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Persona 3 Portable/Items

From Amicitia Wiki


ID (Dec.) ID (HEX) Item name Item Description
000 000 BLANK ID_000 ID_000
001 001 Medicine Slightly restores an ally's HP.
002 002 Medical Powder Moderately restores an ally's HP.
003 003 Bead Fully restores an ally's HP.
004 004 Snuff Soul Slightly restores an ally's SP.
005 005 Chewing Soul Moderately restores an ally's SP.
006 006 Precious Egg Fully restores an ally's SP.
007 007 Soma Fully restores party's HP and SP.
008 008 Dis-Poison Neutralizes Poison (1 ally).
009 009 Revival Bead Revives an ally, restoring 50% of HP.
010 00A Balm of Life Revives an ally, fully restoring HP.
011 00B Me Patra Gem Dispels Panic, Fear, and Distress (party).
012 00C Muscle Drink Battle: restores ally's HP (Med). Side effect.
013 00D Odd Morsel Battle: restores ally's HP (Med). Side effect.
014 00E Rancid Gravy Battle: restores ally's HP (Med). Side effect.
015 00F Powerful Drug Drink at your own risk!
016 010 Umugi Water Moderately restores party's HP.
017 011 Amrita Soda Cures all ailments except Down and Dizzy.
018 012 Nihil Longsword Used to fuse a Persona into a 2h sword.
019 013 Dis-Rage Dispels Rage (1 ally).
020 014 Dis-Charm Dispels Charm (1 ally).
021 015 Treasure Box Cash ID_015 ID_015
022 016 Purifying Rice Casts Hamaon on 1 enemy.
023 017 Curse Paper Casts Mudoon on 1 enemy.
024 018 Fierce Sutra Briefly raises entire party's strength.
025 019 Agility Sutra Briefly raises entire party's agility.
026 01A Protection Sutra Briefly raises entire party's defense.
027 01B Flame Magatama Massive Fire damage to 1 enemy.
028 01C Gale Magatama Massive Wind damage to 1 enemy.
029 01D Frigid Magatama Massive Ice damage to 1 enemy.
030 01E Shock Magatama Massive Elec damage to 1 enemy.
031 01F 0x51F ID_01F ID_01F
032 020 Patra Gem Dispels Panic, Fear, and Distress (1 ally).
033 021 Traesto Gem Enables escape from a dungeon.
034 022 Bead Chain Fully restores party's HP.
035 023 Magic Mirror Barrier that reflects magic 1x (party).
036 024 Attack Mirror Barrier that reflects phys atk 1x (party).
037 025 Dekaja Gem Nullifies stat bonuses (all foes).
038 026 Dekunda Gem Nullifies stat penalties (party).
039 027 Homunculus Protects self from a Hama/Mudo skill.
040 028 Plume of Dusk Miraculously restores party upon your death.
041 029 Agilao Gem Deals medium Fire damage to 1 foe.
042 02A Maragi Gem Deals light Fire damage to all foes.
043 02B Bufula Gem Deals medium Ice damage/Freezes 1 foe.
044 02C Mabufu Gem Deals light Ice damage /Freezes all foes.
045 02D Garula Gem Deals medium Wind damage to 1 foe.
046 02E Magaru Gem Deals light Wind damage to all foes.
047 02F Zionga Gem Deals medium Elec damage/Shocks 1 foe.
048 030 Mazio Gem Deals light Elec dmg/ Shocks all foes.
049 031 Megido Gem Deals medium Almighty damage to all foes.
050 032 Trafuri Gem Guaranteed escape from most battles.
051 033 0x533 リザーブ
052 034 Page of Swords Persona: Luck +1, Strength +1.
053 035 Knight of Swords Persona: Luck +1, Strength +2.
054 036 Queen of Swords Persona: Luck +2, Strength +3.
055 037 King of Swords Persona: Luck +2, Strength +4.
056 038 Page of Cups Persona: Luck +1, Endurance +1.
057 039 Knight of Cups Persona: Luck +1, Endurance +2.
058 03A Queen of Cups Persona: Luck +2, Endurance +3.
059 03B King of Cups Persona: Luck +2, Endurance +4.
060 03C Page of Wands Persona: Luck +1, Magic +1.
061 03D Knight of Wands Persona: Luck +1, Magic +2.
