x040
Weapon 0065 0041 Sonic Fist Gloves of very light material.
Weapon 0066 0042 Fists of Fury Knuckles of barely contained anger.
Weapon 0067 0043 Supreme Gloves Gloves of state-of-the-art technology.
Weapon 0068 0044 Pugilist's Fists Gloves for boxers.
Weapon 0069 0045 Golden Gloves Legendary boxing gloves.
Weapon 0070 0046 Champion Gloves Replica gloves of a champion.
Weapon 0071 0047 Kaiser Knuckles Perfectly balanced knuckles.
Weapon 0072 0048 Crusher Fist Knuckles designed to deal heavy damage.
Weapon 0073 0049 Brass Knuckles Simple, effective knuckles.
Weapon 0074 004A Blood Baghnakh Fist spurs that have drawn much blood.
Weapon 0075 004B Titanic Knuckles Knuckles of exceptional power.
Weapon 0076 004C Wings of Vanth Fist spurs that are light as air.
Weapon 0077 004D Beast Fangs Fist spurs that resemble animal fangs.
Weapon 0078 004E Wicked Cestus Cestus with sharp blades attached.
Weapon 0079 004F Bladefist Knuckles made from a famous sword.
Weapon 0080 0050 Double Ziggurat Delivers punches of divine punishment.
Weapon 0081 0051 Dragon Fangs Fist spurs that resemble a dragon's fang.
Weapon 0082 0052 Root Gloves Basic fused gloves.
Weapon 0083 0053 Root Knuckles Basic fused knuckles.
Weapon 0084 0054 Root Cestus A basic fused cestus.
Weapon 0085 0055 Jack's Gloves The Jack Brothers' gloves.
Weapon 0086 0056 Sabazios Gloves used for holy rituals.
Weapon 0087 0057 Evil Gloves Fist spurs with demonic power.
Weapon 0088 0058 0x058 0x058
Weapon 0089 0059 0x059 0x059
Weapon 0090 005A 0x05A 0x05A
Weapon 0091 005B 0x05B 0x05B
Weapon 0092 005C 0x05C 0x05C
Weapon 0093 005D 0x05D 0x05D
Weapon 0094 005E 0x05E 0x05E
Weapon 0095 005F 0x05F 0x05F
Weapon 0096 0060 Staff of Guts Labeled "Increases Your Willpower!"
Weapon 0097 0061 0x061 0x061
Weapon 0098 0062 Megaton Rod Rod that can smash through shields.
Weapon 0099 0063 0x063 0x063
Weapon 0100 0064 Night Stalker A murderer's assault weapon.
Weapon 0101 0065 Staff of Wrath A famous blacksmith's creation.
Weapon 0102 0066 0x066 0x066
Weapon 0103 0067 Cross Rod A striking weapon topped with a cross.
Weapon 0104 0068 Guillotine Axe Axe used in executions.
Weapon 0105 0069 Heavy Axe Axe used to destroy the opponent's armor.
Weapon 0106 006A Executioner's Axe Axe that ends criminals' anguish.
Weapon 0107 006B Celtis Easy-to-use, yet very lethal axe.
Weapon 0108 006C 0x06C 0x06C
Weapon 0109 006D Ogre Hammer A gigantic hammer.
Weapon 0110 006E Gaea's Grace Hammer blessed by the goddess of earth.
Weapon 0111 006F Charun's Hammer Hammer of brutal power.
Weapon 0112 0070 Colossus Fairies are said to have made this hammer.
Weapon 0113 0071 Golden Crusher Hammer of the brave hero-king.
Weapon 0114 0072 Origin Club A basic fused club.
Weapon 0115 0073 Origin Axe A basic fused axe.
Weapon 0116 0074 Origin Hammer A basic fused hammer.
Weapon 0117 0075 Bus Stop Sign It says, "Gekkoukan High School."
Weapon 0118 0076 Corpse Rod Beelzebub's staff.
Weapon 0119 0077 Mjolnir A stone hammer with holy powers.
Weapon 0120 0078 Crescent Rod An enhanced version of the Cross Rod.
Weapon 0121 0079 0x079 0x079
Weapon 0122 007A 0x07A 0x07A
Weapon 0123 007B 0x07B 0x07B
Weapon 0124 007C 0x07C 0x07C
Weapon 0125 007D 0x07D 0x07D
Weapon 0126 007E 0x07E 0x07E
Weapon 0127 007F 0x07F 0x07F
Weapon 0128 0080 Omega Spear Spear with omega-level power.
Weapon 0129 0081 Ranseur Well-made lance for piercing.
Weapon 0130 0082 Lance of Death Lance that brings a swift death.
Weapon 0131 0083 Friuli Spear Lightweight but strong spear.
Weapon 0132 0084 Rhongowennan King Arthur's famous lance.
Weapon 0133 0085 Gae Bolg The mystical spear held by Cu Chulainn.
Weapon 0134 0086 Glaive Long weapon strenghtened by battle.
Weapon 0135 0087 Treason Couse Spear commonly used by revolutionaries.
Weapon 0136 0088 Sexy Lance A beautiful bee's sting charms everything.
Weapon 0137 0089 Voulge Simple long halberd.
Weapon 0138 008A Poison Glaive Glaive with a blade steeped in poison.
Weapon 0139 008B Yanyue Dao Halberd used by Guan Yu.
Weapon 0140 008C Cross Spear Spear with a cross-shaped tip.
Weapon 0141 008D Shiden 0x08D
Weapon 0142 008E Ouka Jumonji Cross spear engraved with cherry blossoms.
Weapon 0143 008F Ote-gine Famously beautiful spear.
Weapon 0144 0090 Nihon-gou Famous spear sung of in the "Kuroda-bushi."
Weapon 0145 0091 Tonbo-kiri Famous spear owned by Tadakatsu Honda.
Weapon 0146 0092 Foundation Spear A basic fused spear.
Weapon 0147 0093 Foundation Glaive A basic fused glaive.
Weapon 0148 0094 Foundation Pike A basic fused pike.
Weapon 0149 0095 Scrub Brush Brush used for cleaning.
Weapon 0150 0096 Gungnir Silver spear engraved with runes.
Weapon 0151 0097 Pinaka A spear of tremendous power.
Weapon 0152 0098 0x098 0x098
Weapon 0153 0099 0x099 0x099
Weapon 0154 009A 0x09A 0x09A
Weapon 0155 009B 0x09B 0x09B
Weapon 0156 009C 0x09C 0x09C
Weapon 0157 009D 0x09D 0x09D
Weapon 0158 009E 0x09E 0x09E
Weapon 0159 009F 0x09F 0x09F
Weapon 0160 00A0 Short Bow Light, easy-to-use bow.
Weapon 0161 00A1 Uta Bow with metal ornaments attached.
Weapon 0162 00A2 Composite Bow Bow made from wood and leather.
Weapon 0163 00A3 Bow of Affection Shoots arrows in a beautiful arc.
Weapon 0164 00A4 0x0A4 0x0A4
Weapon 0165 00A5 0x0A5 0x0A5
Weapon 0166 00A6 Siren's Song The sound of its string bewilders enemies.
Weapon 0167 00A7 Kamatha Bow designed for long-distance shooting.
Weapon 0168 00A8 Great Bow A strong, oversized bow.
Weapon 0169 00A9 Pleiades Magical bow that's light as a feather.
Weapon 0170 00AA Lightning Bow Bow that shoots as fast as lightning.
Weapon 0171 00AB 0x0AB 0x0AB
Weapon 0172 00AC Practice Bow A beginner's bow used for practice.
Weapon 0173 00AD Shigetou-yumi Bow bound tightly with rattan.
Weapon 0174 00AE Higo-yumi Bamboo bow that's reinforced with wood.
Weapon 0175 00AF Hero's Bow Bow made especially for a hero.
Weapon 0176 00B0 Mary's Resolve Its arrows pierce the darkest shadows.
Weapon 0177 00B1 Yoichi's Bow The legendary archer's bow.
Weapon 0178 00B2 Source Bow A basic fused longbow.
Weapon 0179 00B3 Source Longbow A basic fused yumi.
Weapon 0180 00B4 Source Yumi A basic fused bow.
Weapon 0181 00B5 Toy Bow Bow that shoots suction-cup arrows.
Weapon 0182 00B6 Sarnga Bow crafted from sunbeams.
Weapon 0183 00B7 Quintessence Bow The Platonic ideal of bows.
