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Persona 3 Reload/Cut-Ins

From Amicitia Wiki

Event cut-ins are located in P3R/Content/Xrd777/UI/Cutin/Texture/. Each character has their own assigned subfolder for event cut-in textures, and textures are in UAsset format.

Cut-Ins List

Folder Name Character File Name Expression Outfit
PC0002 Yukari Takeba T_UI_CI_PC0002_01.uasset Happy Default
PC0002 Yukari Takeba T_UI_CI_PC0002_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0002 Yukari Takeba T_UI_CI_PC0002_04.uasset Surprised Default
PC0002 Yukari Takeba T_UI_CI_PC0002_10.uasset Angry and embarrassed Towel
PC0003 Junpei Iori T_UI_CI_PC0003_01.uasset Happy Default
PC0003 Junpei Iori T_UI_CI_PC0003_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0003 Junpei Iori T_UI_CI_PC0003_04.uasset Surprised Default
PC0003 Junpei Iori T_UI_CI_PC0003_10.uasset Afraid (Junpei's Believe It or Don't) Shining flashlight on face
PC0003 Junpei Iori T_UI_CI_PC0003_11.uasset Happy Cap on backwards
PC0003 Junpei Iori T_UI_CI_PC0003_12.uasset Angry/Determined Cap on backwards
PC0004 Akihiko Sanada T_UI_CI_PC0004_01.uasset Happy Default
PC0004 Akihiko Sanada T_UI_CI_PC0004_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0004 Akihiko Sanada T_UI_CI_PC0004_04.uasset Surprised Default
PC0004 Akihiko Sanada T_UI_CI_PC0004_10.uasset Sweating and surprised/Deathly afraid Towel
PC0005 Mitsuru Kirijo T_UI_CI_PC0005_01.uasset Happy Default
PC0005 Mitsuru Kirijo T_UI_CI_PC0005_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0005 Mitsuru Kirijo T_UI_CI_PC0005_04.uasset Surprised Default
PC0005 Mitsuru Kirijo T_UI_CI_PC0005_10.uasset Angry and embarrassed Towel, with ponytail
PC0006 Fuuka Yamagishi T_UI_CI_PC0006_01.uasset Happy Default
PC0006 Fuuka Yamagishi T_UI_CI_PC0006_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0006 Fuuka Yamagishi T_UI_CI_PC0006_04.uasset Surprised Default
PC0007 Aigis T_UI_CI_PC0007_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0008 Ken Amada T_UI_CI_PC0008_01.uasset Happy Default
PC0008 Ken Amada T_UI_CI_PC0008_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0008 Ken Amada T_UI_CI_PC0008_04.uasset Surprised Default
PC0009 Koromaru T_UI_CI_PC0009_01.uasset Happy Default
PC0009 Koromaru T_UI_CI_PC0009_02.uasset Angry Default
PC0010 Shinjiro Aragaki T_UI_CI_PC0010_02.uasset Angry Apron
SC0211 Takaya Sakaki T_UI_CI_SC0211_10.uasset Maniacal smile Default
SC0212 Jin Shirato T_UI_CI_SC0212_10.uasset Angry Default
SC0213 Chidori Yoshino T_UI_CI_SC0213_10.uasset Happy Default
SC0221 Ryoji Mochizuki T_UI_CI_SC0221_10.uasset Happy Default
SC0222 Shuji Ikutsuki T_UI_CI_SC0222_10.uasset Maniacal smile Default
SC0222 Shuji Ikutsuki T_UI_CI_SC0222_11.uasset Neutral smile Default
SC0223 Natsuki Moriyama T_UI_CI_SC0223_10.uasset Surprised Default
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