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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 3 Portable/umd0.cpk/data/battle/cutin/mixraid
Format CPK
Size 10 MB
Contains EPL, BIN

data/battle/cutin/mixraid is a directory containing in fusion spells cut-ins in the EPL format.

Male Protagonist

File Name Fusion Spell
MR_110.EPL Jack Brothers
MR_111.EPL Ardhanari
MR_112.EPL Trickster
MR_113.EPL Infinity
MR_114.EPL Valhalla
MR_115.EPL Summer Dream
MR_116.EPL Armageddon
MR_117.EPL Cadenza
MR_118.EPL Scarlet Havoc
MR_119.EPL Frolic
MR_11A.EPL Dreamfest
MR_11B.EPL King and I
MR_11C.EPL Best Friends
MR_11D.EPL Shadow Hound
MR_11E.EPL Thunder Call
MR_11F.EPL Last Judge
MR_120.EPL Raktapaksha
MR_121.EPL Justice

Female Protagonist

File Name Fusion Spell
MRF_110.EPL Jack Brothers
MRF_111.EPL Ardhanari
MRF_112.EPL Trickster
MRF_113.EPL Infinity
MRF_114.EPL Valhalla
MRF_115.EPL Summer Dream
MRF_116.EPL Armageddon
MRF_117.EPL Cadenza
MRF_118.EPL Scarlet Havoc
MRF_119.EPL Frolic
MRF_11A.EPL Dreamfest
MRF_11B.EPL King and I
MRF_11C.EPL Best Friends
MRF_11D.EPL Shadow Hound
MRF_11E.EPL Thunder Call
MRF_11F.EPL Last Judge
MRF_120.EPL Raktapaksha
MRF_121.EPL Justice
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