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Persona 3 Reload/Event Extr

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Event ID Event Description
300_010 Velvet Room speech upon dying
310_010 Hero thinking to himself once he woke up
320_030 People talking on the way to school
320_050 Yukari Takeba and Ryoji Mochizuki talking with Hero on the way to school
320_060 Junpei Iori and Ryoji Mochizuki talking with Hero before school
340_010 Exam questions
340_020 Exam academics-specific questions
340_030 Exam results
350_010 Edogawa courage
350_013 Edogawa giving potent medicine
350_015 Edogawa not tired
350_020 Edogawa supplimentary lesson
350_030 Edogawa supplimentary lesson
360_010 Dorm computer software (Softlock loading with mod menu when you'd normally receive the bonus - Maybe problem with testing on 1/31?)
400_010 Shuji Ikutsuki introduces the health checkups
400_020 Hero's health checkup
400_023 Train announcement after Hero's health checkup
400_024 Fuuka Yamagishi talking to Hero after his heath chackup
400_025 Takaya talking to Hero
400_027 Takaya talking to Hero after defeating the Shadow
400_030 Koromaru asking Hero to go for a walk
400_033 Hero and Koromaru find Takaya
400_037 Takaya talking to Hero and Koromaru
400_040 Takaya and Jin talk
400_050 Takaya finds Hero
400_055 Takaya talks to Hero
400_060 Takaya and Jin talk
400_070 The Suspicious-Looking Man in Club Escapade talks to Hero
400_080 Takaya talks to Hero
410_010 Mitsuru Kirijo instructs Yukari Takeba, Junpei Iori, and Protagonist that Shuji Ikutsuki will be coming by the dorm with special gifts
410_020 Yukari Takeba goes to get Fuuka Yamagishi, and they talk about SEES's skills, particularly how Yukari's is being kind and providing healing
410_030 Shuji Ikutsuki gives the SEES Uniforms and Theurgy cartridges to SEES
410_040 SEES walk into Tartarus with their newly acquired SEES Uniforms; prerendered cutscene
410_050 SEES talk about the benefits of their new SEES Uniforms and Thuergy
410_060 SEES are split up after going to a floor, Yukari Takeba and Protagonist meet up and start to fight a Shadow
410_070 Akihiko Sanada and Mitsuru Kirijo meet up with Yukari Takeba and Protagonist after they finish their fight with the Shadow
410_080 SEES regroup at Tartarus's entrance and talk about how to trigger Thuergy before leaving
450_010 Arcade games
450_020 Chagall Cafe customer
450_030 Mandragora karaoke
450_040 Wakatsu
450_050 Hagakure Ramen
450_060 Wilduck Burger
450_065 Wilduck Burger challenge
450_070 Screen Shot
460_010 Chagall Cafe worker
460_015 Chagall Cafe busy worker
460_020 Be blue V worker
460_025 Be blue V busy worker
460_030 Screen Shot worker
460_035 Screen Shot busy worker
460_040 Be Blue V choose
460_041 Be Blue V with Yukari Takeba
460_042 Be Blue V with Junpei Iori
460_043 Be Blue V with Akihiko Sanada
460_044 Be Blue V with Mitsuru Kirijo
460_045 Be Blue V with Aigis
460_046 Be Blue V with Koromaru
460_047 Be Blue V with Ken Amada
460_048 Be Blue V with Shinjiro Aragaki
470_010 Protagonist studying in his room
470_020 Protagonist studying in the school library
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