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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 3 Portable/umd0.cpk
Format CPK
Contains PAC BF GMO

The umd0.cpk is a CPK file found in Persona 3 Portable. It contains most of the data used in the game, other than event dialogue audio, which is contained in umd1.cpk.

All of the contents of umd0.cpk are further contained within a directory, the data folder. While this is important to keep in mind while creating Mod Compendium mods for the game, for the sake of convenience, directories listed below will not include this in their name.


Directory Name Description Notable Files
battle Contains battle related assets such as critical cutins, enemy AI, all out attack images, GUI elements, and more.
bustup Contains all conversational bustups in the form of TMX files within PACs Contains BIN files with 2D artwork of characters.
camp Contains various TMX files and one BIN file.
card Various BIN and TMX files related to Shuffle Time.
ccc Contains two un-openable BIN files (files inside can be extracted with a hex editor).
commu Contains various TMX files and one BIN file related to social links.
cutin Contains EPL files containing navigator cut-ins.
dict Contains a single BIN file related to the contract signed at the beginning of the game.
event BF files for various cutscenes in the game organized in folders by their ID number range. events - a rough enumeration of each file
facility Various files associated with the Velvet Room, weapon shop, and other shops. datMyth.bmd - lore descriptions for each Persona in BMD format
field Contains many PAC and GMO files and one EPL file related to the 3D sections in the game
field2d 2D backgrounds and character images for use on maps, stored as TMX files within PACs.
font Various SPR files and a single FNT file
limit Contains a single SPR file
lmap Contains two BIN files related to the overworld location menu and the Tartarus floor selection menu
memcard Contains two BIN files related to saving the game
model Various GMO and PAC files and a single EPL file
oped Contains one BIN file and one SPR file related to the end cutscenes
scheduler BF files for each month of the game, seemingly associated with how the game schedules events for each day.
skill BED files and VAG sound effects associated with each skill, stored within PAC files.
smap Transparent images used to make up the Tartarus map stored as TMX files within PACs.
sound Contains all BGM, Event music and Persona shouts in ADX files
title Contains three BIN files related to the gender select at the start of the game, the logo and title screen background
tool Miscellaneous testing files
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