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Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight/data.cpk/dance/field
Location data.cpk (P3D), data.cpk (P5D)
Size 877 MB
Contains GFS

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night keep their dancing stages in the dance/field directory of their data.cpk.

P3 Dancing Stages

Filename stage image
f100_001.GFS Velvet Room DMwDTWi.png
f101_001.GFS Paulowina Mall 0n0h9XU.png
f103_001.GFS Port Island Station 90yVBPB.png
f104_001.GFS Iwatodai Dorm ahYQgR1.png
f105_001.GFS Gekkoukan Entrance E_1.png
f106_001.GFS Gekkoukan Rooftop 4GfP8Ak.png
f107_001.GFS Naganaki Shrine 1YO6skn.png
f108_001.GFS Yakushima Beach yakushima.png
f109_001.GFS Tatarus Lobby gVLGxAf.png
f110_001.GFS Gekkoukan Entrance (Dark Hour) pejKo0p.jpg
f111_001.GFS City Intersection (Dark Hour) h1mRwr8.png
f112_001.GFS Trains (Dark Hour) UOzJYuL.png
f113_001.GFS Love Hotel yiN9pfI.png
f114_001.GFS Bridge (Dark Hour) d3u1OqW.png
f115_001.GFS Colosseo Purgatoria (The Answer) s8PftvF.png
f116_001.GFS Top of Tartaus Tartarus.png
f117_001.GFS Sho's Stage 81ywJlJ.png
f118_001.GFS - Blank -
f120_001.GFS Aigis' Room osPDa1g.png
f121_001.GFS Mitsuru's Room tbQggRQ.png
f122_001.GFS Yukari's Room HsfmiOH.png
f123_001.GFS Fuuka's Room VSKVVqh.png
f124_001.GFS Junpei's Room ggyZiqJ.png
f125_001.GFS Akihiko's Room 4Pr4mB6.png
f126_001.GFS Ken's Room vW7oHen.png
f150_002.GFS Top of Tartarus (White Floor) topw.png
f151_001.GFS Gekkoukan High Rooftop (Night) roof.png
f151_002.GFS P3D Title Screen Field Title_Screen.png
f151_003.GFS Gekkoukan High Hall Gekko.png
f151_004.GFS Gekkoukan High Rooftop (Dark Hour) RoofD.png

P5 Dancing Stages

Filename stage image
f201_001.GFS Cafe Leblanc Downstairs ZN827dS.png
f202_001.GFS Cafe Leblanc Upstairs UleuPL2.jpg
f203_001.GFS Shujin Classroom UrxtI1S.png
f204_001.GFS Shujin Rooftop n1g7okZ.jpg
f205_001.GFS Shujin Gym JWjHt0A.png
f206_001.GFS Shibuya Square tfUYixr.png
f207_001.GFS Hawaii File:Pc100 00.png
f208_001.GFS Kamoshida's Palace Wy7bKeJ.jpg
f209_001.GFS Madarame's Palace cggLexv.png
f210_001.GFS Kaneshiro's Palace HwN2nV8.jpg
f211_001.GFS Futaba's Palace QCz2ill.jpg
f212_001.GFS Okumura's Palace z2pXkBJ.png
f213_001.GFS Sae's Palace Z8cpLk0.jpg
f214_001.GFS Shido's Palace bGRNx3D.jpg
f215_001.GFS Mementos Platform 0x7jiAp.png
f216_001.GFS -Blank- File:Pc100 00.png
f217_001.GFS Engine Room S8P4kWG.jpg
f220_001.GFS Ann's Room fIXbQJn.png
f221_001.GFS Futaba's Room O7xTYUs.png
f222_001.GFS Makoto's Room IudFlTb.jpg
f223_001.GFS Haru's Room YT9AWti.png
f224_001.GFS Ryuji's Room ZIMcCbw.png
f225_001.GFS Yusuke's Room 38nxycE.png
f226_001.GFS Ren's Room (Leblanc Upstairs) x5xR43g.jpg

Miscellaneous Dancing Stages

Filename stage image
f290_001.GFS Main Menu 8iO6aMF.png
f500_001.GFS PQ Credits (P3) PQ.png
f500_002.GFS PQ Credit's (P4) PQ.png
f900_001.GFS Choreography Stage unvUByc.png
f150_001.GFS Box Stage with Black Pattern boxb.png
f150_003.GFS White Box Stage(P3D) boxa.png
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