062 03E Queen of Wands Persona: Luck +2, Magic +3.
063 03F King of Wands Persona: Luck +2, Magic +4.
064 040 Page of Coins Persona: Luck +1, Agility +1.
065 041 Knight of Coins Persona: Luck +1, Agility +2.
066 042 Queen of Coins Persona: Luck +2, Agility +3.
067 043 King of Coins Persona: Luck +2, Agility +4.
068 044 0x544 リザーブ
069 045 Nihil Sword Used to fuse a Persona into a sword.
070 046 Nihil Gloves Used to fuse a Persona into a fist weapon.
071 047 Nihil Spear Used to fuse a Persona into a spear.
072 048 Nihil Bow Used to fuse a Persona into a bow.
073 049 Nihil Axe Used to fuse a Persona into an axe.
074 04A Nihil Knife Used to fuse a Persona into a knife.
075 04B Nihil Gun Used to fuse a Persona into a gun.
076 04C Void Naginata Used to fuse a Persona into a naginata.
077 04D Void Sword Used to fuse a Persona into a 1h sword.
078 04E 0x54E ID_04E ID_04E
079 04F 0x54F ID_04F ID_04F
080 050 Rose Bouquet Beautiful rose bundle. Might please someone.
081 051 Red Pine Bonsai Graceful potted tree. Might please someone.
082 052 Mini Cactus Little care required. Might please someone.
083 053 Glass Vase Elegant vase. Might please someone.
084 054 Perfume Expensive perfume. Might please someone.
085 055 Brand Wallet Designer wallet. Might please someone.
086 056 Brand Watch Designer watch. Might please someone.
087 057 Brand Purse Designer handbag. Might please someone.
088 058 Teddy Bear Cute stuffed animal. Might please someone.
089 059 Japanese Doll Her hair really grows! Might please someone.
090 05A Kaleidoscope See a colorful world! Might please someone.
091 05B Goggle-eyed Idol Almost looks real! Might please someone.
092 05C Jack Frost Doll Adorable character. Might please someone.
093 05D Book Cover Fancy leather sheath. Might please someone.
094 05E Lucky Charm Came with your fortune. Might please someone.
095 05F Ganesha Bank Piggy bank of a deity. Might please someone.
096 060 Amethyst A shiny, purple gemstone.
097 061 Aquamarine A transparent, turquoise gemstone.
098 062 Emerald A sparkling, green gemstone.
099 063 Onyx Black gemstone. It's Greek for "claw."
100 064 Opal White gemstone that reflects many colors.
101 065 Garnet Deep violet gemstone.
102 066 Sapphire Deep blue gemstone.
103 067 Diamond Beautiful, colorless gemstone.
104 068 Turquoise A bluish-green, opaque gemstone.
105 069 Topaz Pale brown gemstone.
106 06A Pearl Shiny, white gemstone.
107 06B Ruby Deep red gemstone.
108 06C Weird Takoyaki Something other than octopus is inside.
109 06D Wild Burger Made of mystery meat.
110 06E Instant Ramen Expensive, but tastes just like Hagakure's.
111 06F Side Dish Homestyle dish at an affordable price.
112 070 Dr. Salt Salty soda. Popular, but an acquired taste.
113 071 Mad Bull The most caffeinated drink available.
114 072 SoBay Popular tea often auctioned online.
115 073 Moonkist Soda whose slogan is "Kist my full moon!"
116 074 Cielo Mist Beverage imported from Jamaica.
117 075 Nastea Tea that tastes great, despite its name.
118 076 BauerBar Keeps you going for 24 hours straight.
119 077 Cylon Tea Comes in 12 different varieties.
120 078 1UP Soft drink coveted by old-school gamers.
121 079 Starvicks Famous coffee, mixed with cough syrup.
122 07A Aguafeena Extensively purified tap water.
123 07B Durian Soda Soda that simply reeks.
124 07C Fountain Dew A disturbingly yellow soft drink.
125 07D Jumbo Juice Blended fruit juice. It's huge!
126 07E V6 Vegetable juice that will rev your engine.
127 07F Special Drink Sports drink with tons of supplements added.
128 080 Beetle Shell Hard shell obtained from a Grave Beetle.
129 081 Old Lantern Lantern obtained from a Phantom Mage.
