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Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight/data.cpk/dance/player/accessory
Location data.cpk (P3D), data.cpk (P5D)
Contains GMD

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night both have an identical directory for accessory models, located in the Dance/player directory.

Accessory models

Filename Type Description Image
acc101_90.GFS Sword gold and silver sword with grey background 9x1tuBY.png
acc103_90.GFS Baseball Bat silver baseball bat with black stripe TWsoYOj.png
acc108_90.GFS Spear black spear with gold and blue stripes rt8mWf3.png
acc111_90.GFS Grimoire brown grimoire gUsZJSv.png
acc203_90.GFS Stool fancy black stool fxIlvBJ.png
acc210_90.GFS Clipboard grimoire clipboard Mv6ctyN.png
acc211_90.GFS Nightstick nightstick eL3r3iw.png
accX01_05.GFS Glasses gag glasses 35Vzjf8.png
accX01_06.GFS Glasses igor glasses 7JNYGXx.png
accX01_08.GFS Glasses velvet room eyepatch (over left eye) tPiHYka.png
accX01_09.GFS Glasses velvet room eyepatch (over right eye) QI5oiIZ.png
accX01_15.GFS Glasses gag glasses (morgana) ea1H6ju.png
accX01_16.GFS Glasses igor glasses (morgana) SC4OV2W.png
accX01_21.GFS Glasses sunglasses with grey frames 8p4gO6e.png
accX01_22.GFS Glasses circular sunglasses 0gtCTNh.png
accX01_23.GFS Glasses sunglasses with dark grey full frames pB9d0eM.png
accX01_24.GFS Glasses sunglasses with red frames 95JenMe.png
accX01_25.GFS Glasses sunglasses with brown frames lXOU6Iv.png
accX01_26.GFS Glasses rectangle sunglasses with blue frames gftpF7d.png
accX01_27.GFS Glasses oval sunglasses with cool grey frames EsC5Vuz.png
accX01_28.GFS Glasses pink sunglasses 1pUwD5c.png
accX01_29.GFS Glasses blue sunglasses ncszQtG.png
accX01_31.GFS Glasses sunglasses with dark grey frames WrKZIJY.png
accX01_32.GFS Glasses orange sunglasses with desaturated brown frames uwHf5KW.png
accX01_33.GFS Glasses yellow-orange sunglasses with dark grey frames pfUjQxw.png
accX01_34.GFS Glasses brown sunglasses with brown frames oRPOYcH.png
accX01_35.GFS Glasses brown sunglasses with desaturated blue frames 4GJChXf.png
accX01_36.GFS Glasses sunglasses with just a silver weird top frame GYfs1CD.png
accX01_37.GFS Glasses octagon shaped blue sunglasses with silver frames U0YbXyV.png
accX01_38.GFS Glasses red circular sunglasses with gold frames eUocoBe.png
accX01_39.GFS Glasses brown sunglasses with brown dot frames ULYe8HM.png
accX01_41.GFS Glasses dark turqouise sunglasses silver frames RRwKj7O.png
accX01_42.GFS Glasses sunset gradient sunglasses with desaturated golden frames EmlYUPa.png
accX01_43.GFS Glasses brown pentagon shaped sunglasses with golden frames NX7u5tk.png
accX01_44.GFS Glasses blue heart shaped sunglasses with pink frames UrjTCJO.png
accX01_45.GFS Glasses brown circular shaped sunglasses with silver frames 4BbkxKa.png
accX01_46.GFS Glasses one long sunglass with silver frame QrzpmkT.png
accX01_47.GFS Glasses blue sunglasses with silver frames LFvR7o5.png
accX01_48.GFS Glasses lip shaped sunglasses kVgbruF.png
accX01_49.GFS Glasses dark blue sunglasses with a white stripe on the sides IqGRFKi.png
accX10_01.GFS Headphones red-orange headphones GTGpjgF.png
accX10_02.GFS Headphones light blue headphones 1JuPHL4.png
accX10_03.GFS Headphones yellow headphones dB3oiaQ.png
accX10_04.GFS Headphones pink headphones N0UeiST.png
accX10_05.GFS Headphones white denon headphones A8wRU4j.png
accX10_06.GFS Headphones black denon headphones 5QOqr9x.png
accX10_07.GFS Headphones black and silver denon headphones TVirCPt.png
accX10_08.GFS Headphones black, white, and brown denon headphones 9UHzymp.png
accX11_01.GFS Hat brown dog ears KrXv6Uq.png
accX11_02.GFS Hat black cat ears kGEUQgO.png
accX11_03.GFS Hat bunny ears 6JggF6I.png
accX11_05.GFS Hat arsene head WCeo2nP.png