Weapon 0184 00B8 0x0B8 0x0B8
Weapon 0185 00B9 0x0B9 0x0B9
Weapon 0186 00BA 0x0BA 0x0BA
Weapon 0187 00BB 0x0BB 0x0BB
Weapon 0188 00BC 0x0BC 0x0BC
Weapon 0189 00BD 0x0BD 0x0BD
Weapon 0190 00BE 0x0BE 0x0BE
Weapon 0191 00BF 0x0BF 0x0BF
Weapon 0192 00C0 0x0C0 0x0C0
Weapon 0193 00C1 0x0C1 0x0C1
Weapon 0194 00C2 Orgone Rifle Rifle designed to shoot Orgone rounds.
Weapon 0195 00C3 Maxima Sniper The latest model of anti-Shadow gun.
Weapon 0196 00C4 Kiss of Athena Gun as potent as a goddess's kiss.
Weapon 0197 00C5 Pandemonium Gun that harnesses an ancient relic's power.
Weapon 0198 00C6 0x0C6 Hand unit that fires from 2 fingers.
Weapon 0199 00C7 Albireo Hand unit that fires from 3 fingers.
Weapon 0200 00C8 Medusa Hand unit that fires from all fingers.
Weapon 0201 00C9 Six-shot Can transform into 6 different shapes.
Weapon 0202 00CA Megadeath Shoots nonstop until it overheats.
Weapon 0203 00CB Orgilabeus Based on the principles used in Orgia Mode.
Weapon 0204 00CC 0x0CC 0x0CC
Weapon 0205 00CD Grenade Launcher Launcher that fires 80mm grenades.
Weapon 0206 00CE Railgun Shoots a metal slug via electromagnetism.
Weapon 0207 00CF 0x0CF 0x0CF
Weapon 0208 00D0 Antimatter Cannon Annihilation occurs in the target's body.
Weapon 0209 00D1 Brighid's Flame Mighty flame that purifies all.
Weapon 0210 00D2 Nucleus Rifle A basic fused rifle.
Weapon 0211 00D3 Nucleus SMG A basic fused SMG.
Weapon 0212 00D4 Nucleus Cannon A basic fused cannon.
Weapon 0213 00D5 Rocket Punch Rocket-propelled knuckle.
Weapon 0214 00D6 Metatronius Gun named for the mouthpiece of God.
Weapon 0215 00D7 Phalanx B2 Gun loaded with anti-Shadow systems.
Weapon 0216 00D8 Gamma Storm Rifle with enhanced piercing strength.
Weapon 0217 00D9 Axion IG Beautifully crafted from dark matter.
Weapon 0218 00DA Missile Launcher Cannon with the latest homing systems.
Weapon 0219 00DB Fermion Cannon Its firing mechanism uses pions and muons.
Weapon 0220 00DC Assault Rifle Light, low-caliber rifle.
Weapon 0221 00DD 0x0D2 0x0D2
Weapon 0222 00DE 0x0D3 0x0D3
Weapon 0223 00DF 0x0D4 0x0D4
Weapon 0224 00E0 0x0E0 0x0E0
Weapon 0225 00E1 Raven Claw Kunai as black as a moonless night.
Weapon 0226 00E2 Kunai Concealable weapon used by ninjas.
Weapon 0227 00E3 Blitz Kunai An ordinary kunai.
Weapon 0228 00E4 Gale Kodachi Dagger with a wind pattern carved in it.
Weapon 0229 00E5 Kunai of Carnage An especially deadly kunai.
Weapon 0230 00E6 0x0E6 0x0E6
Weapon 0231 00E7 Karasu-maru Very light kunai used for assassination.
Weapon 0232 00E8 Shadowrend Kunai wielded by a certain ninja.
Weapon 0233 00E9 0x0E9 0x0E9
Weapon 0234 00EA 0x0EA 0x0EA
Weapon 0235 00EB 0x0EB 0x0EB
Weapon 0236 00EC Sword Breaker Knife used to break swords.
Weapon 0237 00ED Silver Moon Dog mask with a circular blade.
Weapon 0238 00EE Sylph Blade Knife as light as the wind.
Weapon 0239 00EF Pesh Kabz Knife with a peculiar shape.
Weapon 0240 00F0 Athame Very thick, heavy knife.
Weapon 0241 00F1 Grand Slasher Its trail is fast and bright as lightning.
Weapon 0242 00F2 Elementary Kunai A basic fused kunai.
Weapon 0243 00F3 Elementary Knife A basic fused knife.
Weapon 0244 00F4 Bone A bone with lots of calcium.
Weapon 0245 00F5 Vajra Divine weapon made from a holy bone.
Weapon 0246 00F6 Elementary Mask A basic fused mask.
Weapon 0247 00F7 0x0F7 0x0F7
Weapon 0248 00F8 0x0F8 0x0F8
Weapon 0249 00F9 0x0F9 0x0F9
Weapon 0250 00FA 0x0FA 0x0FA
Weapon 0251 00FB 0x0FB 0x0FB
Weapon 0252 00FC 0x0FC 0x0FC
Weapon 0253 00FD 0x0FD 0x0FD
Weapon 0254 00FE Bare Hand 0x0FE
Weapon 0255 00FF 0x0FF 0x0FF
Armor/Outfit 0000 0000 Dummy RESERVE ARMOR
Armor/Outfit 0001 0001 Plain Shirt A simple shirt.
Armor/Outfit 0002 0002 Knit Cardigan A cardigan made of wool.
Armor/Outfit 0003 0003 Ruffled Blouse A frilly blouse.
Armor/Outfit 0004 0004 Dress Shirt A formal shirt worn with a suit.
Armor/Outfit 0005 0005 Red Vest A buttoned sweater vest.
Armor/Outfit 0006 0006 Zip Hoodie A zip-up hooded sweatshirt.
Armor/Outfit 0007 0007 Long Pea Coat A long, thick coat.
Armor/Outfit 0008 0008 All-purpose Apron Women's clothing for cooking or battle.
Armor/Outfit 0009 0009 Emergency Vest Protects from all natural disasters.
Armor/Outfit 0010 000A Rash Guard A highly elastic shirt.
Armor/Outfit 0011 000B Camo Shirt Great for field combat.
Armor/Outfit 0012 000C Bulletproof Shirt Firearm-resistant vest.
Armor/Outfit 0013 000D Metal Protector A set of protective pads.
Armor/Outfit 0014 000E Amenity Suit A very comfortable suit.
Armor/Outfit 0015 000F 0x100F 0x100F
Armor/Outfit 0016 0010 0x1010 0x1010
Armor/Outfit 0017 0011 0x1011 0x1011
Armor/Outfit 0018 0012 0x1012 0x1012
Armor/Outfit 0019 0013 Master's Garment Only masters may wear this.
Armor/Outfit 0020 0014 Amigo Poncho Cape-like outfit that covers the body.
Armor/Outfit 0021 0015 Bulletproof Vest Firearm-resistant vest.
Armor/Outfit 0022 0016 Tetra Jammer Armor with a talisman attached to it.
Armor/Outfit 0023 0017 Robe of Salvation Robe inscribed with holy scriptures.
Armor/Outfit 0024 0018 Mantle of Wind A mantle that's as light as the wind.
Armor/Outfit 0025 0019 Robe of Warding A robe that radiates an invisible shield.
Armor/Outfit 0026 001A Defender Cloak A cloak that covers the entire body.
Armor/Outfit 0027 001B Gigantic Armor Very heavy, but durable armor.
Armor/Outfit 0028 001C Kukai's Vestment The vestment of the famous monk, Kukai.
Armor/Outfit 0029 001D Kaiser Armor Armor with beautiful decorations.
Armor/Outfit 0030 001E Final Armor Armor made from OOPArts.
Armor/Outfit 0031 001F Demon's Mail Armor made from demon's hide.
Armor/Outfit 0032 0020 Rangda Robe Women's clothes that ward off disasters.
Armor/Outfit 0033 0021 Papal Robe A robe blessed by a Pope.
Armor/Outfit 0034 0022 Armor of Light Armor engraved with a pentacle symbol.
Armor/Outfit 0035 0023 0x1023 0x1023
Armor/Outfit 0036 0024 Silver Plate Armor with silver decorations.
Armor/Outfit 0037 0025 Carbon Jacket Hard leather jacket for men.
Armor/Outfit 0038 0026 Shirt of Chivalry A traditional Japanese shirt for men.
Armor/Outfit 0039 0027 Sid's Jacket A black studded leather jacket for men.
