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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 3 Portable/umd0.cpk/data/model
Format CPK
Size 176 MB
Contains GMO, PAC, EPL


Directory Name Description Notable Files
effect Contains only ROKET.EPL
event All GMO models for events (Full Moon operations, resolutions, and ending fight).
npc GMO models for the NPCs that get stuck in Tartarus.
pack Contains all battle models (party members, Personas, enemies) plus some event ones and field objects.
symbol Contains four GMOs for a Shadow, a golden Shadow, a white Shadow, and the Reaper.
view Contains (presumably placeholder) GMOs for several party members, a battle arena, and the Persona 4 Protagonist.
weapon All of the weapon models in Persona 3 Portable are stored here in GMO format.
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