130 082 Yakisoba Bread The sauce smells delicious.
131 083 Apple Strudel German pastry with apple inside.
132 084 Cutlet Sandwich A filling sandwich. Perfect for lunch!
133 085 Melon Bread Bread with a faint melon fragrance.
134 086 Crab Bread It's only shaped like a crab.
135 087 Fried Bread Deep-fried bread.
136 088 Coffee Jelly Delicious coffee- flavored jelly.
137 089 Chocolate Cake Rich and moist.
138 08A Fuuka's Cookie Supposedly, it's edible.
139 08B Champagne Authentic non- alcoholic champagne.
140 08C Medicated Patch Yuko's homemade remedy.
141 08D Cute Keychain A cute keychain that Chihiro made.
142 08E 0x58E リザーブ リザーブ
143 08F 0x58F リザーブ リザーブ
144 090 Wealth Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
145 091 Treasure Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
146 092 Supreme Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
147 093 Opulent Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
148 094 Luxury Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
149 095 Glorious Coin Dusty old coin. It might be valuable.
150 096 Megidolaon Gem Deals high Almighty damage to all foes.
151 097 Oden Juice Juice filled with tiny chunks of fish cakes.
152 098 Super Cat Food Hoity-toity cat food for fine felines.
153 099 Red Quillion Shiny and red. It might be valuable.
154 09A White Quillion Shiny and white. It might be valuable.
155 09B Black Quillion Shiny and black. It might be valuable.
156 09C 0x59C リザーブ リザーブ
157 09D 0x59D リザーブ リザーブ
158 09E Lead Medal Dropped by the Wealth Hand.
159 09F Steel Medal Dropped by the Treasure Hand.
160 0A0 Bronze Medal Dropped by the Supreme Hand.
161 0A1 Silver Medal Dropped by the Opulent Hand.
162 0A2 Gold Medal Dropped by the Luxury Hand.
163 0A3 Anatomical Model Creepy plastic model of the human body.
164 0A4 Gekkoukan Boogie Recording of some really funky music.
165 0A5 Queen Elizabeth Non-alcoholic, but sophisticated.
166 0A6 Mahjong Tile Game piece you got at the mahjong place.
167 0A7 Inari Sushi Sushi that the old lady gave you.
168 0A8 Platinum Medal Dropped by the Glorious Hand.
169 0A9 Bronze Figurine Figurine dropped by the Bronze Dice.
170 0AA Snake Scale A Lustful Snake's black scale.
171 0AB Relic Fragment Fragment from a Creation Relic.
172 0AC Greasy Gear Gear obtained from a Wild Drive.
173 0AD Tiara's Hair Strand of silver hair from a Shouting Tiara.
174 0AE Knight's Reins A Champion Knight's black reins.
175 0AF Empress's Mirror Hand mirror dropped by an Elegant Mother.
176 0B0 Gold Handguard Handguard dropped by a Hakurou Musha.
177 0B1 Gold Ring Golden ring dropped by a Wondrous Magus.
178 0B2 Red Armor Plate Armor plate dropped by a Scarlet Turret.
179 0B3 Pink Feather Pink feather of a Devoted Cupid.
180 0B4 Moon Tablet Stone tablet dropped by a Ruinous Idol.
181 0B5 Sand of Time Grains from inside Perpetual Sand.
182 0B6 Rainbow Hair A Daring Gigas's multicolored hair.
183 0B7 Bloody Button Old button obtained from The Reaper.
184 0B8 Shadow Shard Black stone fragment. It might be valuable.
185 0B9 Shadow Crystal Shiny black crystal. It might be valuable.
186 0BA Empress's Mask Golden mask. It might be valuable.
187 0BB Vibrant Cloth Colorful cloth. It might be valuable.
188 0BC Beetle Horn Large insect horn. It might be valuable.
189 0BD Golden Beard Odd-shaped beard. It might be valuable.
190 0BE Massive Wheel Big tank wheel. It might be valuable.
191 0BF Dense Rock Abnormally hard rock. It might be valuable.
192 0C0 Broken Heart A cracked heart. It might be valuable.
193 0C1 Fine Statuette Very small sculpture. It might be valuable.
194 0C2 Namayatsuhashi Japanese treat with red bean paste inside.
195 0C3 Pickled Turnip Thinly sliced turnip that's been pickled.