accX11_06.GFS Hat chidori headband ni9yPC3.png
accX11_07.GFS Hat nyx avatar's hat 9Ywo5wb.png
accX11_08.GFS Hat bear ears QQUDg01.png
accX11_09.GFS Hat droopy bunny ears with blue and white striped hat YEqEmzE.png
accX11_10.GFS Hat cat ears with green bow and white polka dots eqFu9qY.png
accX11_11.GFS Hat lobster MSd6ndN.png
accX11_12.GFS Hat panda 8f1ZNLh.png
accX13_01.GFS Shadow Mask magician (I) shadow mask Y5luIPf.png
accX13_02.GFS Shadow Mask priestess (II) shadow mask tISvsUY.png
accX13_03.GFS Shadow Mask empress (III) shadow mask F0pYQjA.png
accX13_04.GFS Shadow Mask emperor (IV) shadow mask kc74LhT.png
accX13_05.GFS Shadow Mask hermit (IX) shadow mask rXIA99Y.png
accX14_01.GFS Mouse mouse joker oNUz0jM.png
accX14_02.GFS Mouse mouse skull ics5DzQ.png
accX14_03.GFS Mouse mouse morgana ncP5P7J.png
accX14_04.GFS Mouse mouse panther WxJuW3d.png
accX14_05.GFS Mouse mouse fox DNHGCmL.png
accX14_06.GFS Mouse mouse queen Xn96jCH.png
accX14_07.GFS Mouse mouse noir WbuLUjl.png
accX14_08.GFS Mouse mouse oracle WaWNTGw.png
accX14_09.GFS Mouse mouse crow igAcjUF.png
accX15_01.GFS Persona Q yu K4TdMl7.png
accX15_02.GFS Persona Q yosuke IIVFD09.png
accX15_03.GFS Persona Q chie fVhy4Xc.png
accX15_04.GFS Persona Q yukiko 0AKV1wd.png
accX15_05.GFS Persona Q rise AwKUyNy.png
accX15_06.GFS Persona Q kanji OaX6I2c.png
accX15_07.GFS Persona Q naoto WIRDboQ.png
accX15_08.GFS Persona Q teddie d9w78SZ.png
accX15_09.GFS Persona Q nanako kWm0p79.png
accX15_10.GFS Persona Q makoto yuki UM3HgT0.png
accX15_11.GFS Persona Q yukari WxWomih.png
accX15_12.GFS Persona Q junpei wjJSKqH.png
accX15_13.GFS Persona Q mitsuru 7FUkpyy.png
accX15_14.GFS Persona Q akihiko CwNvtNN.png
accX15_15.GFS Persona Q fuuka RE2MHIR.png
accX15_16.GFS Persona Q aigis H0hKFDV.png
accX15_17.GFS Persona Q koromaru SBfwnRR.png
accX15_18.GFS Persona Q ken YWS7vlM.png
accX15_19.GFS Persona Q shinji AwiUdUI.png
accX15_20.GFS Persona Q elizabeth y6TUozj.png
accX15_21.GFS Persona Q theodore PcBAcrl.png
accX15_22.GFS Persona Q margaret QybuY0g.png
accX15_23.GFS Persona Q marie kRggSY8.png
accX15_24.GFS Persona Q justine FuwDiAK.png
accX15_25.GFS Persona Q caroline e9Jd34D.png
accX15_26.GFS Persona Q morgana (cat) 60h6CTN.png
accX15_27.GFS Persona Q zen viitlnE.png
accX15_28.GFS Persona Q rei ap6qtgP.png
accX15_29.GFS Persona Q ren XSJQHeE.png
accX15_30.GFS Persona Q ryuji p9fTAuw.png
accX15_31.GFS Persona Q morgana WliDAoS.png
accX15_32.GFS Persona Q ann Wiv5KiC.png
accX15_33.GFS Persona Q yusuke RjdTfv8.png
accX15_34.GFS Persona Q makoto ks7jfVr.png
accX15_35.GFS Persona Q futaba ZbEfOJh.png
accX15_36.GFS Persona Q haru DNCR9VV.png
accX15_37.GFS Persona Q akechi gnmiX45.png
accX20_01.GFS Facial Accessory cat whiskers (black) IqS26QR.png
accX20_02.GFS Facial Accessory cat whiskers (white) 4fEohSS.png
accX20_03.GFS Facial Accessory mustache pVS0Nrl.png
accX20_04.GFS Facial Accessory clown nose aR1WUgJ.png
accX20_05.GFS Facial Accessory blushing FlQnAEj.png
accX25_01.GFS Mask tanaka mask kPeWTxD.png
accX25_02.GFS Mask gold tanaka mask lfgpDOV.png
accX25_03.GFS Mask towel wrapped mask z992isD.png
accX25_04.GFS Mask futaba's disguise mask ayMaAPP.png
accX25_05.GFS Mask giraffe mask Z7JDbhk.png
accX25_06.GFS Mask demonica mask vh48HFV.png
accX25_07.GFS Mask giraffe mask with bow dgQMgAj.png
accX30_01.GFS Tail brown dog tail Pgdo5VH.png
accX30_02.GFS Tail black cat tail VozCpGW.png
accX35_01.GFS Wings angel wings 5tRiSeG.png
accX35_02.GFS Wings demon wings CWYL4M0.png
accX35_03.GFS Wings fairy wings 9lvSJPG.png
accX35_04.GFS Wings thanatos coffins gmXhZ4e.png
accX40_01.GFS ? File:AccX40 01.png
accX40_02.GFS ? File:AccX40 02.png
accX40_03.GFS ? File:AccX40 03.png
accX40_04.GFS ? File:AccX40 04.png
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