Armor/Outfit 0040 0028 0x1028 0x1028
Armor/Outfit 0041 0029 0x1029 0x1029
Armor/Outfit 0042 002A Tigerhide Belt Men's belt made from tiger hide.
Armor/Outfit 0043 002B Hero's Knickers Knickers worn by manly heroes of the past.
Armor/Outfit 0044 002C 0x102C 0x102C
Armor/Outfit 0045 002D Stealth Shirt Men's shirt that cloaks the wearer.
Armor/Outfit 0046 002E Powered Suit Men's suit that amplifies one's strength.
Armor/Outfit 0047 002F 0x102F 0x102F
Armor/Outfit 0048 0030 0x1030 0x1030
Armor/Outfit 0049 0031 0x1031 0x1031
Armor/Outfit 0050 0032 Hallowed Plate Savior's armor, worn only by men.
Armor/Outfit 0051 0033 Phantom Robe Robe made from translucent cloth.
Armor/Outfit 0052 0034 0x1034 0x1034
Armor/Outfit 0053 0035 0x1035 0x1035
Armor/Outfit 0054 0036 High-cut Armor Armor that looks like a bikini.
Armor/Outfit 0055 0037 0x1037 0x1037
Armor/Outfit 0056 0038 0x1038 0x1038
Armor/Outfit 0057 0039 Battle Leotard Light battle armor for females.
Armor/Outfit 0058 003A Spiked Bra Bra with spikes attached.
Armor/Outfit 0059 003B 0x103B 0x103B
Armor/Outfit 0060 003C Eternal Plate Women's armor that lasts forever.
Armor/Outfit 0061 003D Dog Suit Normal dog clothes.
Armor/Outfit 0062 003E Cross Dog Suit Dog suit with a cross drawn on it.
Armor/Outfit 0063 003F Titanium Dog Suit A dog suit made of titanium.
Armor/Outfit 0064 0040 Light Dog Suit A very light dog suit.
Armor/Outfit 0065 0041 Leather Dog Suit A dog suit made from leather.
Armor/Outfit 0066 0042 Metal Dog Suit A dog suit made of metal.
Armor/Outfit 0067 0043 Dark Dog Suit A dog suit that's been dyed black.
Armor/Outfit 0068 0044 Powered Dog Suit Mechanical body armor for dogs.
Armor/Outfit 0069 0045 Lunar Dog Suit Dog suit with a moon embroidered on it.
Armor/Outfit 0070 0046 Aura Dog Suit Dog suit that emits a mysterious light.
Armor/Outfit 0071 0047 Aramid Vest Armored vest for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0072 0048 Aramid Harness Bulletproof steel vest for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0073 0049 Aramid Semi-Shell Armor that protects Aigis' torso.
Armor/Outfit 0074 004A Aramid Full-Shell Armor that protects Aigis' entire body.
Armor/Outfit 0075 004B Aramid Plate Steel plate armor for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0076 004C Aramid Compound Steel plate armor for Aigis' front and back.
Armor/Outfit 0077 004D Ergo Scale Scaled armor for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0078 004E Ergo Armor Armor made from special steel for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0079 004F Fifth Number Flanked equipment for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0080 0050 Papillon Method Colorful armor for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0081 0051 Blue Shorts
Armor/Outfit 0082 0052 Pink Bikini A bathing suit for Yukari.
Armor/Outfit 0083 0053 Blue Swimwear A bathing suit for Akihiko.
Armor/Outfit 0084 0054 Elegant Bikini A bathing suit for Mitsuru.
Armor/Outfit 0085 0055 Sky Sundress A one-piece dress for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0086 0056 Baseball Jersey Summer clothes for Ken.
Armor/Outfit 0087 0057 Turtleneck Summer clothes for Ken.
Armor/Outfit 0088 0058 Red Shorts A bathing suit for Junpei.
Armor/Outfit 0089 0059 0x1059 1059
Armor/Outfit 0090 005A Enamel Torso Shiny torso for Metis.
Armor/Outfit 0091 005B Velour Torso Torso for Metis made from processed leather.
Armor/Outfit 0092 005C Nacre Torso Torso for Metis made from mother-of-pearl.
Armor/Outfit 0093 005D Bisque Torso Torso for Metis made from ceramic.
Armor/Outfit 0094 005E Bulletproof Torso Torso for Metis made from synthetic fibers.
Armor/Outfit 0095 005F Chevalier Torso Torso for Metis made from metal plating.
Armor/Outfit 0096 0060 Zircon Torso Torso for Metis made from diamond.
Armor/Outfit 0097 0061 Jacquedrose Torso for Metis made by a skilled craftsman.
Armor/Outfit 0098 0062 Vermelies Torso for Metis made by a master craftsman.
Armor/Outfit 0099 0063 Oceanus Scale Torso for Metis made from divine scales.
Armor/Outfit 0100 0064 Soul of Athena Goddess' chestplate for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0101 0065 Joruri Tengu A legendary warrior's torso for Metis.
Armor/Outfit 0102 0066 Aigis Armor v.100 The ultimate prototype armor for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0103 0067 Meseauzer A divine torso for Metis.
Armor/Outfit 0104 0068 0x1068 輝謁郁
Armor/Outfit 0105 0069 Hard Dog Suit Dog suit with slightly increased hardness.
Armor/Outfit 0106 006A S.Outfit Main
Armor/Outfit 0107 006B W.Outfit Main
Armor/Outfit 0108 006C S.Outfit Junpei Summer outfit for Junpei.
Armor/Outfit 0109 006D W.Outfit Junpei Winter outfit for Junpei.
Armor/Outfit 0110 006E S.Outfit Akihiko Summer outfit for Akihiko.
Armor/Outfit 0111 006F W.Outfit Akihiko Winter outfit for Akihiko.
Armor/Outfit 0112 0070 S.Outfit Yukari Summer outfit for Yukari.
Armor/Outfit 0113 0071 W.Outfit Yukari Winter outfit for Yukari.
Armor/Outfit 0114 0072 S.Outfit Mitsuru Summer outfit for Mitsuru.
Armor/Outfit 0115 0073 W.Outfit Mitsuru Winter outfit for Mitsuru.
Armor/Outfit 0116 0074 W.Outfit Ken Winter outfit for Ken.
Armor/Outfit 0117 0075 Maid Outfit (Y) Maid outfit for Yukari.
Armor/Outfit 0118 0076 Maid Outfit (M) Maid outfit for Mitsuru.
Armor/Outfit 0119 0077 S.Uniform Main
Armor/Outfit 0120 0078 S.Uniform Junpei Summer uniform for Junpei.
Armor/Outfit 0121 0079 S.Uniform Akihiko Summer uniform for Akihiko.
Armor/Outfit 0122 007A S.Uniform Yukari Summer uniform for Yukari.
Armor/Outfit 0123 007B S.Uniform Mitsuru Summer uniform for Mitsuru.
Armor/Outfit 0124 007C W.Uniform Aigis Winter uniform for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0125 007D S.Uniform Ken Summer uniform for Ken.
Armor/Outfit 0126 007E Maid Outfit (A) Maid outfit for Aigis.
Armor/Outfit 0127 007F Rock Dog Suit Dog suit with a punk rock design.
Armor/Outfit 0128 0080 Dummy ダミーっす
Boots 0000 0000 Dummy Reserve
Boots 0001 0001 Engineer Boots Solidly made work boots.
Boots 0002 0002 Brown Loafers An ordinary pair of loafers.
Boots 0003 0003 Knee-high Boots Long, black boots.
Boots 0004 0004 Straight Tip Boots with a horizontal line over the toes.
Boots 0005 0005 Inverse Shoes Classic-model sneakers.
Boots 0006 0006 Soccer Shoes Shoes for playing indoor soccer.
Boots 0007 0007 Western Boots Low-heeled boots.
Boots 0008 0008 Health Sandals Sandals that massage your pressure points.
Boots 0009 0009 Max Safety Shoes Strong enough to take any punishment.
Boots 0010 000A Rubber Sole Boots with thick soles.
Boots 0011 000B High-tech Sandals Sandals with many bumps.
Boots 0012 000C Leather Boots Boots made out of leather.
Boots 0013 000D Inline Skates Shoes with a single row of wheels.
Boots 0014 000E Mechanical Geta Geta made with the latest technology.
Boots 0015 000F Combat Boots Boots from military surplus.
Boots 0016 0010 Crimson Greaves Greaves colored a dark red.
