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Persona 3 Reload/Npc/NC1500

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Filename Model Name Model Description
SK_NC1500_F000.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F001.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F002.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F003.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F004.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F005.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F011.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F012.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F014.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F015.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F016.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F017.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F021.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F022.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_F031.uasset Face
SK_NC1500_H000.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H001.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H002.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H003.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H004.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H005.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H011.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H012.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H013.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H014.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H021.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H022.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H023.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H024.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H025.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H026.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H031.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H032.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H041.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H042.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H043.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H051.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H052.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H061.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H062.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H071.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H072.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H081.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H082.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H096.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H097.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H098.uasset Hair
SK_NC1500_H099.uasset Hair
SK_NC1501_C001.uasset Female Summer Gekkoukan Uniform White Gekkoukan shirt, black skirt, and red ribbon
SK_NC1501_C002.uasset Female Winter Gekkoukan Uniform Black Gekkoukan shirt, skirt, and red ribbon
SK_NC1502_C001.uasset Female Summer Gekkoukan Uniform 2 White Gekkoukan shirt, black skirt, red ribbon, and black tights
SK_NC1502_C002.uasset Female Winter Gekkoukan Uniform 2 Black Gekkoukan shirt, skirt, red ribbon, and black tights
SK_NC1506_C001.uasset Gekkoukan Jersey Gray and red Gekkoukan jacket and pants
SK_NC1506_C002.uasset Gekkoukan Jersey 2 Gray and red Gekkoukan jacket and pants
SK_NC1516_C001.uasset Female Summer School Uniform White sailor uniform with blue accents and skirt
SK_NC1516_C002.uasset Female Winter School Uniform Blue sailor uniform and skirt with white accents
SK_NC1521_C005.uasset Woman White dress shirt and black skirt
SK_NC1521_C006.uasset Woman 2 Black dress jacket, pink shirt, and black skirt
SK_NC1522_C005.uasset Woman 3 Pink jacket, white shirt, and black pants
SK_NC1522_C006.uasset Woman 4 White jacket, purple shirt, and black pants
SK_NC1526_C006.uasset Hotel Yukata Purple jacket, light-purple yukata with gray accents, and red obi
SK_NC1528_C006.uasset Kimono Teal kimono with white accents and orange obi
SK_NC1531_C006.uasset Swimsuit Gray swimsuit
SK_NC1532_C006.uasset Swimsuit 2 Pink spotted swimsuit
SK_NC1533_C006.uasset Swimsuit 3 Fancy blue swimsuit with white accents
SK_NC1551_C006.uasset Kirijo Maid Black dress with white apron and collars
SK_NC1552_C006.uasset Chagall Cafè Maid Black shirt with black and white skirt and collars
SK_NC1553_C006.uasset Woman 5 Striped shirt, jeans, and apron with flower on it
SK_NC1554_C006.uasset Female Wilduck Burger Uniform Wilduck Burger shirt and skirt
SK_NC1561_C005.uasset Woman 6 Black shirt and dress and light-blue top
SK_NC1561_C006.uasset Woman 7 Brown jacket, gray shirt, jeans, and brown boots
SK_NC1562_C005.uasset Woman 8 Blue shirt and white skirt
SK_NC1562_C006.uasset Woman 9 Tan sweater, brown shirt, blue skirt, and boots
SK_NC1563_C005.uasset Woman 10 Blue shirt with worn-out writing and blue jeans rolled up
SK_NC1563_C006.uasset Woman 11 Tan heavy coat and blue jeans
SK_NC1564_C005.uasset Woman 12 Black shirt and white shorts
SK_NC1564_C006.uasset Woman 13 White jacket, black shirt, plaid skirt, and knee-high boots
SK_NC1565_C005.uasset Woman 14 White shirt with rainbows and ripped jeans
SK_NC1565_C006.uasset Woman 15 Blue coat, white shirt, and tan pants rolled up
SK_NC1566_C005.uasset Woman 16 Black and white striped shirt and blue shorts
SK_NC1566_C006.uasset Woman 17 Black and gray-striped jacket, gray shirt, white skirt, and black boots
SK_NC1567_C005.uasset Woman 18 White shirt, blue skirt, and white purse
SK_NC1567_C006.uasset Woman 19 Purple button-up sweater, floral-print dress, black tights, and brown boots
SK_NC1568_C006.uasset Woman 20 Red shirt and black pants
SK_NC1569_C005.uasset Woman 21 White and black dress
SK_NC1569_C006.uasset Woman 22 White coat, pink sweater, and brown purse
SK_NC1570_C006.uasset Woman 23 Brown coat, red shirt, and blue skirt
SK_NC1571_C006.uasset Woman 24 Blue coat and white dress
SK_NC1581_C006.uasset Isako Toriumi Body Pink dress shirt, pants, and attendance book
SK_NC1581_F001.uasset Isako Toriumi Face Face with white earrings
SK_NC1581_H001.uasset Isako Toriumi Hair Brown curling around sides of the head
SK_NC1582_C006.uasset Ms. Ounishi Body White jacket, pink shirt, and black pants
SK_NC1582_F001.uasset Ms. Ounishi Face Face with red glasses
SK_NC1582_H001.uasset Ms. Ounishi Hair Brown hair in bun
SK_NC1583_C006.uasset Mrs. Terauchi Body Orange dress shirt, skirt, and yellow muffler
SK_NC1583_F001.uasset Mrs. Terauchi Face Face
SK_NC1583_H001.uasset Mrs. Terauchi Hair Brown hair curling out to both sides and yellow headband
SK_NC1586_C006.uasset Antique Shop Owner Body White dress, shirt, and pants
SK_NC1586_F001.uasset Antique Shop Owner Face Face with gray glasses and yellow lipstick
SK_NC1586_H001.uasset Antique Shop Owner Hair Gray hair with ponytail
SK_NC1591_C006.uasset Octopia Shopkeeper Body Pink dress and white apron
SK_NC1591_F001.uasset Octopia Shopkeeper Face Face with pink blush
SK_NC1591_H001.uasset Octopia Shopkeeper Hair Dark hair and white headscarf
SK_NC1592_C006.uasset Be Blue V Manager Pink dress and necklace
SK_NC1592_F001.uasset Be Blue V Manager Face Face
SK_NC1592_H001.uasset Be Blue V Manager Hair Brown hair with bun on top
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