196 0C4 Konpeito Spiky candies.
197 0C5 Mibu Cracker Rice cracker associated with Shinsen-gumi.
198 0C6 Diet Food Smells so bad, your appetite disappears.
199 0C7 Super Diet Food Tastes so good, you may overindulge.
200 0C8 Veggie Supplement 100% veggies.
201 0C9 Health Supplement Keeps your skin young, but may cause acne.
202 0CA Mega Protein Warning: don't consume before a competition.
203 0CB Sappy Jelly Jelly made from tree sap.
204 0CC Mind Supplement Clears your mind and enhances your memory.
205 0CD Copper Doorknob Works as a disinfectant. It might be valuable.
206 0CE Silver Glasses Prescription lenses. It might be valuable.
207 0CF Golden Pacifier Shiny baby's toy. It might be valuable.
208 0D0 Platinum Noseplug For rich allergy victims. It might be valuable.
209 0D1 Diamond Pickler Beautiful yet weightless. It might be valuable.
210 0D2 Steel Right Arm Mighty steel right arm. It might be valuable.
211 0D3 Broken Wheel A wheel that came off. It might be valuable.
212 0D4 Shining Beard Beautiful facial hair. It might be valuable.
213 0D5 Ebon Heart Oversized onyx organ. It might be valuable.
214 0D6 Fire Element Mysterious burning lump. It might be valuable.
215 0D7 Thunder Element Mysterious sparking lump. It might be valuable.
216 0D8 Ice Element Mysterious freezing lump. It might be valuable.
217 0D9 Throne of Ruin A floating throne. It might be valuable.
218 0DA Burning Grail Cup with eternal flame. It might be valuable.
219 0DB Scarlet Choker Large, solid red choker. It might be valuable.
220 0DC Infernal Armor Armor with flaming inlay. It might be valuable.
221 0DD Bloody Horse Creepy child's ride. It might be valuable.
222 0DE All-Seeing Eye An omniscient eye. It might be valuable.
223 0DF Jack Brothers Knocks down all foes (med odds).
224 0E0 Ardhanari Deals massive Fire damage to all foes.
225 0E1 Trickster Inflicts random ailments on all foes.
226 0E2 Infinity Invulnerability for 1 turn (party).
227 0E3 Valhalla Invulnerability for 1 turn (1 ally), but...
228 0E4 Summer Dream Unpredictable effect.
229 0E5 Armageddon Deals ultimate damage to all foes.
230 0E6 Cadenza Restores 50% HP/ Agility up (party).
231 0E7 Scarlet Havoc Deals heavy Slashing damage to all foes.
232 0E8 Frolic Restores party's HP, but sometimes...
233 0E9 Dreamfest Charms all foes (high odds).
234 0EA King and I Deals medium Ice dmg/ Freezes all foes.
235 0EB Best Friends Combines all -kaja skills on 1 ally.
236 0EC Shadow Hound Deals heavy Strike damage to all foes.
237 0ED Thunder Call Deals heavy Elec dmg/ Shocks all foes.
238 0EE Last Judge Deals severe Almighty damage to all foes.
239 0EF Raktapaksha Knocks down all foes +Dekaja (med odds).
240 0F0 Justice Halves all foes' HP via Light magic.
241 0F1 Malachite A deep green gem, said to bring harmony.
242 0F2 Yawn-B-Gone Cures an ally's fatigue.
243 0F3 0x5F3 0x0F3
244 0F4 0x5F4 0x0F4
245 0F5 Music Box Slightly restores SP. Infinite use.
246 0F6 Coffee Cup Moderately restores HP. Infinite use.
247 0F7 Chocolate Truffle Made at cooking club. Might make a good gift.
248 0F8 Sweet Fries Made at cooking club. Might make a good gift.
249 0F9 Sugar Cookie Made at cooking club. Might make a good gift.
250 0FA Banana Cupcake Made at cooking club. Might make a good gift.
251 0FB Japanese Strap Made at fashion club. Might make a good gift.
252 0FC Knit Rabbit Knit with fluffy yarn. Might make a good gift.
253 0FD Felt Bag A pastel-colored bag. Might make a good gift.
254 0FE Hand-knit Scarf Knit with hard work. Might make a good gift.
255 0FF 0x5FF 0x0FF
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