Boots 0017 0011 Magic Sandals Sandals that boost the wearer's magic.
Boots 0018 0012 Cyber Shoes Shoes made with modern technology.
Boots 0019 0013 Silent Sandals Sandals worn by ninjas.
Boots 0020 0014 Needle Shoes Shoes with needles on the soles.
Boots 0021 0015 Jet Boots Boots with jet engines attached.
Boots 0022 0016 Greaves of Dawn Exceptionally durable greaves.
Boots 0023 0017 Assassin's Shoes Very light shoes.
Boots 0024 0018 Mirage Sandals Sandals with dazzling silver ornaments.
Boots 0025 0019 0x2019 0x2019
Boots 0026 001A 0x201A 0x201A
Boots 0027 001B Shoes of Light Shoes with pentacle symbols.
Boots 0028 001C Shoes of Bane Hitmen's favorite shoes.
Boots 0029 001D Idaten's Sandals Unbelievably light pair of sandals.
Boots 0030 001E War God's Boots A war god's spirit dwells in these boots.
Boots 0031 001F Holy Shoes Boots that have been blessed.
Boots 0032 0020 Goddess Boots Women's boots that lend beauty.
Boots 0033 0021 Hanzo's Sandals A famous ninja's sandals.
Boots 0034 0022 0x2022 0x2022
Boots 0035 0023 0x2023 0x2022
Boots 0036 0024 Dragon Boots Men's boots embroidered with dragons.
Boots 0037 0025 R/C Geta Can supposedly be remote-controlled...
Boots 0038 0026 0x2026 0x2026
Boots 0039 0027 Rugged Geta A manly pair of geta, for men.
Boots 0040 0028 Killer Cleats Shoes with vicious-looking spikes.
Boots 0041 0029 0x2029 0x2029
Boots 0042 002A Lion Sandals Sandals with a lion drawn on them.
Boots 0043 002B Warrior's Boots Men's greaves, worn by a veteran warrior.
Boots 0044 002C 0x202C 0x202C
Boots 0045 002D 0x202D 0x202D
Boots 0046 002E Vernal Sandals Sandals with a fresh grass scent.
Boots 0047 002F 0x202F 0x202F
Boots 0048 0030 0x2030 0x2030
Boots 0049 0031 0x2031 0x2031
Boots 0050 0032 Hallowed Boots Savior's boots worn only by men.
Boots 0051 0033 0x2033 0x2033
Boots 0052 0034 Beast Leggings Leopard-print leggings for women.
Boots 0053 0035 0x2035 0x2035
Boots 0054 0036 Quick Pumps Lightweight pumps for women.
Boots 0055 0037 0x2037 0x2037
Boots 0056 0038 Sexy Heels Heels that make women supersexy.
Boots 0057 0039 0x2039 0x2039
Boots 0058 003A 0x203A 0x203A
Boots 0059 003B 0x203B 0x203B
Boots 0060 003C Eternal Shoes Women's boots that last forever.
Boots 0061 003D Bare Paws The paw pads are very soft to the touch.
Boots 0062 003E 0x203E 0x203E
Boots 0063 003F 0x203F 0x203F
Boots 0064 0040 0x2040 0x2040
Boots 0065 0041 0x2041 0x2041
Boots 0066 0042 0x2042 0x2042
Boots 0067 0043 0x2043 0x2043
Boots 0068 0044 0x2044 0x2044
Boots 0069 0045 0x2045 0x2045
Boots 0070 0046 0x2046 0x2046
Boots 0071 0047 Civilized Legs Ordinary leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0072 0048 Fiber Legs Leg parts for Aigis made with strong fibers.
Boots 0073 0049 Pearlite Legs Processed iron leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0074 004A Fullerene Legs Molecularly cohesive leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0075 004B Ceramic Legs Ceramic leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0076 004C Cobalt Legs Cobalt leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0077 004D Titanium Legs Lightweight leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0078 004E Cermet Legs Alloyed leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0079 004F Ergo Legs Consolidated leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0080 0050 Kugelbein Leg parts for Aigis from the Beast God.
Boots 0081 0051 Black Loafers 2051
Boots 0082 0052 Dummy 2052
Boots 0083 0053 Enamel Pied Shining leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0084 0054 Suede Pied Leather-covered leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0085 0055 Solid Pied Resin leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0086 0056 Bisque Pied Light ceramic leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0087 0057 Alumina Pied Light alloy leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0088 0058 Titanium Pied Titanium leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0089 0059 Zircon Pied Zirconium leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0090 005A Baskins Imitation dancing shoes for Metis.
Boots 0091 005B Leprechaun Toe Magical leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0092 005C Blood Aries Crimson leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0093 005D Swan Legs Angelic leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0094 005E Ella's Slippers Mysterious glass leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0095 005F Aigis Legs v.100 The ultimate prototype leg parts for Aigis.
Boots 0096 0060 Centurion Supreme pitch-black leg parts for Metis.
Boots 0097 0061 Dummy ラスト
Accessory 0000 0000 Dummy! @accessory_3000
Accessory 0001 0001 Power Band Strength increases by 1.
Accessory 0002 0002 Mega Power Band Strength increases by 2.
Accessory 0003 0003 Giga Power Band Strength increases by 3.
Accessory 0004 0004 Tera Power Band Strength increases by 4.
Accessory 0005 0005 Magic Band Magic increases by 1.
Accessory 0006 0006 Mega Magic Band Magic increases by 2.
Accessory 0007 0007 Giga Magic Band Magic increases by 3.
Accessory 0008 0008 Tera Magic Band Magic increases by 4.
Accessory 0009 0009 Guard Band Endurance increases by 1.
Accessory 0010 000A Mega Guard Band Endurance increases by 2.
Accessory 0011 000B Giga Guard Band Endurance increases by 3.
Accessory 0012 000C Tera Guard Band Endurance increases by 4.
Accessory 0013 000D Speed Band Agility increases by 1.
Accessory 0014 000E Mega Speed Band Agility increases by 2.
Accessory 0015 000F Giga Speed Band Agility increases by 3.
Accessory 0016 0010 Tera Speed Band Agility increases by 4.
Accessory 0017 0011 Luck Band Luck increases by 1.
Accessory 0018 0012 Mega Luck Band Luck increases by 2.
Accessory 0019 0013 Giga Luck Band Luck increases by 3.
Accessory 0020 0014 Tera Luck Band Luck increases by 4.
Accessory 0021 0015 0x3015 渠虚餓臼によるダメージを 許云させる。
Accessory 0022 0016 Black God's Rock Nullifies Slash damage.
Accessory 0023 0017 0x3017 渠虚餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0024 0018 0x3018 渠虚餓臼によるダメージを 鋸漁する。
Accessory 0025 0019 0x3019 華虚餓臼によるダメージを 許云させる。
Accessory 0026 001A Kohryu's Scale Nullifies Strike damage.
Accessory 0027 001B 0x301B 華虚餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0028 001C 0x301C 華虚餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0029 001D 0x301D 禦嚇餓臼によるダメージを 許云させる。
Accessory 0030 001E Mystic Rock Nullifies Pierce damage.
Accessory 0031 001F 0x301F 禦嚇餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0032 0020 0x3020 禦嚇餓臼によるダメージを 鋸漁する。
Accessory 0033 0021 0x3021 魚亨餓臼によるダメージを 許云させる。
Accessory 0034 0022 Blazing Flame Nullifies Fire damage.
Accessory 0035 0023 0x3023 魚亨餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0036 0024 0x3024 魚亨餓臼によるダメージを 鋸漁する。
Accessory 0037 0025 0x3025 享蔭餓臼によるダメージを 許云させる。
Accessory 0038 0026 Frozen Stone Nullifies Ice damage.
Accessory 0039 0027 0x3027 享蔭餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0040 0028 0x3028 享蔭餓臼によるダメージを 鋸漁する。
Accessory 0041 0029 0x3029 京虚餓臼によるダメージを 許云させる。
Accessory 0042 002A Lightning Gloves Nullifies Electricity damage.
Accessory 0043 002B 0x302B 京虚餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0044 002C 0x302C 京虚餓臼によるダメージを を鋸漁する。
Accessory 0045 002D 0x302D 供瑛餓臼によるダメージを 許云させる。
Accessory 0046 002E Storm Ring Nullifies Wind damage.
Accessory 0047 002F 0x302F 供瑛餓臼によるダメージを 起距する。
Accessory 0048 0030 0x3030 供瑛餓臼によるダメージを 鋸漁する
Accessory 0049 0031 White Feather Resistance against Light.
