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From Amicitia Wiki
Persona 3 Reload/BGM
Format AWB
Size 517 MB
Contains HCA

The bgm.awb is an AWB file found in Persona 3 Reload's CriData folder. It contains all main and DLC tracks in HCA format.


HCA Name Cue Names Track Name
00000_streaming 94 Station Outskirts
00001_streaming 71 The Voice Someone Calls
00002_streaming 44 This Mysterious Feeling
00003_streaming 39 Fearful Experience
00004_streaming 26 Mass Destruction -Reload-
00005_streaming 31 Master of Tartarus -Reload-
00006_streaming 129
Master of Shadow -Reload-
00007_streaming 110_300_A
What Lies in the Darkness
00008_streaming 128 It's Going Down Now
00009_streaming 38
00010_streaming 90 Bad Feeling
00011_streaming 53 Iwatodai Dorm -Reload-
00012_streaming 77 Living with Determination -Iwatodai Dorm Arrangement-
00013_streaming 100_050_B The Beginning -Reload-
00014_streaming 89 During the Exams
00015_streaming 19 Shadow
00016_streaming 102 Persona Invocation -Reload-
00017_streaming 62 The Path Was Closed
00018_streaming 22 Deep Mentality -Reload-
00019_streaming 55 Tanaka's Amazing Commodities -Reload-
00020_streaming 32 Kyoto
00021_streaming 29 Burn my Dread -Last Battle Reload-
00022_streaming 30 Battle Hymn of the Soul -Reload-
00023_streaming 45 Crisis
00024_streaming 91 Afternoon Break
00025_streaming 80 Memories of the City
00026_streaming 20 Deep Breath Deep Breath -Reload-
00027_streaming 79 Mistic
00028_streaming 97 Color Your Night
00029_streaming 100 Nyx (No Intro)
00030_streaming 85 Peace -Reload-
00031_streaming 21 Basement
00032_streaming 60
After the Battle -Reload-
00033_streaming 101 Memories of the School / I Will Protect You (Plays during Some Social Links)
00034_streaming 37 Living with Determination -Reload-
00035_streaming 50 Want to Be Close -Reload-
00036_streaming 51 Changing Seasons -Reload-
00037_streaming 52 Memories of the School
00038_streaming 56 Paulownia Mall -Reload-
00039_streaming 42 Memories of You -Reload-
00040_streaming 99 Memories of You -Reload Instrumental-
00041_streaming 28 Unavoidable Battle
00042_streaming 25 Troubled
00043_streaming 01 tartarus_0d01
00044_streaming 70 tartarus_0d02
00045_streaming 72 tartarus_0d04
00046_streaming 73 tartarus_0d05
00047_streaming 74
00048_streaming 81 tartarus_0d03
00049_streaming 40 Calamity
00050_streaming 98 I Will Protect You (Middle Section)
00051_streaming 25 When The Moon's Reaching Out Stars -Reload-
00052_streaming 54 Aria of the Soul -Reload-
00053_streaming 93 Aria of the Soul (No Intro) -Reload-
00054_streaming 1000 Reach Out To The Truth (P4 BGM DLC)
00055_streaming 1001 Time to Make History (P4 BGM DLC)
00056_streaming 1002 I'll Face Myself -Battle- (P4 BGM DLC)
00057_streaming 1003 A New World Fool (P4 BGM DLC)
00058_streaming 1004 The Fog (P4 BGM DLC)
00059_streaming 1006 Last Surprise (P5 BGM DLC)
00060_streaming 1007 Take Over (P5 BGM DLC)
00061_streaming 1008 River in the Desert (P5 BGM DLC)
00062_streaming 1009 Jaldabaoth (P5 BGM DLC)
00063_streaming 1010 Throw Away Your Mask (P5 BGM DLC)
00064_streaming 1020 Backside Of The TV (P4 EX BGM DLC)
00065_streaming 1021 Game (P4 EX BGM DLC)
00066_streaming 1022 Junes Theme (P4 EX BGM DLC)
00067_streaming 1023 Heaven (P4 EX BGM DLC)
00068_streaming 1024 Long Way (P4 EX BGM DLC)
00069_streaming 1025 SHIN MITSUO TENSEI (P4 EX BGM DLC)
00070_streaming 1026 The Almighty (P4 EX BGM DLC)
00071_streaming 1030 Life Will Change (P5 EX BGM DLC)
00072_streaming 1031 Beneath The Mask (P5 EX BGM DLC)
00073_streaming 1032 Kichijoji 199X (P5 EX BGM DLC)
00074_streaming 1033 Gentle Madman (P5 EX BGM DLC)
00075_streaming 1034 I Believe (P5 EX BGM DLC)
00076_streaming 1035 Keeper of Lust (P5 EX BGM DLC)
00077_streaming 1036 Blooming Villain (P5 EX BGM DLC)
00078_streaming 1005 (P4 BGM)
1027(P4 EX BGM)
Results (Persona 4)
00079_streaming 1011 (P5 BGM)
1037(P5 EX BGM)
Victory (Persona 5)
00080_streaming 200 creepy ambience
00081_streaming bgm_dummy Silence
00082_streaming 100_285_A Persona Invocation + Unavoidable Battle
00083_streaming 170_170_A This Is How It Should Be...
00084_streaming 190_090_A ??? (leftover from a different game?)
00085_streaming 200_070_A Living with Determination (another) - Reload
00086_streaming 220_040_A I Will Protect You -Reload-
00087_streaming 220_040_A I Will Protect You -Reload- (Looping Outro)
00088_streaming 220_040_A I Will Protect You -Reload- (Ending)
00089_streaming 87 Everyone loves 1989
00090_streaming 46 The Path is Open
00091_streaming 86 Strength of Heart