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Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight/data.cpk/dance/player/p3/face
Location data.cpk
Contains GMD

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night (P3D) keeps its Persona 3 player models and animations in the Dance/player/p3 directory of its data.cpk. Within that directory is the face folder, containing GMD models of each character's face.

Face models

Filename Character Costume Image
pc101_f1.GMD Makoto Yuki Face File:Pc101 f1.png
pc102_f1.GMD Yukari Takeba Face File:Pc102 f1.png
pc103_f1.GMD Junpei Iori Face File:Pc103 f1.png
pc103_f2.GMD Junpei Iori Face 2 File:Pc103 f2.png
pc104_f1.GMD Akihiko Sanada Face File:Pc104 f1.png
pc104_f2.GMD Akihiko Sanada Face File:Pc104 f2.png
pc105_f1.GMD Mitsuru Kirijo Face File:Pc105 f1.png
pc106_f1.GMD Fuuka Yamagishi Face File:Pc106 f1.png
pc107_f1.GMD Aigis Face File:Pc107 f1.png
pc108_f1.GMD Ken Amada Face File:Pc108 f1.png
pc110_f1.GMD Shinji Aragaki Face File:Pc110 f1.png
pc111_f1.GMD Elizabeth Face File:Pc111 f1.png
pc112_f1.GMD Theodore Face File:Pc112 f1.png
pc113_f1.GMD Labrys Face File:Pc113 f1.png
pc115_f1.GMD Sho Minazuki Face File:Pc115 f1.png
pc116_f1.GMD Margaret Face File:Pc116 f1.png
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