Accessory 0050 0032 Radiant Halo Nullifies Light.
Accessory 0051 0033 0x3033 岡餓臼による侠掛を 起距する。
Accessory 0052 0034 Black Feather Resistance against Darkness.
Accessory 0053 0035 Ring of Darkness Nullifies Darkness.
Accessory 0054 0036 0x3036 僑餓臼による侠掛を 起距する。
Accessory 0055 0037 Narcissus Flower Prevents you from becoming Charmed.
Accessory 0056 0038 Staunch Anklets Prevents you from becoming Distressed.
Accessory 0057 0039 Unbreakable Cage Prevents you from becoming Panicked.
Accessory 0058 003A Serpent's Eye Prevents you from becoming Frightened.
Accessory 0059 003B Ring of Serenity Prevents you from becoming Enraged.
Accessory 0060 003C Frost Cap Prevents you from being Frozen.
Accessory 0061 003D Lightning Armlet Prevents you from being Shocked.
Accessory 0062 003E Alicorn Prevents you from being Poisoned.
Accessory 0063 003F Tome of the Void Protects you from ailments.
Accessory 0064 0040 Omnipotent Orb Nullifies all attacks except Almighty.
Accessory 0065 0041 Slash Ward Increases dodge against Slash attacks.
Accessory 0066 0042 Slash Repeller Higher chance of dodge against Slash attacks.
Accessory 0067 0043 Strike Ward Increases chance of dodge against Strikes.
Accessory 0068 0044 Strike Repeller Higher chance of dodge against Strikes.
Accessory 0069 0045 Pierce Ward Increases dodge against Piercing.
Accessory 0070 0046 Pierce Repeller Higher chance of dodge against Piercing.
Accessory 0071 0047 Flame Charm Increases dodge against Fire attacks.
Accessory 0072 0048 Eye of Flame Higher chance of dodge against Fire attacks.
Accessory 0073 0049 Ice Charm Increases dodge against Ice attacks.
Accessory 0074 004A Eye of Ice Higher chance of dodge against Ice attacks.
Accessory 0075 004B Wind Charm Increases dodge against Wind attacks.
Accessory 0076 004C Eye of Wind Higher chance of dodge against Wind attacks.
Accessory 0077 004D Thunder Charm Increases dodge against Electricity.
Accessory 0078 004E Eye of Thunder Higher chance of dodge against Electricity.
Accessory 0079 004F Masakado's Hair Increases dodge vs. physical skills.
Accessory 0080 0050 Book of Enoch Increases dodge vs. magical skills.
Accessory 0081 0051 Fire Bracers Increases Fire damage.
Accessory 0082 0052 Agni Bracers Increases Fire damage by a large amount.
Accessory 0083 0053 Ice Bracers Increases Ice damage.
Accessory 0084 0054 Varuna Bracers Increases Ice damage by a large amount.
Accessory 0085 0055 Thunder Bracers Increases Electricity damage.
Accessory 0086 0056 Indra Bracers Increases Electricity dmg by a large amount.
Accessory 0087 0057 Wind Bracers Increases Wind damage.
Accessory 0088 0058 Vayu Bracers Increases Wind damage by a large amount.
Accessory 0089 0059 Indigo Cape Increases chance of escape.
Accessory 0090 005A Rosary Low revival chance for Light-induced death.
Accessory 0091 005B Prayer Beads Low revival chance for death from Darkness.
Accessory 0092 005C 0x305C @accessory_305C
Accessory 0093 005D 0x305D @accessory_305D
Accessory 0094 005E 0x305E @accessory_305E
Accessory 0095 005F Frenzy Beads Attack damage goes up when Enraged.
Accessory 0096 0060 Warrior's Seal Low chance to counter physical attacks.
Accessory 0097 0061 War God's Seal Medium chance to counter attacks.
Accessory 0098 0062 Berserker's Seal High chance to counter physical attacks.
Accessory 0099 0063 Land Badge Restores a tiny bit of HP every turn.
Accessory 0100 0064 Earth Badge Restores a little bit of HP every turn.
Accessory 0101 0065 Space Badge Restores a bit of HP every turn.
Accessory 0102 0066 Mage's Mark Restores a tiny bit of SP every turn.
Accessory 0103 0067 Sorcerer's Mark Restores a little bit of SP every turn.
Accessory 0104 0068 Wizard's Mark Restores a bit of SP every turn.
Accessory 0105 0069 0x3069 @accessory_3069
Accessory 0106 006A 0x306A @accessory_306A
Accessory 0107 006B 0x306B @accessory_306B
Accessory 0108 006C 0x306C @accessory_306C
Accessory 0109 006D Power Enhancer Gain Tarukaja at beginning of battle.
Accessory 0110 006E Guard Enhancer Gain Rakukaja at beginning of battle.
Accessory 0111 006F Speed Enhancer Gain Sukukaja at beginning of battle.
Accessory 0112 0070 Shadow Sensor Lowers enemy's rate of surprise attack.
Accessory 0113 0071 Sigma Drive Lowers chance of sustaining crit hit.
Accessory 0114 0072 Omega Drive Increases chance of dealing critical hits.
Accessory 0115 0073 Barbaric Bracers Increases chance of dodging by a lot.
Accessory 0116 0074 Divine Pillar Lowers damage received but cannot dodge.
Accessory 0117 0075 Chakra Ring Halves cost of SP when using magical skills.
Accessory 0118 0076 Rudra Ring Halves cost of HP when using physical skills.
Accessory 0119 0077 0x3077 @accessory_3077
Accessory 0120 0078 0x3078 @accessory_3078
Accessory 0121 0079 0x3079 リザーブ
Accessory 0122 007A Draupnir Increases healing by a large amount.
Accessory 0123 007B Spirit Bracers Grants 1 HP when HP reaches 0. 1 time.
Accessory 0124 007C Sacrificial Idol Grants full HP when HP reaches 0. 1 time.
Accessory 0125 007D 0x307D リザーブ
Accessory 0126 007E 0x307E リザーブ
Accessory 0127 007F 0x307F @accessory_307F
Accessory 0128 0080 Portable Player Portable music player.
Accessory 0129 0081 Silver Necklace Simple necklace.
Accessory 0130 0082 Heart Choker Heart-shaped choker.
Accessory 0131 0083 Leather Gloves Thin leather gloves.
Accessory 0132 0084 Red Ribbon Big red ribbon.
Accessory 0133 0085 Koromaru Wings Made from angel wings.
Accessory 0134 0086 Fancy Nails Jewel-encrusted nails.
Accessory 0135 0087 Wristband Athletic wristband.
Accessory 0136 0088 Beanie Simple knit cap.
Accessory 0137 0089 Silver Ring Simply designed silver ring.
Accessory 0138 008A 0x308A うーん
Accessory 0139 008B Platinum Watch Made out of very expensive materials.
Accessory 0140 008C 0x308C @accessory_308C
Accessory 0141 008D 0x308D @accessory_308D
Accessory 0142 008E 0x308E @accessory_308E
Accessory 0143 008F Bead Necklace 夏ません!
Accessory 0144 0090 Life Ring Increases max HP by 10%.
Accessory 0145 0091 Energy Ring Increases max HP by 20%.
Accessory 0146 0092 Vitality Ring Increases max HP by 30%.
Accessory 0147 0093 Spirit Ring Increase max SP by 10%.
Accessory 0148 0094 Spell Ring Increase max SP by 20%.
Accessory 0149 0095 Magic Ring Increase MAX SP by 30%.
Accessory 0150 0096 Dummy 夏ません!
Item 0000 0000 Dummy ID_4000 ID_4000
Item 0001 0001 Medicine Slightly restores an ally's HP.
Item 0002 0002 Medical Powder Moderately restores an ally's HP.
Item 0003 0003 42h B Fully restores an ally's HP.
Item 0004 0004 Snuff Soul Slightly restores an ally's SP.
Item 0005 0005 Chewing Soul Moderately restores an ally's SP.
Item 0006 0006 Precious Egg Fully restores an ally's SP.
Item 0007 0007 53h S Fully restores party's HP and SP.
Item 0008 0008 Dis-Poison Neutralizes Poison (1 ally).
Item 0009 0009 Revival Bead Revives an ally, restoring 50% of HP.
Item 0010 000A Balm of Life Revives an ally, fully restoring HP.
Item 0011 000B Me Patra Gem Dispels Panic, Fear, and Distress (party).
Item 0012 000C Muscle Drink Battle: restores ally's HP (Med). Side effect.
Item 0013 000D Odd Morsel Battle: restores ally's HP (Med). Side effect.
Item 0014 000E Rancid Gravy Battle: restores ally's HP (Med). Side effect.
Item 0015 000F Powerful Drug Drink at your own risk!
Item 0016 0010 Umugi Water Moderately restores an ally's HP.
Item 0017 0011 Amrita Water Cures all ailments for the entire party.
Item 0018 0012 Nihil Longsword Used to fuse a Persona into a 2h sword.
Item 0019 0013 Dis-Rage Dispels Rage (1 ally).
Item 0020 0014 Dis-Charm Dispels Charm (1 ally).
Item 0021 0015 Treasure Box Cash ID_4015 ID_4015
Item 0022 0016 Purifying Rice Casts Hamaon on 1 enemy.
Item 0023 0017 Curse Paper Casts Mudoon on 1 enemy.
Item 0024 0018 Fierce Sutra Briefly raises entire party's strength.
Item 0025 0019 Agility Sutra Briefly raises entire party's speed.
Item 0026 001A Protection Sutra Briefly raises entire party's defense.
Item 0027 001B Flame Magatama Massive Fire damage to 1 enemy.
Item 0028 001C Gale Magatama Massive Wind damage to 1 enemy.
Item 0029 001D Frigid Magatama Massive Ice damage to 1 enemy.
Item 0030 001E Shock Magatama Massive Elec damage to 1 enemy.
Item 0031 001F 0x401F ID_401F ID_401F
Item 0032 0020 Patra Gem Dispels Panic, Fear, and Distress (1 ally).
Item 0033 0021 Traesto Gem Enables escape from a dungeon.
Item 0034 0022 Bead Chain Fully restores party's HP.
Item 0035 0023 Magic Mirror Barrier that reflects magic 1x (party).
Item 0036 0024 Attack Mirror Barrier that reflects phys atk 1x (party).
Item 0037 0025 Dekaja Gem Nullifies stat bonuses (all foes).
Item 0038 0026 Dekunda Gem Nullifies stat penalties (party).
Item 0039 0027 Homunculus Protects self from a Hama/Mudo skill.
Item 0040 0028 Plume of Dusk Miraculously restores party upon your death.
Item 0041 0029 Agilao Gem Deals medium Fire damage to 1 foe.
Item 0042 002A Maragi Gem Deals light Fire damage to all foes.
Item 0043 002B Bufula Gem Deals medium Ice damage/Freezes 1 foe.
Item 0044 002C Mabufu Gem Deals light Ice damage /Freezes all foes.
Item 0045 002D Garula Gem Deals medium Wind damage to 1 foe.
Item 0046 002E Magaru Gem Deals light Wind damage to all foes.
Item 0047 002F Zionga Gem Deals medium Elec damage/Shocks 1 foe.
Item 0048 0030 Mazio Gem Deals light Elec dmg/ Shocks all foes.
Item 0049 0031 Megido Gem Deals medium Almighty damage to all foes.
Item 0050 0032 Trafuri Gem Guaranteed escape from most battles.
Item 0051 0033 0x4033 リザーブ
Item 0052 0034 Sword of Page Persona: Luck +1, Strength +1.
Item 0053 0035 Sword of Knight Persona: Luck +1, Strength +2.
Item 0054 0036 Sword of Queen Persona: Luck +2, Strength +3.
Item 0055 0037 Sword of King Persona: Luck +2, Strength +4.
Item 0056 0038 Cup of Page Persona: Luck +1, Endurance +1.
Item 0057 0039 Cup of Knight Persona: Luck +1, Endurance +2.
Item 0058 003A Cup of Queen Persona: Luck +2, Endurance +3.
Item 0059 003B Cup of King Persona: Luck +2, Endurance +4.
Item 0060 003C Wand of Page Persona: Luck +1, Magic +1.
Item 0061 003D Wand of Knight Persona: Luck +1, Magic +2.
Item 0062 003E Wand of Queen Persona: Luck +2, Magic +3.
Item 0063 003F Wand of King Persona: Luck +2, Magic +4.
Item 0064 0040 Coin of Page Persona: Luck +1, Agility +1.
Item 0065 0041 Coin of Knight Persona: Luck +1, Agility +2.
Item 0066 0042 Coin of Queen Persona: Luck +2, Agility +3.
Item 0067 0043 Coin of King Persona: Luck +2, Agility +4.
Item 0068 0044 0x4044 リザーブ
Item 0069 0045 Nihil Sword Used to fuse a Persona into a sword.
Item 0070 0046 Nihil Gloves Used to fuse a Persona into a fist weapon.
Item 0071 0047 Nihil Spear Used to fuse a Persona into a spear.
Item 0072 0048 Nihil Bow Used to fuse a Persona into a bow.
Item 0073 0049 Nihil Axe Used to fuse a Persona into an axe.
Item 0074 004A Nihil Knife Used to fuse a Persona into a knife.
Item 0075 004B Nihil Gun Used to fuse a Persona into a gun.
Item 0076 004C 0x404C ID_404C ID_404C
Item 0077 004D 0x404D ID_404D ID_404D
Item 0078 004E 0x404E ID_404E ID_404E
Item 0079 004F 0x404F ID_404F ID_404F
Item 0080 0050 Rose Bouquet Beautiful rose bundle. May make a girl happy.
Item 0081 0051 Red Pine Bonsai Graceful potted tree. May make a girl happy.
Item 0082 0052 Mini Cactus Little care required. May make a girl happy.
Item 0083 0053 Glass Vase Elegant vase. May make a girl happy.
Item 0084 0054 Perfume Expensive perfume. May make a girl happy.
Item 0085 0055 Brand Purse Designer wallet. May make a girl happy.
Item 0086 0056 Brand Watch Designer watch. May make a girl happy.
Item 0087 0057 Brand Bag Designer handbag. May make a girl happy.
Item 0088 0058 Teddy Bear Cute stuffed animal. May make a girl happy.
Item 0089 0059 Japanese Doll Her hair really grows! May make a girl happy.
Item 0090 005A Kaleidoscope See a colorful world! May make a girl happy.
Item 0091 005B Goggle-eyed Idol Almost looks real! May make a girl happy.
Item 0092 005C Jack Frost Doll Adorable character. May make a girl happy.
Item 0093 005D Book Cover Fancy leather sheath. May make a girl happy.
Item 0094 005E Lucky Charm Came with your fortune. May make a girl happy.
Item 0095 005F Ganesha Bank Piggy bank of a deity. May make a girl happy.
Item 0096 0060 Amethyst A shiny, purple gemstone.
Item 0097 0061 Aquamarine A transparent, turquoise gemstone.
Item 0098 0062 Emerald A sparkling, green gemstone.
Item 0099 0063 4Fh O Black gemstone. It's Greek for "claw."
Item 0100 0064 4Fh O White gemstone that reflects many colors.
Item 0101 0065 Garnet Deep violet gemstone.
Item 0102 0066 Sapphire Deep blue gemstone.
Item 0103 0067 Diamond Beautiful, colorless gemstone.
Item 0104 0068 Turquoise A bluish-green, opaque gemstone.
Item 0105 0069 Topaz Pale brown gemstone.
Item 0106 006A Pearl Shiny, white gemstone.
Item 0107 006B 52h R Deep red gemstone.
Item 0108 006C Weird Takoyaki Something other than octopus is inside.
Item 0109 006D Wild Burger Made of mystery meat.
Item 0110 006E Instant Ramen Expensive, but tastes just like Hagakure's.
Item 0111 006F Side Dish Homestyle dish at an affordable price.
Item 0112 0070 Dr. Salt Salty soda. Popular, but an acquired taste.
Item 0113 0071 Mad Bull The most caffeinated drink available.
Item 0114 0072 SoBay Popular tea often auctioned online.
Item 0115 0073 Moonkist Soda whose slogan is "Kist my full moon!"
Item 0116 0074 Cielo Mist Beverage imported from Jamaica.
Item 0117 0075 Nastea Tea that tastes great, despite its name.
Item 0118 0076 BauerBar Keeps you going for 24 hours straight.
Item 0119 0077 Cylon Tea Comes in 12 different varieties.
Item 0120 0078 505531 Soft drink coveted by old-school gamers.
Item 0121 0079 Starvicks Famous coffee, mixed with cough syrup.
Item 0122 007A Aguafeena Extensively purified tap water.
Item 0123 007B Durian Soda Soda that simply reeks.
Item 0124 007C Fountain Dew A disturbingly yellow soft drink.
Item 0125 007D Jumbo Juice Blended fruit juice. It's huge!
Item 0126 007E 56h V Vegetable juice that will rev your engine.
Item 0127 007F Special Drink Sports drink with tons of supplements added.
Item 0128 0080 Beetle Shell Hard shell obtained from a Grave Beetle.
Item 0129 0081 Old Lantern Lantern obtained from a Phantom Mage.
Item 0130 0082 Yakisoba Bread The sauce smells delicious.
Item 0131 0083 Apple Strudel German pastry with apple inside.
Item 0132 0084 Cutlet Sandwich A filling sandwich. Perfect for lunch!
Item 0133 0085 Melon Bread Bread with a faint melon fragrance.
Item 0134 0086 Crab Bread It's only shaped like a crab.
Item 0135 0087 Fried Bread Deep-fried bread.
Item 0136 0088 Coffee Jelly Delicious coffee-flavored jelly.
Item 0137 0089 Chocolate Cake Rich and moist.
Item 0138 008A Fuuka's Cookie Supposedly, it's edible.
Item 0139 008B Champagne Authentic non-alcoholic champagne.
Item 0140 008C Medicated Patch Yuko's homemade remedy.
Item 0141 008D Handmade Keychain A cute keychain that Chihiro made.
Item 0142 008E 0x408E リザーブ リザーブ
Item 0143 008F 0x408F リザーブ リザーブ
Item 0144 0090 Wealth Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
Item 0145 0091 Treasure Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
Item 0146 0092 Supreme Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
Item 0147 0093 Opulent Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
Item 0148 0094 Luxury Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
Item 0149 0095 Glorious Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
Item 0150 0096 Megidolaon Gem Deals high Almighty damage to all foes.
Item 0151 0097 Oden Juice Juice filled with tiny chunks of fish cakes.
Item 0152 0098 Super Cat Food Hoity-toity cat food for fine felines.
Item 0153 0099 Red Quillon Shiny and red. It might be valuable.
Item 0154 009A White Quillon Shiny and white. It might be valuable.
Item 0155 009B Black Quillon Shiny and black. It might be valuable.
Item 0156 009C 0x409C リザーブ リザーブ
Item 0157 009D 0x409D リザーブ リザーブ
Item 0158 009E Lead Medal Dropped by the Wealth Hand.
Item 0159 009F Steel Medal Dropped by the Treasure Hand.
Item 0160 00A0 Bronze Medal Dropped by the Supreme Hand.
Item 0161 00A1 Silver Medal Dropped by the Opulent Hand.
Item 0162 00A2 Gold Medal Dropped by the Luxury Hand.
Item 0163 00A3 Anatomical Model Creepy plastic model of the human body.
Item 0164 00A4 Gekkoukan Boogie Recording of some really funky music.
Item 0165 00A5 Queen Elizabeth Non-alcoholic, but sophisticated.
Item 0166 00A6 Mahjong Tile Game piece you got at the mahjong place.
Item 0167 00A7 Inari Sushi Sushi that the old lady gave you.
Item 0168 00A8 Platinum Medal Dropped by the Glorious Hand.
Item 0169 00A9 Bronze Figurine Figurine dropped by the Bronze Dice.
Item 0170 00AA Snake Scale A Lustful Snake's black scale.
Item 0171 00AB Relic Fragment Fragment from a Creation Relic.
Item 0172 00AC Greasy Gear Gear obtained from a Wild Drive.
Item 0173 00AD Tiara's Hair Strand of silver hair from a Shouting Tiara.
Item 0174 00AE Knight's Reins A Champion Knight's black reins.
Item 0175 00AF Empress's Mirror Hand mirror dropped by an Elegant Mother.
Item 0176 00B0 Gold Handguard Handguard dropped by a Hakurou Musha.
Item 0177 00B1 Gold Ring Golden ring dropped by a Wondrous Magus.
Item 0178 00B2 Red Armor Plate Armor plate dropped by a Scarlet Turret.
Item 0179 00B3 Pink Feather Pink feather of a Devoted Cupid.
Item 0180 00B4 Moon Tablet Stone tablet dropped by a Ruinous Idol.
Item 0181 00B5 Sand of Time Grains from inside Perpetual Sand.
Item 0182 00B6 Rainbow Hair A Daring Gigas's multicolored hair.
Item 0183 00B7 Bloody Button Old button obtained from The Reaper.
Item 0184 00B8 Shadow Shard Black stone fragment. It might be valuable.
Item 0185 00B9 Shadow Crystal Shiny black crystal. It might be valuable.
Item 0186 00BA Empress's Mask Golden mask. It might be valuable.
Item 0187 00BB Vibrant Cloth Colorful cloth. It might be valuable.
Item 0188 00BC Beetle Horn Large insect horn. It might be valuable.
Item 0189 00BD Golden Beard Odd-shaped beard. It might be valuable.
Item 0190 00BE Massive Wheel Big tank wheel. It might be valuable.
Item 0191 00BF Dense Rock Abnormally hard rock. It might be valuable.
Item 0192 00C0 Broken Heart A cracked heart. It might be valuable.
Item 0193 00C1 Fine Statuette Very small sculpture. It might be valuable.
Item 0194 00C2 Nama-yatsuhashi Japanese treat with red bean paste inside.
Item 0195 00C3 Pickled Turnip Thinly sliced turnip that's been pickled.
Item 0196 00C4 Konpeito Spiky candies.
Item 0197 00C5 Mibu Cracker Rice cracker associated with Shinsen-gumi.
Item 0198 00C6 Diet Food Smells so bad, your appetite disappears.
Item 0199 00C7 Super Diet Food Tastes so good, you may overindulge.
Item 0200 00C8 Veggie Supplement 100% veggies.
Item 0201 00C9 Health Supplement Keeps your skin young, but may cause acne.
Item 0202 00CA Mega Protein Warning: don't consume before a competition.
Item 0203 00CB Sappy Jelly Jelly made from tree sap.
Item 0204 00CC Mind Supplement Clears your mind and enhances your memory.
Item 0205 00CD Copper Doorknob Works as a disinfectant. It might be valuable.
Item 0206 00CE Silver Glasses Prescription lenses. It might be valuable.
Item 0207 00CF Golden Pacifier Shiny baby's toy. It might be valuable.
Item 0208 00D0 Platinum Noseplug For rich allergy victims. It might be valuable.
Item 0209 00D1 Diamond Pickler Beautiful yet weightless. It might be valuable.
Item 0210 00D2 Steel Right Arm Mighty steel right arm. It might be valuable.
Item 0211 00D3 Broken Wheel A wheel that came off. It might be valuable.
Item 0212 00D4 Shining Beard Beautiful facial hair. It might be valuable.
Item 0213 00D5 Ebon Heart Oversized onyx organ. It might be valuable.
Item 0214 00D6 Fire Element Mysterious burning lump. It might be valuable.
Item 0215 00D7 Thunder Element Mysterious sparking lump. It might be valuable.
Item 0216 00D8 Ice Element Mysterious freezing lump. It might be valuable.
Item 0217 00D9 Throne of Ruin A floating throne. It might be valuable.
Item 0218 00DA Burning Grail Cup with eternal flame. It might be valuable.
Item 0219 00DB Scarlet Choker Large, solid red choker. It might be valuable.
Item 0220 00DC Infernal Armor Armor with flaming inlay. It might be valuable.
Item 0221 00DD Bloody Horse Creepy child's ride. It might be valuable.
Item 0222 00DE All-Seeing Eye An omniscient eye. It might be valuable.
Item 0223 00DF 0x40DF リザーブ リザーブ
Key Item 0000 0000 Dummy @eventitem_000
Key Item 0001 0001 Velvet Key A key that unlocks the door to the Velvet Room.
Key Item 0002 0002 Steel Fragment A heavy piece of steel from Rampage Drive.
Key Item 0003 0003 0x5003 5003
Key Item 0004 0004 Handmade Choker A choker Kenji made. Enables fusion of Surt.
Key Item 0005 0005 0x5005 まだ…磯い…ッ
Key Item 0006 0006 0x5006 まだ…磯い…ッ
Key Item 0007 0007 Cheap Lighter Proof Hidetoshi solved the smoking incident. Enables fusion of Odin.
Key Item 0008 0008 Persimmon Fruit Fruit from Bunkichi's son's tree. Enables fusion of Kohryu.
Key Item 0009 0009 Yukari's Strap Yukari's treasured cell phone strap. Enables fusion of Cybele.
Key Item 0010 000A Headphones The headphones Fuuka made. Enables fusion of Scathach.
Key Item 0011 000B Motorcycle Key The key to Mitsuru's motorcycle. Enables fusion of Alilat.
Key Item 0012 000C Kids' Letter Letters from the kids Yuko trained. Enables fusion of Siegfried.
Key Item 0013 000D Manga A manga by Chihiro's favorite artist. Enables fusion of Melchizedek.
Key Item 0014 000E Sports Tape A roll of sports tape from Kazushi. Enables fusion of Thor.
Key Item 0015 000F 0x500F まだ…磯い…ッ
Key Item 0016 0010 Screenshot Data The message Maya left in the online game. Enables fusion of Arahabaki.
Key Item 0017 0011 Award Letter Notification of Keisuke's prize. Enables fusion of Norn.
Key Item 0018 0012 Charred Screw Broken component from Aigis' body. Enables fusion of Metatron.
Key Item 0019 0013 Bead Ring The ring Maiko made. Enables fusion of Attis.
Key Item 0020 0014 0x5014 まだ…磯い…ッ
Key Item 0021 0015 Money Pouch Pouch Bebe made from Japanese cloth. Enables fusion of Yurlungur.
Key Item 0022 0016 Thank-you Letter A letter President Tanaka received. Enables fusion of Beelzebub.
Key Item 0023 0017 Reserve Tag Mutatsu's bottle tag. Enables fusion of Chi You.
Key Item 0024 0018 Car Key A car key received from Mamoru. Enables fusion of Helel.
Key Item 0025 0019 Gourmet License A license received from Nozomi. Enables fusion of Sandalphon.
Key Item 0026 001A Worn Notebook A notebook containing Akinari's story. Enables fusion of Asura.
Key Item 0027 001B 0x501B 501B
Key Item 0028 001C Red Fountain Pen A blood-red fountain pen.
Key Item 0029 001D Persimmon Leaf A fallen leaf from a young tree.
Key Item 0030 001E 0x501E 501E
Key Item 0031 001F 0x501F 501F
Key Item 0032 0020 Platinum Bookmark Elizabeth's precious bookmark.
Key Item 0033 0021 Torn Black Cloth Enables the fusion of Pale Rider (Death).
Key Item 0034 0022 Sugar Key Enables the fusion of King Frost (Emperor).
Key Item 0035 0023 Machine Core Enables the fusion of Nata Taishi (Chariot).
Key Item 0036 0024 Marionette Enables the fusion of Nebiros (Hermit).
Key Item 0037 0025 Lily Petal Enables the fusion of Lilith (Devil).
Key Item 0038 0026 Masakados Enables the fusion of Masakado (Tower).
Key Item 0039 0027 Old Document 01 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0040 0028 Old Document 02 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0041 0029 Old Document 03 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0042 002A Old Document 04 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0043 002B Old Document 05 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0044 002C Old Document 06 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0045 002D Old Document 07 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0046 002E Old Document 08 A 10-year-old document found in Tartarus.
Key Item 0047 002F 0x502F @eventitem_047
Key Item 0048 0030 Small Cheongsam Enables the fusion of Hua Po (Magician).
Key Item 0049 0031 Book of Ancients Enables the fusion of Thoth (Temperance).
Key Item 0050 0032 Blue Scale Enables the fusion of Empusa (Fortune).
Key Item 0051 0033 Rainbow Feather Enables the fusion of Kartikeya (Star).
Key Item 0052 0034 Red Muffler Enables the fusion of Hell Biker (Hanged Man).
Key Item 0053 0035 Kanetsugu's Helm Replica of a Sengoku-era helm.
Key Item 0054 0036 Colorless Mask Enables the fusion of Orpheus Telos (Fool).
Key Item 0055 0037 Pine Resin Powder used for archery. Looks like pine resin.
Key Item 0056 0038 Fencing Epee The triangular tip of the sword is hard to bend.
Key Item 0057 0039 Glasses Wipe It's wiped things besides his glasses...
Key Item 0058 003A Poinsettia A plant with red leaves.
Key Item 0059 003B Handheld Game The "Odin Cube" disc is already in the tray.
Key Item 0060 003C Fruit Knife It seems old, but it's perfectly maintained.
Key Item 0061 003D Featherman R It's not a doll. It's an action figure.
Key Item 0062 003E Amateur Protein Very effective protein for amateur athletes.
Key Item 0063 003F Gourmet Dog Food Expensive dog food fit for wild animals.
Key Item 0064 0040 Machine Oil Used to maintain Aigis' advanced weaponry.
Key Item 0065 0041 Key of Time Combined key needed to open the last door.
Key Item 0066 0042 True Key Key that opens the door to the outside world.
Key Item 0067 0043 0x5043 @eventitem_067
Key Item 0068 0044 0x5044 @eventitem_068
Key Item 0069 0045 0x5045 @eventitem_069
Key Item 0070 0046 0x5046 @eventitem_070
Key Item 0071 0047 0x5047 @eventitem_071
Key Item 0072 0048 0x5048 @eventitem_072
Key Item 0073 0049 0x5049 @eventitem_073
Key Item 0074 004A 0x504A @eventitem_074
Key Item 0075 004B 0x504B @eventitem_075
Key Item 0076 004C 0x504C @eventitem_076
Key Item 0077 004D 0x504D @eventitem_077
Key Item 0078 004E 0x504E @eventitem_078
Key Item 0079 004F 0x504F @eventitem_079
Key Item 0080 0050 0x5050 @eventitem_080
Key Item 0081 0051 0x5051 @eventitem_081
Key Item 0082 0052 0x5052 @eventitem_082
Key Item 0083 0053 0x5053 @eventitem_083
Key Item 0084 0054 0x5054 @eventitem_084
Key Item 0085 0055 0x5055 @eventitem_085
Key Item 0086 0056 0x5056 @eventitem_086
Key Item 0087 0057 0x5057 @eventitem_087
Key Item 0088 0058 0x5058 @eventitem_088
Key Item 0089 0059 0x5059 @eventitem_089
Key Item 0090 005A 0x505A @eventitem_090
Key Item 0091 005B 0x505B @eventitem_091
Key Item 0092 005C 0x505C @eventitem_092
Key Item 0093 005D 0x505D @eventitem_093
Key Item 0094 005E 0x505E @eventitem_094
Key Item 0095 005F 0x505F @eventitem_095
Key Item 0096 0060 0x5060 @eventitem_096
Key Item 0097 0061 0x5061 @eventitem_097
Key Item 0098 0062 0x5062 @eventitem_098
Key Item 0099 0063 0x5063 @eventitem_099
Key Item 0100 0064 0x5064 @eventitem_100
Key Item 0101 0065 0x5065 @eventitem_101
Key Item 0102 0066 0x5066 @eventitem_102
Key Item 0103 0067 0x5067 @eventitem_103
Key Item 0104 0068 0x5068 @eventitem_104
Key Item 0105 0069 0x5069 @eventitem_105
Key Item 0106 006A 0x506A @eventitem_106
Key Item 0107 006B 0x506B @eventitem_107
Key Item 0108 006C 0x506C @eventitem_108
Key Item 0109 006D 0x506D @eventitem_109
Key Item 0110 006E 0x506E @eventitem_110
Key Item 0111 006F 0x506F @eventitem_111
Key Item 0112 0070 0x5070 @eventitem_112
Key Item 0113 0071 0x5071 @eventitem_113
Key Item 0114 0072 0x5072 @eventitem_114
Key Item 0115 0073 0x5073 @eventitem_115
Key Item 0116 0074 0x5074 @eventitem_116
Key Item 0117 0075 0x5075 @eventitem_117
Key Item 0118 0076 0x5076 @eventitem_118
Key Item 0119 0077 0x5077 @eventitem_119
Key Item 0120 0078 0x5078 @eventitem_120
Key Item 0121 0079 0x5079 @eventitem_121
Key Item 0122 007A 0x507A @eventitem_122
Key Item 0123 007B 0x507B @eventitem_123
Key Item 0124 007C 0x507C @eventitem_124
Key Item 0125 007D 0x507D @eventitem_125
Key Item 0126 007E 0x507E @eventitem_126
Key Item 0127 007F 0x507F @eventitem_127
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